32 Night Oriental Cruise on the Diamond Princess

Sister ship to the Sapphire Princess and a member of the enlarged Grand Princess class, the Diamond Princess carries 2,670 passengers on a variety of Alaskan and Australasian itineraries. One of the largest passenger ships sailing the Pacific, the Diamond Princess is a city at sea offering every entertainment, distraction and amenity cruisers have come to expect from modern megaships.

Diamond Princess 32 Night Oriental Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing March 26, 2019 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Tuesday, 03/26/2019Depart from TOKYO (YOKOHAMA)Tokyo, Japan
Day 2: Wednesday, 03/27/2019GAMAGORI 
Day 3: Thursday, 03/28/2019OSAKAOsaka, Japan
Day 4: Friday, 03/29/2019KOCHIKochi, India
Day 5: Saturday, 03/30/2019At Sea 
Day 6: Sunday, 03/31/2019BUSAN 
Day 7: Monday, 04/01/2019At Sea 
Day 8: Tuesday, 04/02/2019YOKKAICHI 
Day 9: Wednesday, 04/03/2019TOKYO (YOKOHAMA)Tokyo, Japan
Day 10: Thursday, 04/04/2019TOBA 
Day 11: Friday, 04/05/2019HIMEJI 
Day 12: Saturday, 04/06/2019KOCHIKochi, India
Day 13: Sunday, 04/07/2019At Sea 
Day 14: Monday, 04/08/2019BUSAN 
Day 15: Tuesday, 04/09/2019At Sea 
Day 16: Wednesday, 04/10/2019YOKKAICHI 
Day 17: Thursday, 04/11/2019TOKYO (YOKOHAMA)Tokyo, Japan
Day 18: Friday, 04/12/2019ISHINOMAKI 
Day 19: Saturday, 04/13/2019HAKODATE 
Day 20: Sunday, 04/14/2019NIIGATA 
Day 21: Monday, 04/15/2019At Sea 
Day 22: Tuesday, 04/16/2019BUSAN 
Day 23: Wednesday, 04/17/2019KAGOSHIMA 
Day 24: Thursday, 04/18/2019At Sea 
Day 25: Friday, 04/19/2019TOKYO (YOKOHAMA)Tokyo, Japan
Day 26: Saturday, 04/20/2019At Sea 
Day 27: Sunday, 04/21/2019KANMON STRAITS 
Day 27: Sunday, 04/21/2019BUSAN 
Day 28: Monday, 04/22/2019At Sea 
Day 29: Tuesday, 04/23/2019SAKATA 
Day 30: Wednesday, 04/24/2019AOMORI 
Day 31: Thursday, 04/25/2019MIYAKO 
Day 32: Friday, 04/26/2019At Sea 
Day 33: Saturday, 04/27/2019Arrive at TOKYO (YOKOHAMA)Tokyo, Japan

How many guests? Total should not exceed 5 passengers.