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37 Night South American Cruise on the Prinsendam

The tiny Prinsendam carries 835 passengers and is an ideal ship to make long cruises, her specialty. Recent improvements include As You Wish Dining (open seating) and additional Culinary Arts Center programs that cater directly to children.

Prinsendam 37 Night South American Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing January 03, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Tuesday, 01/03/2017Depart from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Us Check In Starts At 01Fort Lauderdale, FL
Day 2: Wednesday, 01/04/2017At Sea 
Day 3: Thursday, 01/05/2017At Sea 
Day 4: Friday, 01/06/2017Isla De Providencia, Colombia Tender Required 
Day 5: Saturday, 01/07/2017Puerto Limon (san Jose), Costa Rica 
Day 6: Sunday, 01/08/2017Cruising Panama Canal Cruising Only 
Day 6: Sunday, 01/08/2017Enter Panama Canal Cristobal Cruising Only Transit 
Day 6: Sunday, 01/08/2017Exit Panama Canal Balboa Cruising Only Transit Tim 
Day 7: Monday, 01/09/2017At Sea 
Day 8: Tuesday, 01/10/2017Manta, EcuadorManta, Ecuador
Day 9: Wednesday, 01/11/2017At Sea 
Day 10: Thursday, 01/12/2017At Sea 
Day 11: Friday, 01/13/2017Callao (lima), Peru OvernightCallao, Peru
Day 12: Saturday, 01/14/2017Callao (lima), Peru OvernightCallao, Peru
Day 13: Sunday, 01/15/2017Callao (lima), PeruCallao, Peru
Day 14: Monday, 01/16/2017At Sea 
Day 15: Tuesday, 01/17/2017Arica, ChileArica, Chile
Day 16: Wednesday, 01/18/2017At Sea 
Day 17: Thursday, 01/19/2017Coquimbo (la Serena), Chile 
Day 18: Friday, 01/20/2017Valparaiso (santiago), ChileValparaiso, Chile
Day 19: Saturday, 01/21/2017At Sea 
Day 20: Sunday, 01/22/2017Isla Robinson Crusoe, Chile Tender Required 
Day 21: Monday, 01/23/2017At Sea 
Day 22: Tuesday, 01/24/2017Castro, Isla Chiloe, Chile Tender Required 
Day 23: Wednesday, 01/25/2017Darwin Channel Chilean Fjords Cruising Only 
Day 24: Thursday, 01/26/2017Scenic Cruising Amalia Or Brujo Gla Cruising Only 
Day 25: Friday, 01/27/2017Strait Of Magellan Cruising Only 
Day 25: Friday, 01/27/2017Punta Arenas, ChilePunta Arenas, Chile
Day 26: Saturday, 01/28/2017Scenic Cruising Cape Horn Cruising Only 
Day 27: Sunday, 01/29/2017Ushuaia, Argentina Arrival/departure Fee RequiredUshuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
Day 28: Monday, 01/30/2017At Sea 
Day 29: Tuesday, 01/31/2017The Palmer Archipelago Cruising Only Route Subject 
Day 30: Wednesday, 02/01/2017The Danco Coast Cruising Only 
Day 31: Thursday, 02/02/2017The Antarctic Sound Cruising Only Route Subject To 
Day 32: Friday, 02/03/2017At Sea 
Day 33: Saturday, 02/04/2017Stanley/falkland Is/islas Malvinas Tender Required 
Day 34: Sunday, 02/05/2017At Sea 
Day 35: Monday, 02/06/2017Puerto Madryn, ArgentinaPuerto Madryn, Argentina
Day 36: Tuesday, 02/07/2017At Sea 
Day 37: Wednesday, 02/08/2017Montevideo, Uruguay Time Subject To Transit WindowMontevideo, Uruguay
Day 38: Thursday, 02/09/2017Arrive at Buenos Aires, Argentina Time Subject To Transit WiBuenos Aires, Argentina

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