9 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise on the Marco Polo

Built as a Soviet trans-Atlantic liner in 1965, the Marco Polo has undergone several renovations and renamings. The d├ęcor on the ship is generally classy and understated with wide teak decks, several tastefully decorated bars and lounges, and a library. Cabins are comfortable and simply appointed with one downside, thin walls make it easy to hear neighboring rooms and TVs.

Marco Polo 9 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing October 14, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Sunday, 10/14/2018Depart from TilburyTilbury, England
Day 2: Monday, 10/15/2018Transit the Kiel Canal 
Day 2: Monday, 10/15/2018Brunsbuttel 
Day 3: Tuesday, 10/16/2018Wismar 
Day 3: Tuesday, 10/16/2018Holtenau 
Day 4: Wednesday, 10/17/2018Ronne 
Day 5: Thursday, 10/18/2018Visby 
Day 6: Friday, 10/19/2018KlaipedaKlaipeda, Lithuania
Day 7: Saturday, 10/20/2018Gdansk / Danzig 
Day 8: Sunday, 10/21/2018Transit the Kiel Canal 
Day 8: Sunday, 10/21/2018Brunsbuttel 
Day 8: Sunday, 10/21/2018Holtenau 
Day 9: Monday, 10/22/2018At Sea 
Day 10: Tuesday, 10/23/2018Arrive at TilburyTilbury, England