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2015-04-14 Dispatch, Viking Star: Soaking in the infinity pool
2015-03-02 Dispatch, Costa Diadema: Buffet service ingenuity
2015-02-27 Dispatch, Costa Diadema: In Naples, maximizing margherita time

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2015-04-14 Dispatch, Viking Star: Soaking in the infinity pool
2015-03-02 Dispatch, Costa Diadema: Buffet service ingenuity
2015-02-27 Dispatch, Costa Diadema: In Naples, maximizing margherita time
2014-11-19 Dispatch, Los Cabos: Hump day

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2018-04-10 Dispatch, Symphony of the Seas: The lavish playhouse
2018-04-09 Dispatch, Symphony of the Seas: A spectacular drone light show
2018-04-06 Dispatch, Amadeus Provence: Sore excursion
2018-04-04 Dispatch, Amadeus Provence: Foodies in Lyon, take note
2018-03-02 Dispatch, Jordan: Why are you here?
2018-02-25 Dispatch, Jordan: A meaningful map
2018-01-29 Dispatch, Chiang Mai: Fight night
2018-01-10 Dispatch, Baja: Breathtaking views and heavy breathing
2017-12-19 Dispatch, Puerto Rico: Arms are open wide
2017-11-15 Dispatch, Los Cabos: The Sammy Hagar effect
2017-11-01 Dispatch, Japan: In Tokyo, embracing 'otaku'
2017-10-30 Dispatch, Japan: Handmade tales
2017-10-20 Dispatch, Richmond: Onboard a Skyservice Air Ambulance
2017-08-29 Dispatch, Singapore: A taste of home
2017-08-14 Dispatch, Las Vegas: Onboard the Crystal Skye luxury jet
2017-08-02 Dispatch, France: Defying expectations
2017-07-24 Dispatch, Bali: A lesson in wind-powered sailing
2017-07-20 Dispatch, Bali: In search of the Komodo dragon
2017-07-18 Dispatch, Bali: Staying at the new Hoshinoya resort
2017-07-17 Dispatch, Bali: Thankful for the upgrade on a long journey
2017-07-13 Dispatch, Vietnam: Awkward war tourism
2017-07-06 Dispatch, Vietnam: A cynic ponders do-good travel
2017-06-27 Dispatch, Mexico: The Hokol Vuh feast commences
2017-06-26 Dispatch, Mexico: The Hokol Vuh prep school
2017-06-23 Dispatch, Mexico: Raising the bar for autenticidad
2017-06-22 Dispatch, Mexico: Saying yes to unfamiliar foods
2017-06-21 Dispatch, Mexico: Hokol Vuh, a gastronomical experience
2017-06-15 Dispatch, Kenya: Up, up and away
2017-06-13 Dispatch, Kenya: Big Five? Who's counting?
2017-06-07 Dispatch, Queen Victoria: Living the good life in the Queen's Grill
2017-05-23 Dispatch, Spain: Guitar town
2017-05-19 Dispatch, Spain: Upward and onward
2017-04-10 Dispatch, Qatar: Setting its goals
2017-03-03 Dispatch, Thailand: Smiles amid the sadness
2017-03-01 Dispatch, Viking Sky: The joys of off-season Med cruising
2017-02-28 Dispatch, Viking Sky: At home on the sea
2017-02-27 Dispatch, Thailand: Spice up your life
2016-10-31 Dispatch, Singapore: A family focus at Rasa Sentosa Resort and Spa
2016-10-26 Dispatch, Singapore: The Hotel Jen Tanglin, clever and fun
2016-10-25 Dispatch, Singapore: Time flies in an extra-wide seat
2016-10-07 Dispatch, Korea: Exotic eats and comfort food
2016-10-04 Dispatch, Korea: Fair is fair
2016-08-24 Onboard the QM2: Going to the dogs
2016-08-23 Onboard the QM2: Break open the bubbly
2016-08-22 Onboard the QM2: Busy days at sea
2016-06-07 Dispatch, Riviera Maya: Rock, roll and remember
2016-05-26 Dispatch, Australia: It's not you, it's me
2016-05-25 Dispatch: Dining at Newark's Terminal C
2016-05-24 Dispatch, Sao Paulo: A short stay, too short
2016-05-19 Dispatch, Rio: In full sprint ahead of Summer Olympics
2016-05-13 Dispatch, Rio: Fast-paced and hair-raising
2016-05-06 Dispatch, Dubai: Multiculturalism, Mideast style
2016-04-06 Dispatch, Stowe: A great place to be, whether on or off skis
2016-03-02 Dispatch, New Orleans: From Bourbon Street to the Bywater
2016-03-01 Dispatch, New Orleans: History, Big Easy-style
2015-12-16 Dispatch, Club Med Punta Cana: Taking the plunge
2015-11-18 Dispatch, AmaSerena: Contending with low waters
2015-11-16 Dispatch: An American in Paris
2015-11-15 Dispatch, AmaSerena: Thinking of Paris as we sail the Rhine
2015-10-27 Dispatch, Curacao: The Renaissance’s great location
2015-10-22 Dispatch, Curacao: An island worth a thousand words
2015-10-11 Dispatch, Turkey: A setback for tourism
2015-10-08 Dispatch, Turkey: Istanbul teeming with tourists
2015-09-30 Dispatch, Jordan: The small-group advantage
2015-09-25 Dispatch, Playa del Carmen: Heading downtown
2015-09-23 Dispatch, Jordan: Lamentable misfortune
2015-09-22 Dispatch, Playa del Carmen: Kenny Chesney and the call to inaction
2015-07-20 Dispatch, Iceland: Lured back by inspired travel
2015-07-20 Dispatch, Greece: After violent protests
2015-07-16 Dispatch, Barbados: Putting the pedal to the metal
2015-07-15 Dispatch, Greece: Business as usual
2015-07-14 Dispatch, Barbados: A Sandals welcome
2015-07-13 Dispatch, Greece: Crisis averted
2015-07-10 Dispatch, Greece: No drama upon arrival
2015-06-22 Dispatch, Alaska: The DIY lifestyle
2015-06-18 Dispatch, Alaska: Following the wildfire
2015-05-28 Dispatch, Peru: Stunt dining
2015-05-26 Dispatch, Peru: The Chinese connection
2015-05-19 Dispatch, Cuba: Resourceful entrepreneurs
2015-05-15 Dispatch, Cuba: Injured tourist well taken care of
2015-05-14 Dispatch, Cuba: A cigar factory tour
2015-05-01 Dispatch, Walt Disney World: The MagicBand
2015-04-29 Dispatch, Disney World: The 'Frozen' experience
2015-04-27 Dispatch, Walt Disney World: The Polynesian's new level of luxury
2015-04-22 Dispatch, St. Martin: Feeding iguanas and other fun activities
2015-04-20 Dispatch, Viking Star: The Snow Grotto
2015-04-20 Dispatch, Riu Palace St. Martin: Rolling with the changes
2015-04-17 Dispatch, Viking Star: Uncomplicated cabin categories
2015-03-27 Dispatch, France: Battles and brushstrokes along the Seine
2015-03-25 Dispatch, Hawaii: Wrinkles in time
2015-03-24 Dispatch, Viking Cruises: Complicated cocktails
2015-03-20 Dispatch, Hawaii: In search of lava
2015-03-12 Dispatch, Taiwan: A question of identity
2015-03-10 Dispatch, Taiwan: Corporate-speak, the new Esperanto
2015-02-27 Dispatch, St. Kitts: Meditation before mealtime
2015-02-26 Dispatch, St. Kitts: A style-savvy sanctuary
2015-02-17 Dispatch, Norwegian Breakaway: Jumping right in
2014-11-17 Dispatch, Los Cabos: Things are looking up
2014-11-04 Dispatch, Quantum of the Seas: Riding the North Star gondola
2014-10-28 Dispatch, Tel Aviv: Flavors old and new at Levinksy Market
2014-10-24 Dispatch, Tel Aviv: Israel bounces back
2014-10-20 Dispatch, Cancun: Simplicity of life on Isla Holbox
2014-10-15 Dispatch, Cancun: Always in season
2014-10-13 Dispatch, Egypt: Smoothing out the wrinkles
2014-10-08 Dispatch, Egypt: Dusting off ancient treasures
2014-10-07 Dispatch, Egypt: Why there’s hope for a turnaround
2014-09-19 Dispatch, Iceland: No golden arches or green mermaid
2014-09-12 Dispatch, Iceland: Paying to play the Icelandic way
2014-09-09 Dispatch, Iceland: So cold, yet so hot
2014-08-26 Dispatch, Meyer Werft shipyard: Assembling the Anthem
2014-08-21 Dispatch, Colombia: The sooner you go, the better
2014-08-17 Dispatch, Colombia: More nature than narcos
2014-07-23 Dispatch, Montreal: Beautiful day in the neighborhoods
2014-07-17 Dispatch, Cancun: Move over, spring break
2014-07-15 Dispatch, Montreal: Bon appetit
2014-07-14 Dispatch, Montreal: Listen to the music
2014-07-02 Dispatch, Carnival Freedom: Vegetarian delights
2014-07-01 Dispatch, Carnival Freedom: Winging it in Curacao
2014-06-10 Dispatch, Alaska: The cannery, a manufacturing marvel
2014-06-09 Dispatch, Alaska: Entering the world of the Tlingits
2014-06-03 Dispatch, Jamaica: The excitement of discovery
2014-05-30 Dispatch, Jamaica: The crack staff at Azul Sensatori
2014-05-27 Dispatch, Panama: Learning curve
2014-05-23 Dispatch, Venice: Our own local expert
2014-05-21 Dispatch, Mexico City: Bug cuisine
2014-05-19 Dispatch, Mexico City: Sights and flavors
2014-05-19 Dispatch, Bordeaux: Calling all oenophiles
2014-05-14 Dispatch, Bordeaux: Hello, old friend
2014-05-07 Dispatch, Windstar Star Pride: Shopping with the chefs
2014-05-05 Dispatch, Pullman Rail: Skipping the shower
2014-05-01 Dispatch, Pullman Rail: A great way to travel
2014-04-22 Dispatch, Crystal Serenity: The culinary science project
2014-04-21 Dispatch, Crystal Serenity: Paddle tennis at sea
2014-04-01 Dispatch, S.S. Catherine: Experimentation and innovation
2014-03-31 Dispatch, Greece: Hotel satisfaction
2014-03-30 Dispatch, S.S. Catherine: Back on the Rhone
2014-03-26 Dispatch, Greece: Island adventure
2014-03-23 Dispatch, Viking Heimdal: Check-in is a breeze
2014-03-21 Dispatch, Viking Heimdal: Subtle surprises
2014-03-19 Dispatch, Greece: Marvelous architecture
2014-03-18 Dispatch, Greece: History and luxury
2014-03-10 Dispatch, Cancun: A royal pampering
2014-03-04 Dispatch, Cancun: Learning paddleboarding
2014-02-28 Dispatch, Cancun: Warm and welcoming at the Nizuc Resort
2014-02-05 Dispatch, Grenada: Meeting new friends
2014-01-31 Dispatch, Grenada: Soaking it all in at Sandals LaSource
2013-12-20 Dispatch, Nayarit: Beach towns
2013-12-17 Dispatch, Nayarit: Applause for the Iberostar Playa Mita
2013-12-09 Dispatch, Florida Everglades: The swamp walk
2013-12-03 Dispatch, Cannes: Past and future meet
2013-12-03 Dispatch, Aruba: A great day to strap on an aquatic jetpack
2013-11-25 Dispatch, Aruba: Friendly faces
2013-11-22 Dispatch, Brazil: Sport as force for good
2013-11-20 Dispatch, Puerto Vallarta: An embarrassment of riches
2013-11-18 Dispatch, Puerto Vallarta: In the drink
2013-11-01 Dispatch, Merida: An ace tour guide
2013-10-28 Dispatch, Merida: A living hacienda
2013-10-02 Dispatch, Cuba: Stretching pesos at the market
2013-10-01 Dispatch, Cuba: A hard life in Havana
2013-09-26 Dispatch, Cuba: Chatting with the elders
2013-09-25 Dispatch, Ganges: Shrieks, gasps, winces and laughs
2013-09-24 Dispatch, Ecuador: Game day
2013-09-23 Dispatch, Ganges: India's perception problem
2013-09-19 Dispatch, Ganges: Clean and pristine
2013-09-16 Dispatch, Ganges: A rediscovery
2013-07-30 Dispatch, Carnival Sunshine: Cheat sheet of changes
2013-07-25 Dispatch, Carnival Sunshine: Hanging out at the Havana Bar
2013-07-11 Dispatch, American Queen: Rich history
2013-07-05 Dispatch, American Queen: Common ground on the Mississippi
2013-07-03 Dispatch, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo: An expat's perception
2013-06-27 Dispatch, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo: History unearthed
2013-06-25 Dispatch, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo: The roots of Zihuatanejo style
2013-06-23 Dispatch, Provence: Marseille has come a long way
2013-06-20 Dispatch, Provence: A tour of two Saint-Tropez hotels
2013-06-19 Dispatch, Provence: The crafted image of Saint-Tropez
2013-06-18 Dispatch, Huatulco: Low-key and liking it
2013-06-17 Dispatch, Provence: Dinner at La Mirande
2013-05-30 Dispatch, Coney Island: Dancing on the boards
2013-05-29 Dispatch, Guatemala: A wonderful selling challenge
2013-05-15 Dispatch, Haiti: Warm and resilient people
2013-05-13 Dispatch, Haiti: First impressions
2013-04-12 Dispatch, AmaVida: Leaving with a bit of trepidation
2013-04-08 Dispatch, AmaVida: A happy group of non-cruisers
2013-03-27 Dispatch, Century Paragon: Rounding out your China experience
2013-03-22 Dispatch, Century Paragon: The evolution of the Yangtze River cruise
2013-03-21 Dispatch, Puebla: Yearning to return
2013-03-18 Dispatch, Puebla: Spotting 'El Popo'
2013-02-14 Dispatch, Puerto Vallarta: Beyond the buffets
2013-02-08 Dispatch, Puerto Vallarta: Raicilla chaser
2013-01-22 Dispatch, Bahamas: Smile, you're on Eleuthera
2013-01-21 Dispatch, Bahamas: The remote vacation
2012-12-06 Dispatch, ILTM: Orient-Express ups eco-focus in Calif.
2012-12-05 Dispatch, ILTM: How much ice do you need?
2012-11-21 Dispatch, St. Barts: Paying for exclusivity
2012-11-14 Dispatch, St. Barts: Pristine paradise
2012-11-12 Dispatch, St. Barts: Getting there
2012-11-08 Dispatch, Myanmar: The simple life or smartphones?
2012-11-05 Dispatch, Mazatlan: Buen provecho
2012-11-01 Dispatch, Mazatlan: Thoughts of home
2012-10-28 Dispatch, Myanmar: Good things come to those who wait
2012-10-10 Dispatch, St. Kitts: Tour guide weaves captivating narrative
2012-10-09 Dispatch, Nevis: From the mouths of babes
2012-09-24 Dispatch Alsace-Lorraine: Locks and locks and a lift
2012-09-19 Dispatch, Alsace-Lorraine: Extreme intimacy
2012-08-30 Dispatch, Napa Valley: I’m hurting — in a good way
2012-07-19 Dispatch, Wyoming: A non-parent traveling with kids
2012-07-18 Dispatch, Wyoming: It’s Disney, we’ll be fine
2012-07-11 Dispatch, Brussels: Discoveries, old and new
2012-07-09 Dispatch, Norwegian Gem: Nick at sea
2012-06-19 Dispatch, Carnival Breeze: Fun, branded
2012-06-17 Dispatch, Carnival Breeze: Conspicuous simplicity
2012-05-18 Dispatch, Amacerto: Dinner at Erlebnis
2012-05-15 Dispatch, Amacerto: Tour de Danube
2012-05-10 Dispatch, Lima: Eating a guinea pig
2012-05-08 Dispatch, Riviera Maya: A spa convert
2012-05-08 Dispatch, Riviera: Rave reviews
2012-05-07 Dispatch, Riviera Maya: No Cinco de Mayo party
2012-05-04 Dispatch, Riviera Maya: A slower pace
2012-05-04 Dispatch, American Queen: Why are we stopping in Henderson?
2012-05-03 Dispatch, American Queen: Life onboard a steamboat
2012-05-01 Dispatch, American Queen: An American dream
2012-04-23 Dispatch, Japan: The wonders of Tohoku
2012-04-18 Dispatch, Japan: Sakura's special meaning
2012-04-17 Dispatch, Kenya: A tour of Nairobi
2012-04-16 Dispatch, Japan: Going forward
2012-04-09 Dispatch, Kenya: Travel warnings vs. safari reality
2012-04-05 Dispatch, Kenya: Anxiety and ease
2012-04-02 Dispatch, Guadalajara: A brief sojourn
2012-03-29 Dispatch, Disney Fantasy: The floating playground
2012-03-29 Dispatch, Greece: A quiet Athens
2012-03-28 Dispatch Puerto Vallarta: Strolling the Malecon
2012-03-27 Dispatch, Disney Fantasy: A cruise fit for a princess
2012-03-26 Dispatch, Puerto Vallarta: A warm reception
2012-03-13 Dispatch, Abu Dhabi: The best of both worlds
2012-03-11 Dispatch, Abu Dhabi: Rapid riches
2012-03-09 Dispatch, Disneyland: Los Angeles through Walt's prism
2012-03-02 Dispatch, Disney Fantasy: Bold statements, attention to detail
2012-01-20 Dispatch, Caribbean villa: Value in villas
2012-01-17 Dispatch, Caribbean villa: The wild-card factor
2012-01-10 Dispatch, Wind Surf: A nautical aura
2012-01-09 Dispatch, Wind Surf: The yacht experience
2011-12-07 Dispatch, Carnival Liberty: Ports of distinction
2011-12-05 Dispatch, Carnival Liberty: Rum or tequila?
2011-11-29 Dispatch, Thailand: Tourism's resilience
2011-11-22 Dispatch, Thailand: Welcome to 'Dry-land'
2011-11-01 Dispatch, New Orleans: Down by the levee
2011-11-01 Dispatch, Malt Shop Cruise: The sock hop
2011-10-31 Dispatch, New Orleans: Stuffed
2011-10-31 Dispatch, Malt Shop Cruise: Never bored
2011-10-28 Dispatch, Malt Shop Cruise: Singin' and strollin' on the Lido
2011-10-28 Dispatch, Dreamliner: ANA’s 787 brings back grace to air travel
2011-10-12 Dispatch, London: Mini is beautiful
2011-10-11 Dispatch, New Orleans: The Ken Burns effect
2011-10-07 Dispatch, New Orleans: Immersed in jazz history
2011-10-06 Dispatch, Bhutan: Diplomats and hoteliers
2011-10-05 Dispatch, Bhutan: Cricket in Bumthang
2011-10-04 Dispatch, Bhutan: Thimpu room with a view
2011-10-03 Dispatch, Bhutan: The teachings of Mr. Nado
2011-09-30 Dispatch, Bhutan: Pot plants and phalluses
2011-09-23 Dispatch, Kuwait: Getting the lay of the land
2011-09-22 Dispatch, Southeast Asia: Bringing Asia onboard Ama, and vice versa
2011-09-19 Dispatch, Cambodia: A moment of silence
2011-09-16 Dispatch, Cambodia: The 'Asian five-star experience'
2011-09-14 Dispatch, Cambodia: ‘Once you get in, you won’t want to get out’
2011-09-12 Dispatch, Valley Forge: Tourism Cares Volunteer Day
2011-08-02 Dispatch, Russia: Preconceptions about Moscow
2011-07-28 Dispatch, Russia: Embracing the onboard experience
2011-07-26 Dispatch, Russia: The power of intrigue
2011-07-24 Dispatch, Russia: Confidence in Viking
2011-07-18 Dispatch, Cancun: Enlisting ambassadors
2011-07-17 Dispatch, Cancun: The Underwater Museum
2011-06-28 Dispatch, Japan: Rebuilding tourism
2011-06-23 Dispatch, Japan: Kyoto charm
2011-06-20 Dispatch, Japan: Power crunch
2011-06-20 Dispatch: Miami and Richard Branson’s big parties, Part 2
2011-06-17 Dispatch: Miami and Richard Branson’s big parties, Part 1
2011-05-24 Dispatch, QM2: Casual and formal feasting
2011-05-23 Dispatch, QM2: View from the bridge
2011-05-22 Dispatch, Southern Africa: Dumb luck on safari
2011-05-22 Dispatch, QM2: Never a dull moment
2011-05-20 Dispatch, QM2: Where are the spa patrons?
2011-05-19 Dispatch, QM2: A cast of characters
2011-05-19 Dispatch, WTTC Summit: The Oscar Goodman Show
2011-05-18 Dispatch, Avalon Panorama: No Rhine drama
2011-05-17 Dispatch, QM2: The crossing begins
2011-05-16 Dispatch, Southern Africa: Food for thought
2011-05-16 Dispatch, Avalon Panorama: Avalon's new comfort zone
2011-05-10 Dispatch, Riviera Maya: Dolphin pals
2011-05-09 Dispatch, Riviera Maya: Chichen Itza and a cenote swim
2011-05-06 Dispatch, Southern Africa: Tourism builds a community
2011-05-06 Dispatch, Riviera Maya: Tourists and coatis eating well
2011-05-03 Dispatch, Southern Africa: A tourism Catch 22
2011-04-28 Dispatch, Jordan: Brainstorming
2011-04-27 Dispatch, Egypt: Running into John McCain, then on to Jordan
2011-04-26 Dispatch, Egypt: Demonstration fever
2011-04-25 Dispatch, Egypt: Optimism for recovery
2011-04-21 Dispatch, Austin: Alive, well and weird
2011-03-25 Dispatch, Oasis of the Seas: Which way do I go?
2011-03-24 Dispatch, Oasis of the Seas: Entertaining 6,000 cruisers
2011-03-23 Dispatch, Oasis of the Seas: There's a party over here
2011-03-20 Dispatch, Egypt: Trying to save a country with tips
2011-03-17 Dispatch, Egypt: Captivated by Egypt's revolution tourism
2011-03-16 Dispatch, Egypt: A quiet Cairo longing for return of tourists
2011-03-15 Dispatch, Egypt: A peaceful drive through Tahrir Square
2011-03-15 Dispatch, Azamara Quest: Nagasaki
2011-03-14 Dispatch, Azamara Quest: After quake, complications at sea
2011-03-11 Dispatch, Azamara Quest: In Japanese waters
2011-02-14 Dispatch, Marina: Agent-centric sales strategy works
2011-02-09 Dispatch, Marina: The gourmet will feel right at home
2011-02-08 Dispatch, Marina: Oceania's evolution
2011-01-26 Disney Dream steps up for adults when sun goes down
2011-01-24 From bathrooms to restaurants, Disney Dream has kids in mind
2011-01-20 The Dream takes the Disney experience to a new level
2010-12-09 Dispatch, St. Lucia: Looking for the nearest hammock
2010-12-08 Dispatch, St. Lucia: Back in business
2010-12-07 Dispatch, St. Lucia: A long trip worth the effort
2010-11-19 Dispatch, South Korea: A country like no other
2010-11-17 Dispatch, South Korea: A desire for greater peace and stability
2010-11-16 Dispatch, South Korea: ‘We love having you here’
2010-09-03 Dispatch, Allure of the Seas: Show time
2010-09-01 Dispatch, Allure of the Seas: Ahead of schedule
2010-08-23 Dispatch, Med: Contiki’s MVPs? The fearless tour managers
2010-08-19 Dispatch, Med: The real world, Israel
2010-08-17 Dispatch, Med: Contiki's party reputation
2010-08-16 Dispatch, Med: Dude, it’s Contiki
2010-07-27 Dispatch, Shanghai: Broiling at the Expo
2010-07-26 Dispatch, Caribbean Princess: More ways to dine
2010-07-23 Dispatch, Caribbean Princess: Keeping things fresh
2010-07-07 Dispatch, Norwegian Epic 3: One of a kind, and staying that way
2010-07-06 Dispatch, Norwegian Epic 2: Bathroom buzz
2010-07-05 Dispatch, Norwegian Epic: A new dimension for Freestyle Cruising
2010-06-20 Aboard the Crystal Symphony: Whither all-inclusive?
2010-06-18 Dispatch: A Harry Potter addict gets his fix
2010-06-17 Aboard the Crystal Symphony: Showing off a new look
2010-06-16 Aboard the Crystal Symphony: The recession's lessons
2010-06-01 Dispatch, Bethlehem: All is calm
2010-05-26 Dispatch India, Delhi: A case of 'Delhi belly'
2010-05-25 Dispatch India, Agra: The marvelous Amarvilas
2010-05-24 Dispatch India, Jaipur: Busy in the Pink City
2010-05-20 Dispatch India, Mumbai: A new beginning
2010-05-18 Dispatch, South Africa 3: From shacklands to dignity
2010-05-14 Dispatch, South Africa 2: A safari right outside the city
2010-05-12 Dispatch, South Africa 1: World Cup fever
2010-03-02 Dispatch, Jordan 3: Beyond Petra
2010-02-26 Dispatch, Jordan 2: A religious experience
2010-02-22 Dispatch, Jordan 1: Hummus on my shoe
2009-12-24 Dispatch, Seabourn Odyssey 3: Bigger but still intimate
2009-12-23 Dispatch, Seabourn Odyssey 2: Guests like the dining choices
2009-12-21 Dispatch, Seabourn Odyssey 1: A new experience for repeat cruisers
2009-11-18 Dispatch, China 3: Shanghai surprise
2009-11-16 Dispatch, China 2: Three Gorges Dam, the good and bad
2009-11-10 Dispatch, China 1: A media in flux
2009-10-26 Dispatch, Nile cruise 3: You don't have to be a history buff
2009-10-23 Dispatch, Nile cruise 2: An aquatic sales ambush
2009-10-21 Dispatch, Nile cruise 1: New ship a work in progress
2009-10-14 Dispatch, Syria 2: The payoff after long bus rides
2009-10-12 Dispatch, Syria 1: Feeling welcome
2009-08-28 Dispatch, Oasis 1: The world's largest cruise ship, by the numbers


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