Social media glossary for travel professionals

The following are some common social-media terms.

App: A program designed to run on a mobile device.

Avatar: A photo or other visual image that represents a person online.

Chat: An online conversation. Can also be used to describe a Twitter event where people gather at a specified time.

Circles: Groups of people interacting on Google+.

Connection: A LinkedIn term to describe a person in your network.

Flipboard: An iPad and iPhone app that creates a magazine-like summary of your social feeds. A great tool for travel agents to find links to share via other social media platforms.

#FollowFriday (#ff): A Twitter practice of suggesting people to follow. As the name implies, it happens on Fridays.

Foursquare: A social tool that helps users keep up with where friends are, discover what's nearby, save money and unlock deals.

Hangout: A Google+ tool that enables video chat with up to nine people.

Hashtag: On Twitter, the # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

HootSuite: A social media dashboard that enables users to manage multiple social networks, post messages and schedule updates. Great for groups or individuals who work on teams to promote a travel agency.

Influencer: A person who can sway another.

Like: A Facebook action that indicates positive feedback to another user's post.

News Feed: A Facebook term that describes how a user can see status updates of friends. Users can customize the way information is sorted in the news feed.

Pin: An image or video link to a Web location.

Pinboard: A collection of pins representing images and videos.

Retweet: A reposting of someone else's tweet.

Sentiment: A level of assessment that determines the tone of an article, blog post, a company, etc.; usually positive, negative or neutral.

Social Networking Service: A website that offers a platform for members of a group to share information. Users typically create a profile to describe themselves for others, then communicate through posts, which can include text, images or video content.

Tag: A Facebook term to describe a link from a photo to a Facebook member. The tag will appear on that person's timeline.

Timeline: A Facebook term to describe a member's collection of photos, stories and experiences in chronological order.

#TravelTuesday: A Twitter hashtag for users to share recommendations about travel. The shorter #TT hashtag is commonly used.

TweetDeck: Like Hootsuite, an app to help streamline social networking tasks. A great tool for groups or individuals who work on teams to promote a travel agency.

Tweetup: An organized or impromptu gathering of people who use Twitter.

Twitter chat: An online conversation taking place publicly on Twitter. Users gather at a designated time and post answers to questions using a predetermined hashtag.

Sources: Facebook Glossary; HubSpot Ultimate Glossary of Social Media Marketing Terms Explained; Twitter Help Center | The Twitter Glossary.
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