48 Night Indian Ocean Cruise on the Boudicca

Offering understated d├ęcor and a mixture of English and Norwegian style, the Boudicca carries 850 passengers on a variety of Northern European and Mediterranean itineraries. The ship is popular among sedate British passengers who desire the creature comforts of home while at sea.

Boudicca 48 Night Indian Ocean Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing October 14, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Saturday, 10/14/2017Depart from Liverpool, UKLiverpool, England
Day 2: Sunday, 10/15/2017Cruising 
Day 3: Monday, 10/16/2017Cruising 
Day 4: Tuesday, 10/17/2017Cruising 
Day 5: Wednesday, 10/18/2017CadizCadiz, Spain
Day 6: Thursday, 10/19/2017Cruising 
Day 7: Friday, 10/20/2017Palma, MallorcaPalma de Mallorca, Mallorca Island, Balearic Islands, Spain
Day 8: Saturday, 10/21/2017Cruising 
Day 9: Sunday, 10/22/2017Valletta, MaltaValletta, Malta Island, Malta
Day 10: Monday, 10/23/2017Cruising 
Day 11: Tuesday, 10/24/2017Iraklion, Crete 
Day 12: Wednesday, 10/25/2017Cruising 
Day 12: Wednesday, 10/25/2017Cruising the Suez Canal 
Day 13: Thursday, 10/26/2017Cruising the Suez Canal 
Day 14: Friday, 10/27/2017Sharm el SheikhSharm el Sheikh, Egypt
Day 15: Saturday, 10/28/2017Cruising 
Day 16: Sunday, 10/29/2017Cruising 
Day 17: Monday, 10/30/2017Cruising 
Day 18: Tuesday, 10/31/2017Cruising 
Day 19: Wednesday, 11/01/2017Salalah, OmanSalalah, Oman
Day 20: Thursday, 11/02/2017Cruising 
Day 21: Friday, 11/03/2017Cruising 
Day 22: Saturday, 11/04/2017Cruising 
Day 23: Sunday, 11/05/2017Cruising 
Day 24: Monday, 11/06/2017Zanzibar, TanzaniaZanzibar, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Day 25: Tuesday, 11/07/2017Zanzibar, TanzaniaZanzibar, Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Day 26: Wednesday, 11/08/2017Cruising 
Day 27: Thursday, 11/09/2017Mozambique Island, Mozambique 
Day 28: Friday, 11/10/2017Cruising 
Day 29: Saturday, 11/11/2017Cruising 
Day 30: Sunday, 11/12/2017Toamasina (Tamatave), Madagascar 
Day 31: Monday, 11/13/2017Cruising 
Day 32: Tuesday, 11/14/2017Port Reunion, Reunion Island 
Day 33: Wednesday, 11/15/2017Port Louis, MauritiusPort Louis, Mauritius
Day 34: Thursday, 11/16/2017Port Louis, MauritiusPort Louis, Mauritius
Day 35: Friday, 11/17/2017Port Louis, MauritiusPort Louis, Mauritius
Day 36: Saturday, 11/18/2017Cruising 
Day 37: Sunday, 11/19/2017Cruising 
Day 38: Monday, 11/20/2017Praslin Island, Seychelles 
Day 39: Tuesday, 11/21/2017Cruise by Silhouette Island at Sunset, Seychelles 
Day 39: Tuesday, 11/21/2017Praslin Island, Seychelles 
Day 39: Tuesday, 11/21/2017Victoria, Seychelles 
Day 40: Wednesday, 11/22/2017Victoria, Seychelles 
Day 41: Thursday, 11/23/2017Cruising 
Day 42: Friday, 11/24/2017Cruising 
Day 43: Saturday, 11/25/2017Mamoudzou, Mayotte, Comoros Islands 
Day 44: Sunday, 11/26/2017Hell-Ville (Andoany), Nosy Be, Madagascar 
Day 45: Monday, 11/27/2017Antsiranana (Diego Suarez), Madagascar 
Day 46: Tuesday, 11/28/2017Cruising 
Day 47: Wednesday, 11/29/2017Port Reunion, Reunion Island 
Day 48: Thursday, 11/30/2017Arrive at Port Louis, MauritiusPort Louis, Mauritius