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Azura Deck Plans

Azura Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
A1Penthouse Suite with Bath/Shower
ABSuite with Balcony
ACPenthouse Suite with Balcony
ADSuite with Balcony
AESuite with Balcony
B2Suite with Bath/Shower
B4Suite with Bath/Shower
B5Suite with Bath/Shower
BASuite Stateroom (High Mid)
BCSuite Stateroom (High Fwd/Aft)
BESuite Stateroom (High Fwd)
BESuite with Bath/Shower
CASuperior Deluxe Balcony Stateroom
CBSuperior Deluxe Balcony Stateroom
CCSuperior Deluxe Balcony Stateroom
DASuperior Deluxe Balcony (High Mid)
DASuperior Deluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
DBSuperior Deluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
DCSuperior Deluxe Balcony (High Mid)
DDSuperior Deluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
DESuperior Deluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
GABalcony Stateroom (High Mid)
GCBalcony Stateroom (High Fwd/Aft)
GEBalcony Stateroom (High Fwd/Aft)
HABalcony with Shower
HBBalcony with Shower
HCBalcony with Shower
HDBalcony with Shower
HEBalcony with Shower
HFBalcony with Shower
JABalcony Stateroom
JAOutside Stateroom (High Mid)
JBBalcony Stateroom
JBOutside Stateroom (Low Mid)
JCBalcony Stateroom
JCOutside Stateroom (High Aft)
JDBalcony Stateroom
JDOutside Stateroom (Low Fwd)
JEBalcony Stateroom
JFBalcony Stateroom
JGBalcony Stateroom
KAOutside Stateroom (Part Obstructed View)
KCOutside Stateroom (Part Obstructed View)
LAOutside Stateroom (Obstructed View)
LBOutside Stateroom
LBOutside with shower
LCOutside Stateroom
LCOutside Stateroom (Obstructed View)
LCOutside with shower
LEOutside with shower
LFOutside with shower
MALarger Inside (High Mid)
MAOutside Stateroom (Part Obstructed View)
MBOutside (Part Obstructed View) with Shower
MCOutside (Part Obstructed View) with Shower
MEOutside (Part Obstructed View) with Shower
MFOutside (Part Obstructed View) with Shower
NAInside (High Mid)
NAOutside Stateroom (Obstructed View)
NBInside (Low Mid)
NBOutside (Obstructed View) with Shower
NCInside (High Fwd/Aft)
NCOutside (Obstructed View) with Shower
NDInside (Low Fwd)
NEInside (High Fwd/Aft)
NFOutside (Obstructed View) with Shower
OAInside Stateroom
OBInside Stateroom
OBLarger Inside with Shower
OCInside Stateroom
ODInside Stateroom
OEInside Stateroom
OFInside Stateroom
OGInside Stateroom
PAInside with Shower
PBInside with Shower
PBSingle Outside (Low Mid)
PCInside with Shower
PDInside with Shower
PEInside with Shower
PFInside with Shower
QBSingle Inside (Low Mid)
RAOutside Single Stateroom
RCSingle Outside with Shower
SAInside Single Stateroom
SCSingle Inside with Shower
P DeckAzura P Deck
F DeckAzura F Deck
Promenade DeckAzura Promenade Deck
E DeckAzura E Deck
D DeckAzura D Deck
C DeckAzura C Deck
B DeckAzura B Deck
A DeckAzura A Deck
Riviera DeckAzura Riviera Deck
Lido DeckAzura Lido Deck
Aqua DeckAzura Aqua Deck
Sun DeckAzura Sun Deck
Ocean DeckAzura Ocean Deck
Sky DeckAzura Sky Deck