20 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise on the Nautica

The midsize Nautica carries 684 passengers on a wide variety of cruises around the world. Itineraries range from the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia and New Zealand. Nautica has no dedicated children's facilities so few will ever be on board. Clientele is primarily North American with a few Europeans, all of retirement age or close to it.

Nautica 20 Night Scandinavia & Northern Europe Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing June 28, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Thursday, 06/28/2018Depart from DUBLINDublin, Ireland
Day 2: Friday, 06/29/2018DOUGLAS 
Day 3: Saturday, 06/30/2018BELFASTBelfast, Northern Ireland
Day 4: Sunday, 07/01/2018ULLAPOOL 
Day 5: Monday, 07/02/2018KIRKWALL (ORKNEY ISLANDS) 
Day 6: Tuesday, 07/03/2018BERGENBergen, Norway
Day 7: Wednesday, 07/04/2018ALESUNDAalesund, Norway
Day 8: Thursday, 07/05/2018TRONDHEIMTrondheim, Norway
Day 9: Friday, 07/06/2018CRUISING THE NORWEGIAN SEA 
Day 10: Saturday, 07/07/2018HAMMERFESTHammerfest, Norway
Day 11: Sunday, 07/08/2018MURMANSKMurmansk, Russia
Day 12: Monday, 07/09/2018CRUISING THE WHITE SEA 
Day 13: Tuesday, 07/10/2018SOLOVETSKY ISLANDS 
Day 14: Wednesday, 07/11/2018ARCHANGEL 
Day 15: Thursday, 07/12/2018CRUISING THE BARENTS SEA 
Day 16: Friday, 07/13/2018NORTH CAPE (HONNINGSVAG)Honningsvag, Norway
Day 17: Saturday, 07/14/2018CRUISING THE NORWEGIAN SEA 
Day 18: Sunday, 07/15/2018KRISTIANSUNDKristiansund, Norway
Day 19: Monday, 07/16/2018HELLESYLT 
Day 19: Monday, 07/16/2018GEIRANGER (GEIRANGERFJORD)Geiranger, Norway
Day 20: Tuesday, 07/17/2018CRUISING THE NORTH SEA 
Day 21: Wednesday, 07/18/2018Arrive at OSLOOslo, Norway