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57 Night World Cruise on the Aurora

Slightly larger than it's running mate Oriana, Aurora boasts accomodation for 1,868 and is specifically designed for the British market. Based in Southhampton, the Aurora offers 2- to 3-week itineraries to Iceland and Norway, as well as the Baltic, Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Aurora 57 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing February 25, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Saturday, 02/25/2017Depart from Adelaide, Australia Check In Starts At 1030p ArrivAdelaide, South Australia, Australia
Day 2: Sunday, 02/26/2017Kangaroo Island, Australia Arrive Early Morning Te 
Day 3: Monday, 02/27/2017At Sea 
Day 4: Tuesday, 02/28/2017Melbourne, Australia Arrive Early Morning Depart EMelbourne, Victoria, Australia
Day 5: Wednesday, 03/01/2017At Sea 
Day 6: Thursday, 03/02/2017Sydney, Australia Arrive Early Morning Overnight ISydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 7: Friday, 03/03/2017Sydney, Australia Depart AfternoonSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 8: Saturday, 03/04/2017At Sea 
Day 9: Sunday, 03/05/2017At Sea 
Day 10: Monday, 03/06/2017Dusky Sound Cruising Arrive Afternoon Cruising Onl 
Day 10: Monday, 03/06/2017Doubtful Sound Cruising Arrive Early Afternoon Cru 
Day 10: Monday, 03/06/2017Milford Sound Cruising Arrive Early Morning Cruisi 
Day 11: Tuesday, 03/07/2017Dunedin, New Zealand Arrive Morning Depart EveningDunedin, New Zealand
Day 12: Wednesday, 03/08/2017Akaroa, New Zealand Arrive Early Morning Tender ReAkaroa, New Zealand
Day 13: Thursday, 03/09/2017Wellington, New Zealand Arrive Early Morning DeparWellington, New Zealand
Day 14: Friday, 03/10/2017At Sea 
Day 15: Saturday, 03/11/2017Tauranga, New Zealand Arrive Early Morning DepartTauranga, New Zealand
Day 16: Sunday, 03/12/2017Auckland, New Zealand Arrive Early Morning DepartAuckland, New Zealand
Day 17: Monday, 03/13/2017At Sea 
Day 18: Tuesday, 03/14/2017At Sea 
Day 19: Wednesday, 03/15/2017Lautoka, Fiji Arrive Morning Depart Early EveningLautoka, Viti Levu Island, Fiji
Day 20: Thursday, 03/16/2017At Sea 
Day 21: Friday, 03/17/2017At Sea 
Day 21: Friday, 03/17/2017Cross International Dateline Cross Dateline 
Day 21: Friday, 03/17/2017Apia, Western Samoa Arrive Morning Depart Early Ev 
Day 22: Saturday, 03/18/2017At Sea 
Day 23: Sunday, 03/19/2017At Sea 
Day 24: Monday, 03/20/2017At Sea 
Day 25: Tuesday, 03/21/2017At Sea 
Day 26: Wednesday, 03/22/2017Honolulu, Oahu, United States Arrive Early MorningHonolulu, HI
Day 27: Thursday, 03/23/2017At Sea 
Day 28: Friday, 03/24/2017At Sea 
Day 29: Saturday, 03/25/2017At Sea 
Day 30: Sunday, 03/26/2017At Sea 
Day 31: Monday, 03/27/2017San Francisco, United States Arrive Morning OverniSan Francisco, CA
Day 32: Tuesday, 03/28/2017San Francisco, United States Depart EveningSan Francisco, CA
Day 33: Wednesday, 03/29/2017At Sea 
Day 34: Thursday, 03/30/2017San Diego, United States Arrive Early Morning DepaSan Diego, CA
Day 35: Friday, 03/31/2017At Sea 
Day 36: Saturday, 04/01/2017Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Arrive Early Morning TenderCabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Day 37: Sunday, 04/02/2017At Sea 
Day 38: Monday, 04/03/2017At Sea 
Day 39: Tuesday, 04/04/2017Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala Arrive Morning Depart EaPuerto Quetzal, Guatemala
Day 40: Wednesday, 04/05/2017At Sea 
Day 41: Thursday, 04/06/2017At Sea 
Day 42: Friday, 04/07/2017Panama Canal, Panama Arrive Early Morning Cruising 
Day 43: Saturday, 04/08/2017Cartagena, Colombia Arrive Morning Depart Early EvCartagena, Colombia
Day 44: Sunday, 04/09/2017At Sea 
Day 45: Monday, 04/10/2017At Sea 
Day 46: Tuesday, 04/11/2017Castries, St Lucia Arrive Early Morning Possible TCastries, St Lucia
Day 47: Wednesday, 04/12/2017Bridgetown Barbados Arrive Early Morning Depart EaBridgetown, Barbados
Day 48: Thursday, 04/13/2017At Sea 
Day 49: Friday, 04/14/2017At Sea 
Day 50: Saturday, 04/15/2017At Sea 
Day 51: Sunday, 04/16/2017At Sea 
Day 52: Monday, 04/17/2017At Sea 
Day 53: Tuesday, 04/18/2017Ponta Delgada, Azores Arrive Early Morning Depart 
Day 54: Wednesday, 04/19/2017At Sea 
Day 55: Thursday, 04/20/2017At Sea 
Day 56: Friday, 04/21/2017At Sea 
Day 57: Saturday, 04/22/2017Arrive at Southampton, EnglandSouthampton, England