42 Night South American Cruise on the Zaandam

Zaandam's longer Hawaiian cruises are popular with HAL's older clientele while the week-long Alaskan voyages draw a younger crowd. The Zaandam is primarily a West Coast ship and features an elegant decor with rich wood, boldly colored fabrics and unique lighting.

Zaandam 42 Night South American Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing February 19, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Monday, 02/19/2018Depart from Buenos Aires, Argentina Check In Starts At 0100p TBuenos Aires, Argentina
Day 2: Tuesday, 02/20/2018Punta Del Este, Uruguay Tender Required WheelchairCorbeta CA Curbelo Intl, Uruguay
Day 3: Wednesday, 02/21/2018At Sea 
Day 4: Thursday, 02/22/2018At Sea 
Day 5: Friday, 02/23/2018Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Overnight Visa Req For SomeRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 6: Saturday, 02/24/2018Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Visa Req For SomeRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 7: Sunday, 02/25/2018Armacao Dos Buzios, Brazil Tender Required WheelchBuzios, Brazil
Day 8: Monday, 02/26/2018Abraao, Ilha Grande, Brazil Tender Required Visa R 
Day 9: Tuesday, 02/27/2018Santos (sao Paulo), Brazil Visa Req For SomeSantos, Brazil
Day 10: Wednesday, 02/28/2018Porto Belo, Brazil Tender Required Visa Req For So 
Day 11: Thursday, 03/01/2018At Sea 
Day 12: Friday, 03/02/2018Montevideo, Uruguay Time Subject To Transit WindowMontevideo, Uruguay
Day 13: Saturday, 03/03/2018Buenos Aires, Argentina Overnight Time Subject ToBuenos Aires, Argentina
Day 14: Sunday, 03/04/2018Buenos Aires, Argentina Time Subject To Transit WiBuenos Aires, Argentina
Day 15: Monday, 03/05/2018Montevideo, Uruguay Time Subject To Transit WindowMontevideo, Uruguay
Day 16: Tuesday, 03/06/2018At Sea 
Day 17: Wednesday, 03/07/2018At Sea 
Day 18: Thursday, 03/08/2018Stanley/falkland Is/islas Malvinas Tender Required 
Day 19: Friday, 03/09/2018Strait Of Magellan Cruising Only 
Day 20: Saturday, 03/10/2018Beagle Channel Cruising Only 
Day 20: Saturday, 03/10/2018Cockburn Channel Cruising Only 
Day 20: Saturday, 03/10/2018Glacier Alley Cruising Only 
Day 20: Saturday, 03/10/2018Punta Arenas, ChilePunta Arenas, Chile
Day 21: Sunday, 03/11/2018Ushuaia, ArgentinaUshuaia, Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
Day 22: Monday, 03/12/2018Scenic Cruising Cape Horn Cruising Only 
Day 23: Tuesday, 03/13/2018Canal Sarmiento Cruising Only 
Day 24: Wednesday, 03/14/2018Chilean Fjords Cruising Only 
Day 25: Thursday, 03/15/2018Puerto Montt, Chile Tender Required Wheelchair AccPuerto Montt, Chile
Day 26: Friday, 03/16/2018At Sea 
Day 27: Saturday, 03/17/2018San Antonio (santiago), ChileSan Antonio, Chile
Day 28: Sunday, 03/18/2018Coquimbo (la Serena), Chile 
Day 29: Monday, 03/19/2018At Sea 
Day 30: Tuesday, 03/20/2018At Sea 
Day 31: Wednesday, 03/21/2018General San Martin (pisco), Peru 
Day 32: Thursday, 03/22/2018Callao (lima), Peru OvernightCallao, Peru
Day 33: Friday, 03/23/2018Callao (lima), PeruCallao, Peru
Day 34: Saturday, 03/24/2018Salaverry (trujillo), PeruSalaverry, Peru
Day 35: Sunday, 03/25/2018At Sea 
Day 36: Monday, 03/26/2018Manta, EcuadorManta, Ecuador
Day 37: Tuesday, 03/27/2018At Sea 
Day 38: Wednesday, 03/28/2018Fuerte Amador, Panama Overnight Tender Required Wh 
Day 39: Thursday, 03/29/2018Enter Panama Canal Balboa Cruising Only Transit Ti 
Day 39: Thursday, 03/29/2018Exit Panama Canal Cristobal Cruising Only Transit 
Day 39: Thursday, 03/29/2018Cruising Panama Canal Cruising Only 
Day 39: Thursday, 03/29/2018Fuerte Amador, Panama Times Subject To Canal Trans 
Day 40: Friday, 03/30/2018At Sea 
Day 41: Saturday, 03/31/2018Georgetown, Cayman Islands Tender Required Wheelch 
Day 42: Sunday, 04/01/2018At Sea 
Day 43: Monday, 04/02/2018Arrive at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, UsFort Lauderdale, FL

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.