60 Night Oriental Cruise on the Coral Princess

Sister ship to the Island Princess, the Coral Princess was built in 2002 and carries 1,970 passengers on a mix of Alaskan and trans-Canal itineraries. A 2009 refurbishment added some of the Coral Princess' best amenities: an adults-only quiet area cleverly dubbed The Sanctuary, and a 300-sq-ft poolside movie screen

Coral Princess 60 Night Oriental Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing September 19, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Wednesday, 09/19/2018Depart from LOS ANGELESLos Angeles, CA
Day 2: Thursday, 09/20/2018At Sea 
Day 3: Friday, 09/21/2018At Sea 
Day 4: Saturday, 09/22/2018At Sea 
Day 5: Sunday, 09/23/2018KETCHIKANKetchikan, AK
Day 6: Monday, 09/24/2018JUNEAUJuneau, AK
Day 7: Tuesday, 09/25/2018GLACIER BAY 
Day 8: Wednesday, 09/26/2018ICY STRAIT POINT 
Day 9: Thursday, 09/27/2018At Sea 
Day 10: Friday, 09/28/2018KODIAKKodiak, AK
Day 11: Saturday, 09/29/2018At Sea 
Day 12: Sunday, 09/30/2018At Sea 
Day 13: Monday, 10/01/2018X INTL DATE LINE 
Day 15: Wednesday, 10/03/2018At Sea 
Day 16: Thursday, 10/04/2018At Sea 
Day 17: Friday, 10/05/2018KUSHIRO 
Day 18: Saturday, 10/06/2018At Sea 
Day 19: Sunday, 10/07/2018TOKYO (YOKOHAMA)Tokyo, Japan
Day 20: Monday, 10/08/2018At Sea 
Day 21: Tuesday, 10/09/2018OSAKAOsaka, Japan
Day 22: Wednesday, 10/10/2018At Sea 
Day 23: Thursday, 10/11/2018HIROSHIMAHiroshima, Japan
Day 24: Friday, 10/12/2018At Sea 
Day 25: Saturday, 10/13/2018INCHEONSeoul, South Korea
Day 26: Sunday, 10/14/2018At Sea 
Day 27: Monday, 10/15/2018BEIJING (TIANJIN)Tianjin, China
Day 28: Tuesday, 10/16/2018At Sea 
Day 29: Wednesday, 10/17/2018At Sea 
Day 30: Thursday, 10/18/2018SHANGHAIShanghai, China
Day 31: Friday, 10/19/2018At Sea 
Day 32: Saturday, 10/20/2018OKINAWA 
Day 33: Sunday, 10/21/2018TAIPEI (KEELUNG)Keelung, Taiwan
Day 34: Monday, 10/22/2018At Sea 
Day 35: Tuesday, 10/23/2018HONG KONGHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 36: Wednesday, 10/24/2018At Sea 
Day 37: Thursday, 10/25/2018CAI LAN-HALONG BAY 
Day 38: Friday, 10/26/2018CHAN MAY 
Day 39: Saturday, 10/27/2018At Sea 
Day 40: Sunday, 10/28/2018HO CHI MINH CITY (PHU MY)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Day 41: Monday, 10/29/2018At Sea 
Day 42: Tuesday, 10/30/2018At Sea 
Day 43: Wednesday, 10/31/2018MANILAManila, Luzon Island, Philippines
Day 44: Thursday, 11/01/2018At Sea 
Day 45: Friday, 11/02/2018At Sea 
Day 46: Saturday, 11/03/2018At Sea 
Day 47: Sunday, 11/04/2018GUAM 
Day 48: Monday, 11/05/2018At Sea 
Day 49: Tuesday, 11/06/2018At Sea 
Day 50: Wednesday, 11/07/2018X INTL DATE LINE 
Day 50: Wednesday, 11/07/2018At Sea 
Day 51: Thursday, 11/08/2018At Sea 
Day 52: Friday, 11/09/2018At Sea 
Day 53: Saturday, 11/10/2018At Sea 
Day 54: Sunday, 11/11/2018HONOLULUHonolulu, HI
Day 55: Monday, 11/12/2018KAUAI (NAWILIWILI) 
Day 56: Tuesday, 11/13/2018At Sea 
Day 57: Wednesday, 11/14/2018At Sea 
Day 58: Thursday, 11/15/2018At Sea 
Day 59: Friday, 11/16/2018At Sea 
Day 60: Saturday, 11/17/2018At Sea 
Day 61: Sunday, 11/18/2018Arrive at LOS ANGELESLos Angeles, CA

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.