27 Night Arctic Cruise on the Black Watch

After refurbishments in 2005 and 2007, the Black Watch sports all new fabrics and furnishings for its 807 passengers. Like other Fred. Olsen Vessels, the Black Watch caters primarily to British cruisers, but this ship adds Scandinavian overtones. Perfect for Britons seeking the comforts, food and services of home, on a variety of Northern European and Mediterranean itineraries.

Black Watch 27 Night Arctic Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing July 14, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Friday, 07/14/2017Depart from Dover, UKDover, England
Day 2: Saturday, 07/15/2017Cruising 
Day 3: Sunday, 07/16/2017Bergen, NorwayBergen, Norway
Day 4: Monday, 07/17/2017Cruising Lustrafjord 
Day 4: Monday, 07/17/2017Cruising N??r??yfjord (Naeroyfjord) 
Day 4: Monday, 07/17/2017Cruising Sognefjord 
Day 4: Monday, 07/17/2017Skjolden, Sogn og Fjordane 
Day 5: Tuesday, 07/18/2017Cruising Nordfjord 
Day 5: Tuesday, 07/18/2017Olden, Nordfjord, NorwayOlden, Norway
Day 6: Wednesday, 07/19/2017Cruising Torghatten 
Day 6: Wednesday, 07/19/2017Cruising R??rvik 
Day 7: Thursday, 07/20/2017Cruise Trollfjord 
Day 7: Thursday, 07/20/2017Cruising Black Glacier 
Day 7: Thursday, 07/20/2017Crossing the Arctic Circle 
Day 8: Friday, 07/21/2017Troms?? 
Day 9: Saturday, 07/22/2017Cruise North Cape 
Day 9: Saturday, 07/22/2017Honningsvag (North Cape), NorwayHonningsvag, Norway
Day 10: Sunday, 07/23/2017Cruising 
Day 11: Monday, 07/24/2017Cruising Tempelfjorden 
Day 11: Monday, 07/24/2017Pyramiden 
Day 11: Monday, 07/24/2017Longyearbyen, SvalbardLongyearbyen, Norway
Day 12: Tuesday, 07/25/2017Longyearbyen, SvalbardLongyearbyen, Norway
Day 13: Wednesday, 07/26/2017Cruising 
Day 14: Thursday, 07/27/2017Cruising Gr??msey 
Day 14: Thursday, 07/27/2017Cruising Jan Mayen Island 
Day 15: Friday, 07/28/2017Cruising by Hrisey, Iceland 
Day 15: Friday, 07/28/2017Cruising Eyjafj??r??ur 
Day 15: Friday, 07/28/2017Cruising Eyjafj??r??ur 
Day 15: Friday, 07/28/2017Akureyri, IcelandAkureyri, Iceland
Day 16: Saturday, 07/29/2017Cruising by Hornstrandir, Iceland 
Day 16: Saturday, 07/29/2017Cruising Drangask??r?? 
Day 16: Saturday, 07/29/2017Cruising Western Fjords 
Day 16: Saturday, 07/29/2017Cruising Dinosaur Rock (Hv??tserkur), Iceland 
Day 17: Sunday, 07/30/2017Reykjavik, IcelandReykjavik, Iceland
Day 18: Monday, 07/31/2017Cruising 
Day 19: Tuesday, 08/01/2017Cruising Prins Christian Sund 
Day 19: Tuesday, 08/01/2017Cruising Torssukatak 
Day 20: Wednesday, 08/02/2017Cruising Tunulliarfik Fjord 
Day 20: Wednesday, 08/02/2017Narsarsuaq, Greenland 
Day 21: Thursday, 08/03/2017Cruising Tasermiut Fjord 
Day 21: Thursday, 08/03/2017Nanortalik 
Day 22: Friday, 08/04/2017Cruising 
Day 23: Saturday, 08/05/2017Cruising 
Day 24: Sunday, 08/06/2017Cruising by Hestur (Horse Island) 
Day 24: Sunday, 08/06/2017Cruising by Mykines, Gasadalur, Gasholmur 
Day 25: Monday, 08/07/2017Cruising Cape Enniberg 
Day 25: Monday, 08/07/2017Cruising Kollafj??r??ur, Faroe Islands 
Day 25: Monday, 08/07/2017Cruising Sv??noyarfj??r??ur 
Day 25: Monday, 08/07/2017T??rshavn (Torshavn), Faroe Islands 
Day 25: Monday, 08/07/2017Cruising Leirv??ksfj??r??ur & Dj??pini 
Day 26: Tuesday, 08/08/2017Cruising 
Day 27: Wednesday, 08/09/2017Cruising 
Day 28: Thursday, 08/10/2017Arrive at Dover, UKDover, England