14 Night Mediterranean Cruise on the Crystal Esprit

Crystal Yacht Cruises marks the debut of a new all-inclusive brand for Crystal Cruises. The 62-passenger Crystal Esprit, offers warm weather itineraries, has a two-person submarine, passenger Zodiacs and a yacht tender, along with water skis, wake boards, jet skis and scuba equipment.

Crystal Esprit 14 Night Mediterranean Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing July 16, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Sunday, 07/16/2017Depart from Athens/Piraeus, GreecePiraeus, Greece
Day 2: Monday, 07/17/2017Navplion, GreeceNavplion, Greece
Day 3: Tuesday, 07/18/2017Corinth Canal, Greece 
Day 3: Tuesday, 07/18/2017Hydra, GreeceHydra, Hydra Island, Saronic Islands, Greece
Day 4: Wednesday, 07/19/2017Itea, Greece 
Day 5: Thursday, 07/20/2017Parga, GreeceParga, Greece
Day 6: Friday, 07/21/2017Corfu, GreeceCorfu, Kerkyra Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
Day 7: Saturday, 07/22/2017Kotor, Montenegro 
Day 8: Sunday, 07/23/2017Dubrovnik, CroatiaDubrovnik, Croatia
Day 15: Sunday, 07/30/2017Venice, ItalyVenice, Italy
Day 16: Monday, 07/31/2017Rovinj, CroatiaRovinj, Croatia
Day 17: Tuesday, 08/01/2017Sibenik, CroatiaSibenik, Croatia
Day 18: Wednesday, 08/02/2017Trogir, CroatiaTrogir, Croatia
Day 19: Thursday, 08/03/2017Vis, CroatiaVis, Croatia
Day 20: Friday, 08/04/2017Hvar, CroatiaHvar, Hvar Island, Croatia
Day 21: Saturday, 08/05/2017Kor?ula, Croatia 
Day 22: Sunday, 08/06/2017Dubrovnik, CroatiaDubrovnik, Croatia
Day 23: Monday, 08/07/2017Kotor, Montenegro 
Day 24: Tuesday, 08/08/2017Corfu, GreeceCorfu, Kerkyra Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
Day 25: Wednesday, 08/09/2017Parga, GreeceParga, Greece
Day 26: Thursday, 08/10/2017Corinth Canal, Greece 
Day 26: Thursday, 08/10/2017Itea, Greece 
Day 27: Friday, 08/11/2017Hydra, GreeceHydra, Hydra Island, Saronic Islands, Greece
Day 28: Saturday, 08/12/2017Navplion, GreeceNavplion, Greece
Day 29: Sunday, 08/13/2017Athens/Piraeus, GreecePiraeus, Greece
Day 30: Monday, 08/14/2017Navplion, GreeceNavplion, Greece
Day 31: Tuesday, 08/15/2017Corinth Canal, Greece 
Day 31: Tuesday, 08/15/2017Hydra, GreeceHydra, Hydra Island, Saronic Islands, Greece
Day 32: Wednesday, 08/16/2017Itea, Greece 
Day 33: Thursday, 08/17/2017Parga, GreeceParga, Greece
Day 34: Friday, 08/18/2017Corfu, GreeceCorfu, Kerkyra Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
Day 35: Saturday, 08/19/2017Kotor, Montenegro 
Day 36: Sunday, 08/20/2017Dubrovnik, CroatiaDubrovnik, Croatia
Day 37: Monday, 08/21/2017Kor?ula, Croatia 
Day 38: Tuesday, 08/22/2017Hvar, CroatiaHvar, Hvar Island, Croatia
Day 39: Wednesday, 08/23/2017Vis, CroatiaVis, Croatia
Day 40: Thursday, 08/24/2017Trogir, CroatiaTrogir, Croatia
Day 41: Friday, 08/25/2017Sibenik, CroatiaSibenik, Croatia
Day 42: Saturday, 08/26/2017Rovinj, CroatiaRovinj, Croatia
Day 43: Sunday, 08/27/2017Venice, ItalyVenice, Italy
Day 44: Monday, 08/28/2017Rovinj, CroatiaRovinj, Croatia
Day 45: Tuesday, 08/29/2017Sibenik, CroatiaSibenik, Croatia
Day 46: Wednesday, 08/30/2017Trogir, CroatiaTrogir, Croatia
Day 47: Thursday, 08/31/2017Vis, CroatiaVis, Croatia
Day 48: Friday, 09/01/2017Hvar, CroatiaHvar, Hvar Island, Croatia
Day 49: Saturday, 09/02/2017Kor?ula, Croatia 
Day 50: Sunday, 09/03/2017Dubrovnik, CroatiaDubrovnik, Croatia
Day 51: Monday, 09/04/2017Kotor, Montenegro 
Day 52: Tuesday, 09/05/2017Corfu, GreeceCorfu, Kerkyra Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
Day 53: Wednesday, 09/06/2017Parga, GreeceParga, Greece
Day 54: Thursday, 09/07/2017Corinth Canal, Greece 
Day 54: Thursday, 09/07/2017Itea, Greece 
Day 55: Friday, 09/08/2017Hydra, GreeceHydra, Hydra Island, Saronic Islands, Greece
Day 56: Saturday, 09/09/2017Navplion, GreeceNavplion, Greece
Day 57: Sunday, 09/10/2017Athens/Piraeus, GreecePiraeus, Greece
Day 58: Monday, 09/11/2017Navplion, GreeceNavplion, Greece
Day 59: Tuesday, 09/12/2017Corinth Canal, Greece 
Day 59: Tuesday, 09/12/2017Hydra, GreeceHydra, Hydra Island, Saronic Islands, Greece
Day 60: Wednesday, 09/13/2017Itea, Greece 
Day 61: Thursday, 09/14/2017Parga, GreeceParga, Greece
Day 62: Friday, 09/15/2017Corfu, GreeceCorfu, Kerkyra Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
Day 63: Saturday, 09/16/2017Kotor, Montenegro 
Day 64: Sunday, 09/17/2017Dubrovnik, CroatiaDubrovnik, Croatia
Day 65: Monday, 09/18/2017Kor?ula, Croatia 
Day 66: Tuesday, 09/19/2017Hvar, CroatiaHvar, Hvar Island, Croatia
Day 67: Wednesday, 09/20/2017Vis, CroatiaVis, Croatia
Day 68: Thursday, 09/21/2017Trogir, CroatiaTrogir, Croatia
Day 69: Friday, 09/22/2017Sibenik, CroatiaSibenik, Croatia
Day 70: Saturday, 09/23/2017Rovinj, CroatiaRovinj, Croatia
Day 71: Sunday, 09/24/2017Venice, ItalyVenice, Italy
Day 72: Monday, 09/25/2017Rovinj, CroatiaRovinj, Croatia
Day 73: Tuesday, 09/26/2017Sibenik, CroatiaSibenik, Croatia
Day 74: Wednesday, 09/27/2017Trogir, CroatiaTrogir, Croatia
Day 75: Thursday, 09/28/2017Vis, CroatiaVis, Croatia
Day 76: Friday, 09/29/2017Hvar, CroatiaHvar, Hvar Island, Croatia
Day 77: Saturday, 09/30/2017Kor?ula, Croatia 
Day 78: Sunday, 10/01/2017Arrive at Dubrovnik, CroatiaDubrovnik, Croatia

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.