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Cruise LineShip NameSize/TonnagePassengersLaunch Date 

New Cruise Ships Launching in 2014

Avalon WaterwaysAvalon Impression 164March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Alsvin 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Bestla 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Buri 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Delling 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Eistla 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Gullveig 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Heimdal 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Hermod 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Hlin 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Idi 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Ingvi 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Kara 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Kvasir 190March 2014 
Viking River CruisesViking Lif 190March 2014 
American Queen Steamboat CompanyAmerican Empress3,388 tons223April 2014Professional Review
Aqua ExpeditionsAqua Mekong 40Spring 2014 
Scenic CruisesScenic Jade2,721 tons169April 2014Professional Review
Viking River CruisesViking Torgil  April 2014 
Ucamara Amazon ExpeditionsCattleya 12April 2014 
AmaWaterwaysAmaReina 164April 2014 
CroisiEuropeLafayette 84April 2014Professional Review
Viking River CruisesViking Hemming  April 2014 
Uniworld Boutique River Cruise CollectionCatherine 160April 2014Professional Review
Tauck River CruisingInspire 130April 2014Professional Review
Emerald WaterwaysEmerald Sky 182April 2014Professional Review
Emerald WaterwaysEmerald Star 182April 2014 
Scenic CruisesScenic Gem2,200 tons126May 2014 
Windstar CruisesStar Pride9,975 tons212May 2014 
Princess CruisesRegal Princess141,000 tons3,600May 2014Professional Review
Avalon WaterwaysAvalon Illumination 164May 2014 
TUI CruisesMein Schiff 399,700 tons2,506June 2014 
Pearl Seas CruisesPearl Mist6,000 tons210June 2014Professional Review
Tauck River CruisingSavor 130July 2014 
AmaWaterwaysAmaSonata 164July 2014 
AmaWaterwaysAmaPura 56Fall 2014 
Costa Cruise LinesCosta Diadema132,500 tons4,947October 2014 
Royal Caribbean InternationalQuantum of the Seas167,800 tons4,905November 2014Professional Review

New Cruise Ships Launching in 2015

AIDA CruisesAIDAprima124,500 tons3,300March 2015 
P&O CruisesBritannia141,000 tons3,600Spring 2015 
Avalon WaterwaysAvalon Tapestry II 128March 2015Professional Review
Royal Caribbean InternationalAnthem of the Seas167,800 tons4,905April 2015Professional Review
Compagnie du PonantLe Lyrial 264April 2015Professional Review
CroisiEuropeLoire Princesse 96April 2015Professional Review
Avalon WaterwaysAvalon Tranquility II 128April 2015Professional Review
Viking Ocean CruisesViking Star47,800 tons930April 2015 
AmaWaterwaysAmaSerena 164April 2015 
Norwegian Cruise LineNorwegian Escape163,000 tons4,200November 2015Professional Review

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