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61 Night World Cruise on the Queen Mary 2

Built in France and measuring more than twice the size of her predecessor, the Queen Mary 2 weighs an incredible 148,528 tons and at 1,132 ft, is the longest passenger ship in the world. Offering 20 to 25 Atlantic crossings each year, the QM2 attracts cruisers of all ages with elegant British styling, rich history and a wide variety of dining and entertainment options.

Queen Mary 2 61 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing February 16, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Thursday, 02/16/2017Depart from Adelaide, Australia Check In Starts At 1200pAdelaide, South Australia, Australia
Day 2: Friday, 02/17/2017At Sea 
Day 3: Saturday, 02/18/2017Melbourne, AustraliaMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Day 4: Sunday, 02/19/2017At Sea 
Day 5: Monday, 02/20/2017Kangaroo Island, Australia Arrive Early Morning Te 
Day 6: Tuesday, 02/21/2017At Sea 
Day 7: Wednesday, 02/22/2017Melbourne, AustraliaMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Day 8: Thursday, 02/23/2017Wilsons Promontory, Australia Arrive Afternoon Cru 
Day 9: Friday, 02/24/2017Ben Boyde, Australia Arrive Early Afternoon Cruise 
Day 10: Saturday, 02/25/2017Sydney, AustraliaSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 11: Sunday, 02/26/2017At Sea 
Day 12: Monday, 02/27/2017Tasman Peninsula Sail By, Aus Arrive Afternoon Cru 
Day 12: Monday, 02/27/2017Port Arthur, Australia Arrive Early Morning Tender 
Day 13: Tuesday, 02/28/2017Hobart, Tasmania Arrive Early Morning Depart EarlyHobart, Tasmania, Australia
Day 14: Wednesday, 03/01/2017At Sea 
Day 15: Thursday, 03/02/2017Sydney, AustraliaSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 16: Friday, 03/03/2017At Sea 
Day 17: Saturday, 03/04/2017Brisbane, AustraliaBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Day 18: Sunday, 03/05/2017At Sea 
Day 19: Monday, 03/06/2017Airlie Beach, Australia Arrive Early Morning Tende 
Day 20: Tuesday, 03/07/2017Cairns, Yorkey''s Knob Arrive Morning Tender Requi 
Day 21: Wednesday, 03/08/2017At Sea 
Day 22: Thursday, 03/09/2017At Sea 
Day 23: Friday, 03/10/2017At Sea 
Day 24: Saturday, 03/11/2017At Sea 
Day 25: Sunday, 03/12/2017At Sea 
Day 26: Monday, 03/13/2017Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Arrive Morning DepartBandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Day 27: Tuesday, 03/14/2017At Sea 
Day 28: Wednesday, 03/15/2017Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Arrive Early Morning DepHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Day 29: Thursday, 03/16/2017Nha Trang, Vietnam Arrive Morning Tender RequiredNha Trang, Vietnam
Day 30: Friday, 03/17/2017At Sea 
Day 31: Saturday, 03/18/2017Hong Kong, ChinaHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 32: Sunday, 03/19/2017At Sea 
Day 33: Monday, 03/20/2017Keelung, Taiwan Arrive Early Morning Depart EveninKeelung, Taiwan
Day 34: Tuesday, 03/21/2017At Sea 
Day 35: Wednesday, 03/22/2017Shanghai, ChinaShanghai, China
Day 36: Thursday, 03/23/2017At Sea 
Day 37: Friday, 03/24/2017Busan (pusan), South Korea Arrive Morning Depart E 
Day 38: Saturday, 03/25/2017Nagasaki, Japan Arrive Early Morning Depart EveninNagasaki, Japan
Day 39: Sunday, 03/26/2017At Sea 
Day 40: Monday, 03/27/2017Seoul (tours From Incheon) Arrive Early Morning De 
Day 41: Tuesday, 03/28/2017At Sea 
Day 42: Wednesday, 03/29/2017Shanghai, China Arrive Early Morning Depart EveninShanghai, China
Day 43: Thursday, 03/30/2017At Sea 
Day 44: Friday, 03/31/2017At Sea 
Day 45: Saturday, 04/01/2017Hong Kong, ChinaHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 46: Sunday, 04/02/2017At Sea 
Day 47: Monday, 04/03/2017At Sea 
Day 48: Tuesday, 04/04/2017At Sea 
Day 49: Wednesday, 04/05/2017Bangkok,laem Chabang, Thailand Arrive Early MorninBangkok, Thailand
Day 50: Thursday, 04/06/2017At Sea 
Day 51: Friday, 04/07/2017Singapore Arrive Early Afternoon OvernightSingapore, Singapore
Day 52: Saturday, 04/08/2017Singapore Depart Early EveningSingapore, Singapore
Day 53: Sunday, 04/09/2017Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Arrive Morning Depart EarlyPort Kelang, Malaysia
Day 54: Monday, 04/10/2017Penang, Malaysia Arrive Early Morning Possible TenPenang Island, Malaysia
Day 55: Tuesday, 04/11/2017At Sea 
Day 56: Wednesday, 04/12/2017At Sea 
Day 57: Thursday, 04/13/2017Colombo, Sri Lanka Arrive Early Morning Depart EarColombo, Sri Lanka
Day 58: Friday, 04/14/2017At Sea 
Day 59: Saturday, 04/15/2017At Sea 
Day 60: Sunday, 04/16/2017At Sea 
Day 61: Monday, 04/17/2017At Sea 
Day 62: Tuesday, 04/18/2017Arrive at Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDubai, United Arab Emirates