33 Night World Cruise on the Sirena

The Sirena is an elegant sister ship to the Regatta, Insignia and Nautica. Formerly operating as the Ocean Princess, the Sirena has been extensively refurbished and now embodies the most treasured elements of the Oceania fleet.

Sirena 33 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing March 21, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Wednesday, 03/21/2018Depart from BUENOS AIRESBuenos Aires, Argentina
Day 2: Thursday, 03/22/2018BUENOS AIRESBuenos Aires, Argentina
Day 3: Friday, 03/23/2018MONTEVIDEOMontevideo, Uruguay
Day 4: Saturday, 03/24/2018PUNTA DEL ESTEPunta del Este, Uruguay
Day 5: Sunday, 03/25/2018RIO GRANDE 
Day 6: Monday, 03/26/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 7: Tuesday, 03/27/2018PORTO BELO 
Day 8: Wednesday, 03/28/2018SAO PAULO (SANTOS)Santos, Brazil
Day 9: Thursday, 03/29/2018PARATI 
Day 10: Friday, 03/30/2018ILHA GRANDE 
Day 11: Saturday, 03/31/2018BUZIOSBuzios, Brazil
Day 12: Sunday, 04/01/2018RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 13: Monday, 04/02/2018RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 14: Tuesday, 04/03/2018RIO DE JANEIRORio de Janeiro, Brazil
Day 15: Wednesday, 04/04/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 16: Thursday, 04/05/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 17: Friday, 04/06/2018RECIFERecife, Brazil
Day 18: Saturday, 04/07/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 19: Sunday, 04/08/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 20: Monday, 04/09/2018CRUISING THE AMAZON RIVER 
Day 21: Tuesday, 04/10/2018SANTAREM (AMAZON RIVER)Santarem, Brazil
Day 22: Wednesday, 04/11/2018BOCA DA VALERIA (AMAZON RIVER) 
Day 23: Thursday, 04/12/2018MANAUS (AMAZON RIVER)Manaus, Brazil
Day 24: Friday, 04/13/2018PARINTINS (AMAZON RIVER) 
Day 25: Saturday, 04/14/2018ALTER DO CHAO (AMAZON RIVER) 
Day 26: Sunday, 04/15/2018CRUISING THE AMAZON RIVER 
Day 27: Monday, 04/16/2018DEVIL'S ISLAND 
Day 28: Tuesday, 04/17/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 29: Wednesday, 04/18/2018BRIDGETOWNBridgetown, Barbados
Day 30: Thursday, 04/19/2018ST. JOHN'SSt John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda
Day 31: Friday, 04/20/2018GUSTAVIA 
Day 32: Saturday, 04/21/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 33: Sunday, 04/22/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 34: Monday, 04/23/2018Arrive at MIAMIMiami, FL