52 Night Oriental Cruise on the Costa Venezia

The Costa Venezia is the first Costa ship built and designed specifically for Chinese guests, entering service in March 2019.

Costa Venezia 52 Night Oriental Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing March 08, 2019 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Friday, 03/08/2019Depart from TriesteTrieste, Italy
Day 2: Saturday, 03/09/2019At Sea 
Day 3: Sunday, 03/10/2019DubrovnikDubrovnik, Croatia
Day 4: Monday, 03/11/2019BariBari, Italy
Day 5: Tuesday, 03/12/2019At Sea 
Day 6: Wednesday, 03/13/2019HeraklionHeraklion, Crete Island, Greece
Day 7: Thursday, 03/14/2019Suez Canal 
Day 8: Friday, 03/15/2019Suez Canal 
Day 9: Saturday, 03/16/2019AqabaAqaba, Jordan
Day 10: Sunday, 03/17/2019EilatEilat, Israel
Day 11: Monday, 03/18/2019At Sea 
Day 12: Tuesday, 03/19/2019At Sea 
Day 13: Wednesday, 03/20/2019At Sea 
Day 14: Thursday, 03/21/2019At Sea 
Day 15: Friday, 03/22/2019Salalah (oman)Salalah, Oman
Day 16: Saturday, 03/23/2019At Sea 
Day 17: Sunday, 03/24/2019MuscatMuscat, Oman
Day 18: Monday, 03/25/2019At Sea 
Day 19: Tuesday, 03/26/2019Abu Dhabi (emirates)Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 20: Wednesday, 03/27/2019Dubai (emirates)Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 21: Thursday, 03/28/2019Dubai (emirates)Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 22: Friday, 03/29/2019Abu Dhabi (emirates)Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 23: Saturday, 03/30/2019Abu Dhabi (emirates)Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 24: Sunday, 03/31/2019Khor Fakkan (fujairah) 
Day 25: Monday, 04/01/2019At Sea 
Day 26: Tuesday, 04/02/2019At Sea 
Day 27: Wednesday, 04/03/2019Marmugao (india) 
Day 28: Thursday, 04/04/2019At Sea 
Day 29: Friday, 04/05/2019Cochin 
Day 30: Saturday, 04/06/2019Cochin 
Day 31: Sunday, 04/07/2019ColomboColombo, Sri Lanka
Day 32: Monday, 04/08/2019At Sea 
Day 33: Tuesday, 04/09/2019At Sea 
Day 34: Wednesday, 04/10/2019At Sea 
Day 35: Thursday, 04/11/2019Langkawi (malesia)Langkawi, Malaysia
Day 36: Friday, 04/12/2019Port KelangPort Kelang, Malaysia
Day 37: Saturday, 04/13/2019SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
Day 38: Sunday, 04/14/2019At Sea 
Day 39: Monday, 04/15/2019At Sea 
Day 40: Tuesday, 04/16/2019Laem Chabang (bangkok)Laem Chabang, Thailand
Day 41: Wednesday, 04/17/2019Laem Chabang (bangkok)Laem Chabang, Thailand
Day 42: Thursday, 04/18/2019At Sea 
Day 43: Friday, 04/19/2019Phu My (vietnam) 
Day 44: Saturday, 04/20/2019At Sea 
Day 45: Sunday, 04/21/2019Da-nang Chan May 
Day 46: Monday, 04/22/2019At Sea 
Day 47: Tuesday, 04/23/2019Shenzhen (china) 
Day 47: Tuesday, 04/23/2019HongkongHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 48: Wednesday, 04/24/2019HongkongHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 49: Thursday, 04/25/2019At Sea 
Day 50: Friday, 04/26/2019Keelung TaiwanKeelung, Taiwan
Day 51: Saturday, 04/27/2019At Sea 
Day 52: Sunday, 04/28/2019At Sea 
Day 53: Monday, 04/29/2019Arrive at YokohamaYokohama, Japan

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.