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28 Night World Cruise on the Marina

The brand new Marina represents an evolution of the line's popular Regatta class ships. Foodies will be truly happy here with six restaurants to choose from, two of which are truly gourmet (Jacques, a French restaurant, and Red Ginger serves Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine).

Marina 28 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing November 21, 2016 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Monday, 11/21/2016Depart from LISBONLisbon, Portugal
Day 2: Tuesday, 11/22/2016CADIZCadiz, Spain
Day 3: Wednesday, 11/23/2016TANGIERTangier, Morocco
Day 4: Thursday, 11/24/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 5: Friday, 11/25/2016SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFESanta Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife Island, Canary Islands, Spain
Day 6: Saturday, 11/26/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 7: Sunday, 11/27/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 8: Monday, 11/28/2016MINDELO (SAO VICENTE) 
Day 9: Tuesday, 11/29/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 10: Wednesday, 11/30/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 11: Thursday, 12/01/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 12: Friday, 12/02/2016RECIFERecife, Brazil
Day 13: Saturday, 12/03/2016SALVADORSalvador, Brazil
Day 14: Sunday, 12/04/2016SALVADORSalvador, Brazil
Day 15: Monday, 12/05/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 16: Tuesday, 12/06/2016RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 17: Wednesday, 12/07/2016RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 18: Thursday, 12/08/2016RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 19: Friday, 12/09/2016BUZIOSBuzios, Brazil
Day 20: Saturday, 12/10/2016PARATI 
Day 21: Sunday, 12/11/2016ILHA GRANDE 
Day 22: Monday, 12/12/2016SAO PAULO (SANTOS)Santos, Brazil
Day 23: Tuesday, 12/13/2016PORTO BELO 
Day 24: Wednesday, 12/14/2016CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 25: Thursday, 12/15/2016RIO GRANDE 
Day 26: Friday, 12/16/2016PUNTA DEL ESTECorbeta CA Curbelo Intl, Uruguay
Day 27: Saturday, 12/17/2016MONTEVIDEOMontevideo, Uruguay
Day 28: Sunday, 12/18/2016BUENOS AIRESBuenos Aires, Argentina
Day 29: Monday, 12/19/2016Arrive at BUENOS AIRESBuenos Aires, Argentina