P&O Cruises Oriana Deck Plans

Oriana Deck Plans

Oriana Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
ABSuite with balcony
B1Suite with Bath/Shower
B2Suite with Bath/Shower
BAMini-Suite with balcony
BASuite (High Mid)
CAMini-Suite with Bath/Shower
CAOutside Stateroom with balcony and bath
CBMini-Suite with Bath/Shower
CCOutside Stateroom with balcony and bath
DAOutside Stateroom with Balcony
DBOutside Stateroom with Balcony
DCOutside Stateroom with Balcony
EADeluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
EAOutside Stateroom with Window
EBDeluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
ECDeluxe Balcony (High Fwd/Aft)
EDDeluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
EEDeluxe Balcony with Bath/Shower
FADeluxe Outside with Bath/Shower
FBDeluxe Outside with Bath/Shower
JAOutside Stateroom (High Mid)
JBOutside Stateroom (Low Mid)
JCOutside Stateroom (High Fwd/Aft)
JDOutside Stateroom (Low Fwd)
KBOutside Twin with Window
KCOutside Twin with Window
KDOutside Twin with Window
KEOutside Twin with Window
LAOutside Stateroom -High Mid (Obstructed View)
LBOutside with Bath/Shower
LCOutside with Bath/Shower
LDOutside with Bath/Shower
LEOutside with Bath/Shower
LFOutside with Bath/Shower
NAInside Stateroom (High Mid)
NAInside Twin Cabin
NBInside Stateroom (Low Mid)
NBInside Twin Cabin
NCInside Stateroom (High Fwd/Aft)
NCInside Twin Cabin
NDInside Stateroom (Low Fwd)
NEOutside (Obstructed View) with Shower
OBInside Twin Cabin
OCInside Twin Cabin
ODInside Twin Cabin
OEInside Twin Cabin
OFInside Twin Cabin
OGInside Twin Cabin
OHInside Twin Cabin
PAInside with Bath/Shower
PBInside with Bath/Shower
PCInside with Bath/Shower
PDInside with Bath/Shower
PEInside with Bath/Shower
PFInside with Bath/Shower
QCSingle Inside (High Aft)
SESingle Inside with Shower
G DeckOriana G Deck
F DeckOriana F Deck
E DeckOriana E Deck
Promenade DeckOriana Promenade Deck
D DeckOriana D Deck
C DeckOriana C Deck
B DeckOriana B Deck
A DeckOriana A Deck
Lido DeckOriana Lido Deck
Sun DeckOriana Sun Deck