40 Night World Cruise on the Arcadia


Arcadia 40 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing January 30, 2019 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Wednesday, 01/30/2019Depart from San Francisco, United States Check In Starts At 05San Francisco, CA
Day 2: Thursday, 01/31/2019At Sea 
Day 3: Friday, 02/01/2019At Sea 
Day 4: Saturday, 02/02/2019At Sea 
Day 5: Sunday, 02/03/2019At Sea 
Day 6: Monday, 02/04/2019Honolulu, United States Arrive Morning Overnight IHonolulu, HI
Day 7: Tuesday, 02/05/2019Honolulu, United States Depart Early AfternoonHonolulu, HI
Day 8: Wednesday, 02/06/2019At Sea 
Day 9: Thursday, 02/07/2019At Sea 
Day 10: Friday, 02/08/2019Cross International Dateline Cross Dateline 
Day 11: Saturday, 02/09/2019At Sea 
Day 12: Sunday, 02/10/2019At Sea 
Day 13: Monday, 02/11/2019Apia, Samoa Islands Arrive Morning Depart Early Ev 
Day 14: Tuesday, 02/12/2019At Sea 
Day 15: Wednesday, 02/13/2019Lautoka, Fiji Arrive Early Morning Depart Early EvLautoka, Viti Levu Island, Fiji
Day 16: Thursday, 02/14/2019At Sea 
Day 17: Friday, 02/15/2019Port Vila, Vanuatu Arrive Early Morning Tender ReqPort Vila, Vanuatu
Day 18: Saturday, 02/16/2019At Sea 
Day 19: Sunday, 02/17/2019Noumea, New Caledonia Arrive Early Morning DepartNoumea, New Caledonia
Day 20: Monday, 02/18/2019At Sea 
Day 21: Tuesday, 02/19/2019At Sea 
Day 22: Wednesday, 02/20/2019Sydney, Australia Arrive Early Morning Overnight ISydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 23: Thursday, 02/21/2019Sydney, Australia Depart EveningSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 24: Friday, 02/22/2019At Sea 
Day 25: Saturday, 02/23/2019Brisbane, Australia Arrive Early Morning Depart EaBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Day 26: Sunday, 02/24/2019At Sea 
Day 27: Monday, 02/25/2019Airlie Beach, Australia Arrive Early Morning Tende 
Day 28: Tuesday, 02/26/2019Cairns, Australia Arrive Morning Depart AfternoonCairns, Queensland, Australia
Day 29: Wednesday, 02/27/2019At Sea 
Day 30: Thursday, 02/28/2019Kiriwina, Arrive Early Morning Tender Required Dep 
Day 31: Friday, 03/01/2019Rabaul, Papua New Guinea Arrive Morning Depart Aft 
Day 32: Saturday, 03/02/2019At Sea 
Day 33: Sunday, 03/03/2019At Sea 
Day 34: Monday, 03/04/2019At Sea 
Day 35: Tuesday, 03/05/2019At Sea 
Day 36: Wednesday, 03/06/2019At Sea 
Day 37: Thursday, 03/07/2019Kagoshima, Japan Arrive Morning Depart Early Eveni 
Day 38: Friday, 03/08/2019Nagasaki, Japan Arrive Early Morning Depart EarlyNagasaki, Japan
Day 39: Saturday, 03/09/2019At Sea 
Day 40: Sunday, 03/10/2019At Sea 
Day 41: Monday, 03/11/2019Hong Kong, Hong Kong Arrive Early Morning OvernighHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 42: Tuesday, 03/12/2019Hong Kong, Hong Kong Depart EveningHong Kong, Hong Kong