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38 Night Oriental Cruise on the Queen Elizabeth

The Queen Elizabeth is the newest addition to the Cunard Line and made its debut voyage in October 2010. Christened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, she joins the fleet that now numbers three Queens - Queen Mary 2, Queen VIctoria and Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth 38 Night Oriental Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing February 21, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Tuesday, 02/21/2017Depart from AUCKLANDAuckland, New Zealand
Day 2: Wednesday, 02/22/2017BAY OF ISLANDSBay of Islands, New Zealand
Day 3: Thursday, 02/23/2017At Sea 
Day 4: Friday, 02/24/2017At Sea 
Day 5: Saturday, 02/25/2017SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 6: Sunday, 02/26/2017SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 7: Monday, 02/27/2017At Sea 
Day 8: Tuesday, 02/28/2017BRISBANEBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Day 9: Wednesday, 03/01/2017At Sea 
Day 10: Thursday, 03/02/2017At Sea 
Day 11: Friday, 03/03/2017YORKEYS KNOBYorkeys Knob, Queensland, Australia
Day 12: Saturday, 03/04/2017At Sea 
Day 13: Sunday, 03/05/2017ALOTAU 
Day 14: Monday, 03/06/2017At Sea 
Day 15: Tuesday, 03/07/2017At Sea 
Day 16: Wednesday, 03/08/2017At Sea 
Day 17: Thursday, 03/09/2017At Sea 
Day 18: Friday, 03/10/2017At Sea 
Day 19: Saturday, 03/11/2017OKINAWA (NAHA) 
Day 20: Sunday, 03/12/2017At Sea 
Day 21: Monday, 03/13/2017KOBEKobe, Japan
Day 22: Tuesday, 03/14/2017At Sea 
Day 23: Wednesday, 03/15/2017KAGOSHIMA 
Day 24: Thursday, 03/16/2017BUSAN 
Day 25: Friday, 03/17/2017 
Day 26: Saturday, 03/18/2017HIROSHIMAHiroshima, Japan
Day 27: Sunday, 03/19/2017INLAND SEA 
Day 27: Sunday, 03/19/2017HIROSHIMAHiroshima, Japan
Day 27: Sunday, 03/19/2017KOBEKobe, Japan
Day 28: Monday, 03/20/2017KOBEKobe, Japan
Day 29: Tuesday, 03/21/2017At Sea 
Day 30: Wednesday, 03/22/2017At Sea 
Day 31: Thursday, 03/23/2017SHANGHAIShanghai, China
Day 32: Friday, 03/24/2017At Sea 
Day 33: Saturday, 03/25/2017At Sea 
Day 34: Sunday, 03/26/2017HONG KONGHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 35: Monday, 03/27/2017At Sea 
Day 36: Tuesday, 03/28/2017NHA TRANGNha Trang, Vietnam
Day 37: Wednesday, 03/29/2017PHU MY 
Day 38: Thursday, 03/30/2017At Sea 
Day 39: Friday, 03/31/2017Arrive at SINGAPORESingapore, Singapore