Premium pricing the goal of Celebrity's ‘Modern Luxury’ effort

By Tom Stieghorst

The five Solstice-class ships have made a mark. Now that the class is finished following the Celebrity Reflection's launch, Celebrity executives say their task is to get the premium prices that ought to be attainable for a premium product.

A new marketing effort will be made in coming months to do just that. It will refine the targeting of Celebrity customers both by psychographic segments and by geography.

Celebrity has identified three groups that are likely to respond to the line’s “Modern Luxury” marketing theme.

The first group is being called Globe Trotting Culture Seekers. These guests are the classic well-educated professionals, said Dondra Ritzenthaler, senior vice president of sales.

Dondra RitzenthalerAnother group, Metropolitan Trend Setters, was described as “on the move and in the know” and further defined by its love of technology.

A third target segment is called Golden Nuggets. These are consumers who have a great love and affinity for cruising and spend freely onboard for jewelry, wine and other items.

Celebrity will also double down on 10 top markets where it sees a concentration of affluent travelers, Ritzenthaler told a group of journalists on the Reflection last week. A partial list includes San Francisco, New York, Washington, Toronto and Atlanta.

Next year it will boost co-op advertising as well as overall market spend in those cities “to really target these segments that appreciate the things that Modern Luxury provides for them,” Ritzenthaler said.

She said Celebrity is intent on extending the booking window to fill ships earlier in the cycle so that they don’t have to be topped off at subpar prices six or seven weeks before sailing.

The 2013-14 strategic plan, which is now being finalized, is geared toward “getting the prices for our product that our travel partners and even our guests say that we deserve,” Ritzenthaler said.

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