24 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise on the Queen Victoria

Despite the Queen Victoria's Italian exterior (she was built at Fincantieri shipyard), her interior d├ęcor reflects the line's British heritage. Smaller than the QM2, the Queen Victoria is small enough to pass through the Panama Canal, and as a result offers a greater variety of itineraries than her behemoth sister.

Queen Victoria 24 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing October 01, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Monday, 10/01/2018Depart from BARCELONABarcelona, Spain
Day 2: Tuesday, 10/02/2018At Sea 
Day 3: Wednesday, 10/03/2018AJACCIOAjaccio, Corsica Island, France
Day 4: Thursday, 10/04/2018Villefranche 
Day 5: Friday, 10/05/2018LIVORNOLivorno, Italy
Day 6: Saturday, 10/06/2018CIVITAVECCHIACivitavecchia, Italy
Day 7: Sunday, 10/07/2018MESSINA STRAIT 
Day 8: Monday, 10/08/2018CORFUCorfu, Kerkyra Island, Ionian Islands, Greece
Day 9: Tuesday, 10/09/2018At Sea 
Day 10: Wednesday, 10/10/2018SPLITSplit, Croatia
Day 11: Thursday, 10/11/2018PORTOROZ 
Day 12: Friday, 10/12/2018VENICEVenice, Italy
Day 13: Saturday, 10/13/2018VENICEVenice, Italy
Day 14: Sunday, 10/14/2018RIJEKARijeka, Croatia
Day 15: Monday, 10/15/2018At Sea 
Day 16: Tuesday, 10/16/2018DUBROVNIKDubrovnik, Croatia
Day 17: Wednesday, 10/17/2018KOTOR 
Day 18: Thursday, 10/18/2018MESSINA STRAIT 
Day 19: Friday, 10/19/2018NAPLESNaples, Italy
Day 20: Saturday, 10/20/2018CIVITAVECCHIACivitavecchia, Italy
Day 21: Sunday, 10/21/2018LIVORNOLivorno, Italy
Day 22: Monday, 10/22/2018ALGHERO 
Day 23: Tuesday, 10/23/2018At Sea 
Day 24: Wednesday, 10/24/2018PALMAPalma de Mallorca, Mallorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain
Day 25: Thursday, 10/25/2018Arrive at BARCELONABarcelona, Spain