29 Night Oriental Cruise on the Volendam

The Volendam has something to please everyone with 17 categories of staterooms, five lounges, an array of dining choices and an art collection dating from the 17th century to the present. Volendam offers a variety of itineraries ranging from 7-day Alaskan voyages to longer Pacific cruises to Australasia.

Volendam 29 Night Oriental Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing April 11, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Wednesday, 04/11/2018Depart from Yokohama, Japan Check In Starts At 0100pYokohama, Japan
Day 2: Thursday, 04/12/2018At Sea 
Day 3: Friday, 04/13/2018Amami Oshima, Japan 
Day 4: Saturday, 04/14/2018Naha, Japan 
Day 5: Sunday, 04/15/2018At Sea 
Day 6: Monday, 04/16/2018Shanghai, China Overnight Times Subject To Tidal CShanghai, China
Day 7: Tuesday, 04/17/2018Shanghai, China Times Subject To Tidal Cond Visa RShanghai, China
Day 8: Wednesday, 04/18/2018At Sea 
Day 9: Thursday, 04/19/2018Fukuoka (hakata), JapanFukuoka, Japan
Day 10: Friday, 04/20/2018Scenic Cruising Kanmon Strait Cruising Only 
Day 10: Friday, 04/20/2018Busan (pusan), South Korea 
Day 11: Saturday, 04/21/2018Hiroshima, JapanHiroshima, Japan
Day 12: Sunday, 04/22/2018Kochi, Japan 
Day 13: Monday, 04/23/2018Osaka, JapanOsaka, Japan
Day 14: Tuesday, 04/24/2018Shimizu, Japan 
Day 15: Wednesday, 04/25/2018Yokohama, JapanYokohama, Japan
Day 16: Thursday, 04/26/2018At Sea 
Day 17: Friday, 04/27/2018Hakodate, Japan 
Day 18: Saturday, 04/28/2018Kushiro, Japan 
Day 19: Sunday, 04/29/2018At Sea 
Day 19: Sunday, 04/29/2018Cross International Dateline Cruising Only 
Day 20: Monday, 04/30/2018At Sea 
Day 21: Tuesday, 05/01/2018At Sea 
Day 22: Wednesday, 05/02/2018At Sea 
Day 23: Thursday, 05/03/2018At Sea 
Day 24: Friday, 05/04/2018Kodiak, Alaska, UsKodiak, AK
Day 25: Saturday, 05/05/2018At Sea 
Day 26: Sunday, 05/06/2018Glacier Bay Cruising Only Route Subject To Weather 
Day 27: Monday, 05/07/2018Ketchikan, Alaska, UsKetchikan, AK
Day 28: Tuesday, 05/08/2018Scenic Cruising The Inside Passage Cruising Only 
Day 29: Wednesday, 05/09/2018Arrive at Vancouver, B.c., CaVancouver, BC

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