71 Night World Cruise on the Columbus

The Columbus is joining the Cruise & Maritime Voyages fleet in June 2017. Formerly sailing as the Pacific Pearl for P&O Cruises (Australia), the ship enjoys a fine reputation on the British cruise market and will offer the same traditional cruising style that CMV is known for.

Columbus 71 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing February 24, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Saturday, 02/24/2018Depart from SydneySydney, NS
Day 2: Sunday, 02/25/2018At Sea 
Day 3: Monday, 02/26/2018At Sea 
Day 4: Tuesday, 02/27/2018At Sea 
Day 5: Wednesday, 02/28/2018Yorkeys KnobYorkeys Knob, Queensland, Australia
Day 6: Thursday, 03/01/2018At Sea 
Day 7: Friday, 03/02/2018At Sea 
Day 8: Saturday, 03/03/2018At Sea 
Day 9: Sunday, 03/04/2018DarwinDarwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Day 10: Monday, 03/05/2018At Sea 
Day 11: Tuesday, 03/06/2018At Sea 
Day 12: Wednesday, 03/07/2018Komodo Island 
Day 13: Thursday, 03/08/2018At Sea 
Day 14: Friday, 03/09/2018At Sea 
Day 15: Saturday, 03/10/2018At Sea 
Day 16: Sunday, 03/11/2018ManilaManaus, Brazil
Day 17: Monday, 03/12/2018At Sea 
Day 18: Tuesday, 03/13/2018At Sea 
Day 19: Wednesday, 03/14/2018At Sea 
Day 20: Thursday, 03/15/2018ShanghaiShanghai, China
Day 21: Friday, 03/16/2018ShanghaiShanghai, China
Day 22: Saturday, 03/17/2018ShanghaiShanghai, China
Day 23: Sunday, 03/18/2018At Sea 
Day 24: Monday, 03/19/2018At Sea 
Day 25: Tuesday, 03/20/2018Hong KongHonningsvag, Norway
Day 26: Wednesday, 03/21/2018Hong KongHonningsvag, Norway
Day 27: Thursday, 03/22/2018At Sea 
Day 28: Friday, 03/23/2018Chan MayCharlottetown, PE
Day 29: Saturday, 03/24/2018At Sea 
Day 30: Sunday, 03/25/2018Phu My 
Day 31: Monday, 03/26/2018At Sea 
Day 32: Tuesday, 03/27/2018Ko Samui 
Day 33: Wednesday, 03/28/2018Laem ChabangLaem Chabang, Thailand
Day 34: Thursday, 03/29/2018At Sea 
Day 35: Friday, 03/30/2018At Sea 
Day 36: Saturday, 03/31/2018SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
Day 37: Sunday, 04/01/2018Port KelangPortland, England
Day 38: Monday, 04/02/2018PenangPenang Island, Malaysia
Day 39: Tuesday, 04/03/2018At Sea 
Day 40: Wednesday, 04/04/2018At Sea 
Day 41: Thursday, 04/05/2018At Sea 
Day 42: Friday, 04/06/2018ColomboCologne, Germany
Day 43: Saturday, 04/07/2018At Sea 
Day 44: Sunday, 04/08/2018CochinCochem, Germany
Day 45: Monday, 04/09/2018At Sea 
Day 46: Tuesday, 04/10/2018MumbaiMumbai, India
Day 47: Wednesday, 04/11/2018At Sea 
Day 48: Thursday, 04/12/2018At Sea 
Day 49: Friday, 04/13/2018At Sea 
Day 50: Saturday, 04/14/2018DubaiDublin, Ireland
Day 51: Sunday, 04/15/2018MuscatMuscat, Oman
Day 52: Monday, 04/16/2018At Sea 
Day 53: Tuesday, 04/17/2018At Sea 
Day 54: Wednesday, 04/18/2018At Sea 
Day 55: Thursday, 04/19/2018At Sea 
Day 56: Friday, 04/20/2018At Sea 
Day 57: Saturday, 04/21/2018At Sea 
Day 58: Sunday, 04/22/2018SafagaSafaga, Egypt
Day 59: Monday, 04/23/2018AqabaAqaba, Jordan
Day 60: Tuesday, 04/24/2018At Sea 
Day 61: Wednesday, 04/25/2018Transit the Suez Canal 
Day 62: Thursday, 04/26/2018At Sea 
Day 63: Friday, 04/27/2018PiraeusPiraeus, Greece
Day 64: Saturday, 04/28/2018At Sea 
Day 65: Sunday, 04/29/2018VallettaValletta, Malta Island, Malta
Day 66: Monday, 04/30/2018At Sea 
Day 67: Tuesday, 05/01/2018At Sea 
Day 68: Wednesday, 05/02/2018Gibraltar 
Day 69: Thursday, 05/03/2018At Sea 
Day 70: Friday, 05/04/2018At Sea 
Day 71: Saturday, 05/05/2018At Sea 
Day 72: Sunday, 05/06/2018Arrive at TilburyTilbury, England