Ani Villas caters to all whims — one group at a time

By Johanna Jainchill /
One of two common dining, bar and pool areas at the Ani Villas in the Dominican Republic, which opened in December and is the company's fourth private resort.A master suite at Ani Villas in the Dominican Republic.One of two Infinity pools at Ani Villas.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>Ani Villas is exclusive and high-end, but the staff goes out of its way to make fun for families and kids.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>The Master suites at Ani Villas all have spectacular views of the Dominican Republic's north coast.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>The Ani staff also takes groups to the beautiful Caleton beach cove, a few minutes from the resort, where the staff sets up beach chairs and watersports equipment for us to enjoy as they prepared a barbecue lunch of steak and lobster tail.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>The shuffleboard court, overlooking the coastline, was a popular sunset activity.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>Ani gives even small groups access to amenities rarely found at villas, like waterpark-level slides, tennis courts, a separate spa and fitness center, two pools, two different bar- and eating areas and a private events pavilion for anything from sunrise yoga to weddings.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>Ani Villas leaves very curated, thoughtful bedtime gifts for guests, including products such as tea made at its tea estate in Sri Lanka, and artisanal honey and beeswax it has made at a local Dominican farm.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>Ani Villas offers complimentary cooking classes to its guests, such as this ceviche one led by Chef Juan.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Johanna Jainchill</strong>