40 Night Oriental Cruise on the Maasdam

A spacious, elegant, Italian-built vessel, the Maasdam looks more like an ocean liner than many of today's bulky megaships. Though the staff isn't as friendly or well-trained as on most other HAL ships, more mature passengers will enjoy the ship's beautiful design and elegant dining areas.

Maasdam 40 Night Oriental Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing January 06, 2019 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Sunday, 01/06/2019Depart from Fremantle (perth), Australia Check In Starts At 01Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia
Day 2: Monday, 01/07/2019Geraldton, Western Australia, Austr Visa Req For S 
Day 3: Tuesday, 01/08/2019At Sea 
Day 4: Wednesday, 01/09/2019Exmouth, Australia Tender Required Wheelchair Acce 
Day 5: Thursday, 01/10/2019At Sea 
Day 6: Friday, 01/11/2019Broome, Western Australia, Australi Times Subject 
Day 7: Saturday, 01/12/2019Kuri Bay, Western Australia, Austra Tender Require 
Day 8: Sunday, 01/13/2019At Sea 
Day 9: Monday, 01/14/2019Darwin, Australia Visa Req For SomeDarwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Day 10: Tuesday, 01/15/2019At Sea 
Day 11: Wednesday, 01/16/2019Dili, East Timor Visa Req For Some 
Day 12: Thursday, 01/17/2019At Sea 
Day 13: Friday, 01/18/2019Komodo Island, Indonesia Tender Required Wheelchai 
Day 14: Saturday, 01/19/2019Ujung Padang, Sulawasi, Indonesia 
Day 15: Sunday, 01/20/2019At Sea 
Day 16: Monday, 01/21/2019Celukan Bawang, Bali, Indonesia 
Day 17: Tuesday, 01/22/2019Probolinggo, Java, Indonesia Tender Required Wheel 
Day 18: Wednesday, 01/23/2019Surabaya, IndonesiaSurabaya, Indonesia
Day 19: Thursday, 01/24/2019Semarang, Java, IndonesiaSemarang, Indonesia
Day 20: Friday, 01/25/2019At Sea 
Day 21: Saturday, 01/26/2019Singapore OvernightSingapore, Singapore
Day 22: Sunday, 01/27/2019SingaporeSingapore, Singapore
Day 23: Monday, 01/28/2019Malacca, Malaysia Tender Required Wheelchair AccesMalacca, Malaysia
Day 24: Tuesday, 01/29/2019Penang, MalaysiaPenang Island, Malaysia
Day 25: Wednesday, 01/30/2019Phuket, ThailandPhuket City, Phuket Island, Thailand
Day 26: Thursday, 01/31/2019At Sea 
Day 27: Friday, 02/01/2019At Sea 
Day 28: Saturday, 02/02/2019At Sea 
Day 29: Sunday, 02/03/2019Trincomalee, Sri Lanka Tender Required Wheelchair 
Day 30: Monday, 02/04/2019Hambantota, Sri Lanka 
Day 31: Tuesday, 02/05/2019At Sea 
Day 32: Wednesday, 02/06/2019Male, Maldives Tender Required Wheelchair Access LMale, Maldives
Day 33: Thursday, 02/07/2019Uligamu, Maldives Tender Required Wheelchair Acces 
Day 34: Friday, 02/08/2019At Sea 
Day 35: Saturday, 02/09/2019Colombo, Sri LankaColombo, Sri Lanka
Day 36: Sunday, 02/10/2019At Sea 
Day 37: Monday, 02/11/2019At Sea 
Day 38: Tuesday, 02/12/2019At Sea 
Day 39: Wednesday, 02/13/2019Porto Malai, Langkawi, MalaysiaLangkawi, Malaysia
Day 40: Thursday, 02/14/2019Port Kelang (kuala Lumpur), MalaysiPort Kelang, Malaysia
Day 41: Friday, 02/15/2019Arrive at SingaporeSingapore, Singapore

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.