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Carnival's new Fathom brand to sail to Cuba
The Adonia, currently in service for P&O Cruises, will sail social-impact cruises for Fathom.

Carnival's new Fathom brand to sail to Cuba

The U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments have signed off on the social-impact cruises, which will qualify for exceptions in the law that prevents general travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens. READ MORE

On July 12, the company will celebrate 90 years since Arthur Tauck Sr. led his first motor tour. Arthur Tauck Jr. recently spoke with tour operators editor Michelle Baran about how it all started. READ MORE



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Focus on LGBT travel: Family travel
  Photo Credit: Illustration by Shutterstock/Macrovector
Focus on LGBT travel: Family travel

Gay and lesbian families could see an upswing in numbers in the coming years, as more and more LGBT individuals exchange wedding vows and then ponder whether children should be the next step in their relationships. And the travel industry is taking notice of the trend.  READ MORE

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