131 Night World Cruise on the Seven Seas Mariner

The Regent Seven Seas Mariner carries 700 passengers in elegant style. The vessel is popular among older cruisers in their 60s and 70s who are well-heeled and know what they like. Every cruise offers a variety of shore excursions, and excellent enrichment lectures are offered for every destination.

Seven Seas Mariner 131 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing January 24, 2020 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Friday, 01/24/2020Depart from SAN FRANCISCOSan Francisco, CA
Day 2: Saturday, 01/25/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 3: Sunday, 01/26/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 4: Monday, 01/27/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 5: Tuesday, 01/28/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 6: Wednesday, 01/29/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 7: Thursday, 01/30/2020HONOLULUHonolulu, HI
Day 8: Friday, 01/31/2020HONOLULUHonolulu, HI
Day 9: Saturday, 02/01/2020KAHULUIKahului, HI
Day 10: Sunday, 02/02/2020HILOHilo, HI
Day 11: Monday, 02/03/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 12: Tuesday, 02/04/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 13: Wednesday, 02/05/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 14: Thursday, 02/06/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 15: Friday, 02/07/2020NUKU HIVANuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Day 16: Saturday, 02/08/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 17: Sunday, 02/09/2020FAKARAVA 
Day 18: Monday, 02/10/2020MOOREAMoorea, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 18: Monday, 02/10/2020PAPEETE (TAHITI)Papeete, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 19: Tuesday, 02/11/2020PAPEETE (TAHITI)Papeete, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 20: Wednesday, 02/12/2020BORA BORABora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 21: Thursday, 02/13/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 22: Friday, 02/14/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 23: Saturday, 02/15/2020PAGO PAGOPago Pago, American Samoa
Day 24: Sunday, 02/16/2020DATE LINE GOING WEST 
Day 25: Monday, 02/17/2020APIA 
Day 26: Tuesday, 02/18/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 27: Wednesday, 02/19/2020LAUTOKALautoka, Viti Levu Island, Fiji
Day 28: Thursday, 02/20/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 29: Friday, 02/21/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 30: Saturday, 02/22/2020AUCKLANDAuckland, New Zealand
Day 31: Sunday, 02/23/2020AUCKLANDAuckland, New Zealand
Day 32: Monday, 02/24/2020ROTORUA (TAURANGA)Rotorua, New Zealand
Day 33: Tuesday, 02/25/2020NAPIERNapier, New Zealand
Day 34: Wednesday, 02/26/2020WELLINGTONWellington, New Zealand
Day 35: Thursday, 02/27/2020CRUISING THE TASMAN SEA 
Day 36: Friday, 02/28/2020CRUISING THE TASMAN SEA 
Day 37: Saturday, 02/29/2020SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 38: Sunday, 03/01/2020SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 39: Monday, 03/02/2020SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 40: Tuesday, 03/03/2020CRUISING THE TASMAN SEA 
Day 41: Wednesday, 03/04/2020BRISBANEBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Day 42: Thursday, 03/05/2020CRUISING THE CORAL SEA 
Day 43: Friday, 03/06/2020AIRLIE BEACH 
Day 44: Saturday, 03/07/2020CAIRNSCairns, Queensland, Australia
Day 45: Sunday, 03/08/2020COOKTOWN 
Day 46: Monday, 03/09/2020CRUISING THE TORRES STRAIT 
Day 47: Tuesday, 03/10/2020CRUISING THE ARAFURA SEA 
Day 48: Wednesday, 03/11/2020DARWINDarwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Day 49: Thursday, 03/12/2020CRUISING THE TIMOR SEA 
Day 50: Friday, 03/13/2020CRUISING THE INDIAN OCEAN 
Day 51: Saturday, 03/14/2020BALI (BENOA)Bali Island, Indonesia
Day 52: Sunday, 03/15/2020BALI (BENOA)Bali Island, Indonesia
Day 53: Monday, 03/16/2020SURABAYASurabaya, Indonesia
Day 54: Tuesday, 03/17/2020CRUISING THE JAVA SEA 
Day 55: Wednesday, 03/18/2020SINGAPORESingapore, Singapore
Day 56: Thursday, 03/19/2020SINGAPORESingapore, Singapore
Day 57: Friday, 03/20/2020KUALA LUMPUR (PORT KLANG)Port Kelang, Malaysia
Day 58: Saturday, 03/21/2020PENANGPenang Island, Malaysia
Day 59: Sunday, 03/22/2020LANGKAWILangkawi, Malaysia
Day 60: Monday, 03/23/2020PHUKETPhuket City, Phuket Island, Thailand
Day 61: Tuesday, 03/24/2020CRUISING THE ANDAMAN SEA 
Day 62: Wednesday, 03/25/2020CRUISING THE BAY OF BENGAL 
Day 63: Thursday, 03/26/2020COLOMBOColombo, Sri Lanka
Day 64: Friday, 03/27/2020COLOMBOColombo, Sri Lanka
Day 65: Saturday, 03/28/2020CRUISING THE LACCADIVE SEA 
Day 66: Sunday, 03/29/2020COCHIN (KOCHI) 
Day 67: Monday, 03/30/2020MANGALORE 
Day 68: Tuesday, 03/31/2020GOA (MORMUGAO)Mormugao, India
Day 69: Wednesday, 04/01/2020MUMBAI (BOMBAY)Mumbai, India
Day 70: Thursday, 04/02/2020MUMBAI (BOMBAY)Mumbai, India
Day 71: Friday, 04/03/2020CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 72: Saturday, 04/04/2020CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 73: Sunday, 04/05/2020MUSCATMuscat, Oman
Day 74: Monday, 04/06/2020FUJAIRAH 
Day 75: Tuesday, 04/07/2020DUBAIDubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 76: Wednesday, 04/08/2020ABU DHABIAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 77: Thursday, 04/09/2020KHASAB 
Day 78: Friday, 04/10/2020CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 79: Saturday, 04/11/2020SALALAHSalalah, Oman
Day 80: Sunday, 04/12/2020CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 81: Monday, 04/13/2020CRUISING THE GULF OF ADEN 
Day 82: Tuesday, 04/14/2020CRUISING THE RED SEA 
Day 83: Wednesday, 04/15/2020CRUISING THE RED SEA 
Day 84: Thursday, 04/16/2020AQABAAqaba, Jordan
Day 85: Friday, 04/17/2020LUXOR (SAFAGA)Luxor, Egypt
Day 86: Saturday, 04/18/2020LUXOR (SAFAGA)Luxor, Egypt
Day 87: Sunday, 04/19/2020CRUISING THE RED SEA 
Day 88: Monday, 04/20/2020SUEZ CANAL TRANSIT 
Day 89: Tuesday, 04/21/2020JERUSALEM (HAIFA)Haifa, Israel
Day 90: Wednesday, 04/22/2020JERUSALEM (HAIFA)Haifa, Israel
Day 91: Thursday, 04/23/2020CRUISING THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA 
Day 92: Friday, 04/24/2020EPHESUS (KUSADASI)Kusadasi, Turkey
Day 93: Saturday, 04/25/2020ATHENS (PIRAEUS)Piraeus, Greece
Day 94: Sunday, 04/26/2020CRUISING THE IONIAN SEA 
Day 95: Monday, 04/27/2020TAORMINA (SICILY)Taormina, Sicily Island, Italy
Day 96: Tuesday, 04/28/2020SORRENTO/CAPRISorrento, Italy
Day 97: Wednesday, 04/29/2020ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA)Civitavecchia, Italy
Day 98: Thursday, 04/30/2020FLORENCE/PISA (LIVORNO)Livorno, Italy
Day 99: Friday, 05/01/2020MONTE CARLOMonte Carlo, Monaco
Day 100: Saturday, 05/02/2020BARCELONABarcelona, Spain
Day 101: Sunday, 05/03/2020BARCELONABarcelona, Spain
Day 102: Monday, 05/04/2020ALICANTE 
Day 103: Tuesday, 05/05/2020MALAGAMalaga, Spain
Day 104: Wednesday, 05/06/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 105: Thursday, 05/07/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 106: Friday, 05/08/2020PONTA DELGADA (AZORES) 
Day 107: Saturday, 05/09/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 108: Sunday, 05/10/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 109: Monday, 05/11/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 110: Tuesday, 05/12/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 111: Wednesday, 05/13/2020HAMILTONHamilton, Bermuda
Day 112: Thursday, 05/14/2020HAMILTONHamilton, Bermuda
Day 113: Friday, 05/15/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 114: Saturday, 05/16/2020CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 115: Sunday, 05/17/2020MIAMIMiami, FL
Day 116: Monday, 05/18/2020CRUISING THE FLORIDA STRAITS 
Day 117: Tuesday, 05/19/2020CRUISING THE CARIBBEAN SEA 
Day 118: Wednesday, 05/20/2020CARTAGENACartagena, Colombia
Day 119: Thursday, 05/21/2020COLONColon, Panama
Day 120: Friday, 05/22/2020PANAMA CANAL DAYLIGHT TRANSIT 
Day 121: Saturday, 05/23/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 122: Sunday, 05/24/2020PUNTARENASPuntarenas, Costa Rica
Day 123: Monday, 05/25/2020SAN JUAN DEL SURSan Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua
Day 124: Tuesday, 05/26/2020PUERTO QUETZALPuerto Quetzal, Guatemala
Day 125: Wednesday, 05/27/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 126: Thursday, 05/28/2020ACAPULCOAcapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
Day 127: Friday, 05/29/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 128: Saturday, 05/30/2020MAZATLANMazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Day 129: Sunday, 05/31/2020CABO SAN LUCASCabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Day 130: Monday, 06/01/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 131: Tuesday, 06/02/2020SAN DIEGOSan Diego, CA
Day 132: Wednesday, 06/03/2020CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 133: Thursday, 06/04/2020Arrive at SAN FRANCISCOSan Francisco, CA