34 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise on the Prinsendam

The tiny Prinsendam carries up to 835 passengers and is an ideal ship to make long cruises, her specialty. Recent improvements include As You Wish Dining (open seating) and additional Culinary Arts Center programs that cater directly to children.

Prinsendam 34 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing August 18, 2019 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Sunday, 08/18/2019Depart from Amsterdam, The Netherlands Check In Starts At 0100Amsterdam, Netherlands
Day 2: Monday, 08/19/2019At Sea 
Day 3: Tuesday, 08/20/2019Torshavn, Faroe Islands 
Day 4: Wednesday, 08/21/2019Eskifjordur, Iceland 
Day 5: Thursday, 08/22/2019Scenic Cruising Eyjafjordur Cruising Only 
Day 5: Thursday, 08/22/2019Akureyri, IcelandAkureyri, Iceland
Day 6: Friday, 08/23/2019Scenic Cruising Isafjardurdjur Cruising Only 
Day 6: Friday, 08/23/2019Isafjordur, Iceland 
Day 7: Saturday, 08/24/2019At Sea 
Day 8: Sunday, 08/25/2019Cruising Prince Christian Sund Cruising Only Route 
Day 9: Monday, 08/26/2019Nanortalik, Greenland Tender Required Wheelchair A 
Day 10: Tuesday, 08/27/2019Paamiut (frederikshab), Greenland Tender Required 
Day 11: Wednesday, 08/28/2019Qaqortoq, Greenland Tender Required Wheelchair Acc 
Day 12: Thursday, 08/29/2019Cruising Prince Christian Sund Cruising Only Route 
Day 13: Friday, 08/30/2019At Sea 
Day 14: Saturday, 08/31/2019Reykjavik, Iceland OvernightReykjavik, Iceland
Day 15: Sunday, 09/01/2019Reykjavik, IcelandReykjavik, Iceland
Day 16: Monday, 09/02/2019At Sea 
Day 17: Tuesday, 09/03/2019Lerwick, Shetland Islands, United K Tender Require 
Day 18: Wednesday, 09/04/2019Invergordon (inverness), Scotland, Times Subject T 
Day 19: Thursday, 09/05/2019Rosyth (edinburgh), Scotland, UniteRosyth, Scotland
Day 20: Friday, 09/06/2019At Sea 
Day 21: Saturday, 09/07/2019Amsterdam, The Netherlands Times Subject To CanalAmsterdam, Netherlands
Day 22: Sunday, 09/08/2019Scenic Cruising Elbe River Cruising Only 
Day 22: Sunday, 09/08/2019Hamburg, Germany OvernightHamburg, Germany
Day 23: Monday, 09/09/2019Hamburg, Germany OvernightHamburg, Germany
Day 24: Tuesday, 09/10/2019Enter Kiel Canal Brunsbuttel Cruising Only Transit 
Day 24: Tuesday, 09/10/2019Daylight Transit Kiel Canal Cruising Only 
Day 24: Tuesday, 09/10/2019Exit Kiel Canal Holtenau Cruising Only Transit Tim 
Day 24: Tuesday, 09/10/2019Scenic Cruising Elbe River Cruising Only 
Day 24: Tuesday, 09/10/2019Hamburg, GermanyHamburg, Germany
Day 25: Wednesday, 09/11/2019At Sea 
Day 26: Thursday, 09/12/2019Tallinn, EstoniaTallinn, Estonia
Day 27: Friday, 09/13/2019St. Petersburg, Russia Overnight Time Subject To CSt Petersburg, Russia
Day 28: Saturday, 09/14/2019St. Petersburg, Russia Time Subject To Canal TransSt Petersburg, Russia
Day 29: Sunday, 09/15/2019Helsinki, FinlandHelsinki, Finland
Day 30: Monday, 09/16/2019At Sea 
Day 31: Tuesday, 09/17/2019Copenhagen, Denmark OvernightCopenhagen, Denmark
Day 32: Wednesday, 09/18/2019Copenhagen, DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmark
Day 33: Thursday, 09/19/2019Scenic Cruising Oslofjord Cruising Only 
Day 33: Thursday, 09/19/2019Oslo, NorwayOslo, Norway
Day 34: Friday, 09/20/2019At Sea 
Day 35: Saturday, 09/21/2019Arrive at Amsterdam, The Netherlands Times Subject To CanalAmsterdam, Netherlands

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.