Policy changes after Concordia

CLIA and the European Cruise Council have adopted 10 policy changes for member lines in the wake of the Costa Concordia accident.

Common elements of musters and emergency instructions: Twelve items that must be included when pre-cruise emergency drills are designed for passengers.

Harmonization of bridge procedures: Making bridge practices consistent across fleets and brands under common ownership.

Lifeboat loading for training purposes: One lifeboat must be filled to capacity with crew members and maneuvered in the water once every six months.

Securing heavy objects: Potentially hazardous heavy objects should be secured permanently, when in use or during heavy weather, as appropriate.

Bridge access: Visitors are barred from the bridge during maneuvers that require heightened vigilance. Exceptions require preapproval from senior management ashore.

Excess life jackets: The number of life jackets on board should exceed SOLAS requirements by not less than the number of people within the ship’s most populated main vertical fire zone.

Muster drills: Group emergency instruction sessions will take place prior to sailing, rather than within 24 hours of departures as allowed under SOLAS.

Passage planning: Bridge officers should be briefed on the voyage plan well in advance and are encouraged to raise concerns without fear of retribution.

Location of life jacket stowage: Most life jackets are to be stored close to muster stations or lifeboat embarkation points on ships contracted after July 1, 2013.

Recording nationality of passengers: Nationality will be added to the list of information kept on each passenger and made readily available for search and rescue services.

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