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Belmond Charleston's old, new worlds
The Italian marble lobby at Belmond Charleston Place, featuring a 12-foot crystal chandelier, evokes homes of the 17th and 18th centuries.
Belmond Charleston's old, new worlds

While this luxury hotel was constructed in 1985, it feels right at home among the 18th century mansions surrounding it.    READ MORE


Food for the Southern soul

Food is an integral part of Charleston's past and present; the city's chefs and restaurants earn constant acclaim from locals, foodies and critics. READ MORE

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Focus on LGBT travel: Family travel
  Photo Credit: Illustration by Shutterstock/Macrovector
Focus on LGBT travel: Family travel

Gay and lesbian families could see an upswing in numbers in the coming years, as more and more LGBT individuals exchange wedding vows and then ponder whether children should be the next step in their relationships. And the travel industry is taking notice of the trend.  READ MORE

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