40 Night European Inland Waterways Cruise on the Seven Seas Navigator

A pint-sized ship by today's megaship standards, the Seven Seas Navigator carries 490 passengers primarily hailing from America and seeking consistent, high-quality service. Among a whole host of elegant stylings and luxurious amenities, the Navigator's best feature is its incredible passenger-space ratio of 67.3, one of the highest at sea.

Seven Seas Navigator 40 Night European Inland Waterways Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing April 03, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Monday, 04/03/2017Depart from ABU DHABIAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 2: Tuesday, 04/04/2017CRUISING THE GULF OF OMAN 
Day 3: Wednesday, 04/05/2017CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 4: Thursday, 04/06/2017SALALAHSalalah, Oman
Day 5: Friday, 04/07/2017CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 6: Saturday, 04/08/2017CRUISING THE GULF OF ADEN 
Day 7: Sunday, 04/09/2017CRUISING THE RED SEA 
Day 8: Monday, 04/10/2017CRUISING THE RED SEA 
Day 9: Tuesday, 04/11/2017AQABAAqaba, Jordan
Day 10: Wednesday, 04/12/2017LUXOR (SAFAGA)Safaga, Egypt
Day 11: Thursday, 04/13/2017LUXOR (SAFAGA)Safaga, Egypt
Day 12: Friday, 04/14/2017AT SEA 
Day 13: Saturday, 04/15/2017SUEZ CANAL TRANSIT 
Day 14: Sunday, 04/16/2017JERUSALEM (HAIFA)Haifa, Israel
Day 15: Monday, 04/17/2017JERUSALEM (HAIFA)Haifa, Israel
Day 16: Tuesday, 04/18/2017LIMASSOLLimassol, Cyprus
Day 17: Wednesday, 04/19/2017RHODESRhodes, Rhodes Island, Dodecanese Islands, Greece
Day 18: Thursday, 04/20/2017SANTORINISantorini, Thira Island, Cyclades Islands, Greece
Day 19: Friday, 04/21/2017ATHENS (PIRAEUS)Piraeus, Greece
Day 20: Saturday, 04/22/2017GYTHIONGythion, Greece
Day 21: Sunday, 04/23/2017ZAKYNTHOS 
Day 22: Monday, 04/24/2017AT SEA 
Day 23: Tuesday, 04/25/2017ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA)Civitavecchia, Italy
Day 24: Wednesday, 04/26/2017MONTE CARLOMonte Carlo, Monaco
Day 25: Thursday, 04/27/2017PROVENCE (MARSEILLE)Marseille, France
Day 26: Friday, 04/28/2017BARCELONABarcelona, Spain
Day 27: Saturday, 04/29/2017AT SEA 
Day 28: Sunday, 04/30/2017GIBRALTAR 
Day 29: Monday, 05/01/2017CADIZCadiz, Spain
Day 30: Tuesday, 05/02/2017LISBONLisbon, Portugal
Day 31: Wednesday, 05/03/2017AT SEA 
Day 32: Thursday, 05/04/2017FUNCHALFunchal, Madeira Island, Madeira Islands, Portugal
Day 33: Friday, 05/05/2017CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 34: Saturday, 05/06/2017CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 35: Sunday, 05/07/2017CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 36: Monday, 05/08/2017CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 37: Tuesday, 05/09/2017CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 38: Wednesday, 05/10/2017HAMILTONHamilton, Bermuda
Day 39: Thursday, 05/11/2017AT SEA 
Day 40: Friday, 05/12/2017AT SEA 
Day 41: Saturday, 05/13/2017Arrive at MIAMIMiami, FL