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Doubling down on singles
An Intrepid Travel solos-only group trekking in Peru.

Doubling down on singles

With slightly more than half the population now unmarried, the market for solo travelers is booming. Operators and agents are seizing on the resulting opportunities. READ MORE



Beyond battle sightsRemembrance, revelry on the Western Front
Boats along the Meuse River in Verdun, France. Photo Credit: Felicity Long

Remembrance, revelry on the Western Front

This year marks the official centennial of the U.S. entry into World War I, the grueling four-year battle that gained so little and cost so many millions of lives. A recent France tour offered a glimpse into the horrors and unselfish bravery that characterized the war. READ MORE

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Taboo travel: A peek at 'libertine tourism'
The Playroom at the Desire Riviera Maya resort.
Taboo travel: A peek at 'libertine tourism'

Sexually themed tourism has been around for millennia, but today it has grown into a business that crosses multiple generations, has generated a plethora of products and offers lucrative opportunities for travel advisers.  READ MORE

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