23 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise on the Queen Victoria

Despite the Queen Victoria's Italian exterior (she was built at Fincantieri shipyard), her interior décor reflects the line's British heritage. Smaller than the QM2, the Queen Victoria is small enough to pass through the Panama Canal, and as a result offers a greater variety of itineraries than her behemoth sister.

Queen Victoria 23 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing June 24, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Sunday, 06/24/2018Depart from Hamburg, Germany Check In Starts At 0630pHamburg, Germany
Day 2: Monday, 06/25/2018At Sea 
Day 3: Tuesday, 06/26/2018Alesund, Norway Arrive Morning Depart Early EveninAalesund, Norway
Day 4: Wednesday, 06/27/2018At Sea 
Day 5: Thursday, 06/28/2018Akureyri, Iceland Arrive Morning Possible Tender DAkureyri, Iceland
Day 6: Friday, 06/29/2018Isafjordur, Iceland Arrive Early Morning Tender Re 
Day 7: Saturday, 06/30/2018Reykjavik, Iceland Arrive Morning OvernightReykjavik, Iceland
Day 8: Sunday, 07/01/2018Reykjavik, Iceland Depart AfternoonReykjavik, Iceland
Day 9: Monday, 07/02/2018At Sea 
Day 10: Tuesday, 07/03/2018Torshavn, Faroe Islands Arrive Morning Depart Afte 
Day 11: Wednesday, 07/04/2018At Sea 
Day 12: Thursday, 07/05/2018At Sea 
Day 13: Friday, 07/06/2018Southampton, United Kingdom Arrive Early Morning DSouthampton, England
Day 14: Saturday, 07/07/2018At Sea 
Day 15: Sunday, 07/08/2018Hamburg, Germany Arrive Early Morning Depart EarlyHamburg, Germany
Day 16: Monday, 07/09/2018At Sea 
Day 17: Tuesday, 07/10/2018Copenhagen, Denmark Arrive Early Morning Depart EaCopenhagen, Denmark
Day 18: Wednesday, 07/11/2018At Sea 
Day 19: Thursday, 07/12/2018Sweden Arrive Early Morning Tender Required Depart 
Day 20: Friday, 07/13/2018Helsinki, Finland Arrive Morning Depart Early EvenHelsinki, Finland
Day 21: Saturday, 07/14/2018St. Petersburg, Russia Arrive Early Morning OverniSt Petersburg, Russia
Day 22: Sunday, 07/15/2018St. Petersburg, Russia Depart Early EveningSt Petersburg, Russia
Day 23: Monday, 07/16/2018At Sea 
Day 24: Tuesday, 07/17/2018Arrive at Kiel, GermanyKiel, Germany

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.