147 Night World Cruise on the Seven Seas Navigator

A pint-sized ship by today's megaship standards, the Seven Seas Navigator carries 490 passengers primarily hailing from America and seeking consistent, high-quality service. Among a whole host of elegant stylings and luxurious amenities, the Navigator's best feature is its incredible passenger-space ratio of 67.3, one of the highest at sea.

Seven Seas Navigator 147 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing December 19, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Wednesday, 12/19/2018Depart from MIAMIMiami, FL
Day 2: Thursday, 12/20/2018CRUISING THE FLORIDA STRAITS 
Day 3: Friday, 12/21/2018GEORGE TOWN 
Day 4: Saturday, 12/22/2018CRUISING THE CARIBBEAN SEA 
Day 5: Sunday, 12/23/2018CARTAGENACartagena, Colombia
Day 7: Tuesday, 12/25/2018CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 8: Wednesday, 12/26/2018PUNTARENASPuntarenas, Costa Rica
Day 9: Thursday, 12/27/2018CORINTO 
Day 10: Friday, 12/28/2018PUERTO QUETZALPuerto Quetzal, Guatemala
Day 11: Saturday, 12/29/2018CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 12: Sunday, 12/30/2018ACAPULCOAcapulco, Guerrero, Mexico
Day 13: Monday, 12/31/2018CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 14: Tuesday, 01/01/2019CABO SAN LUCASCabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Day 15: Wednesday, 01/02/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 16: Thursday, 01/03/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 17: Friday, 01/04/2019LOS ANGELESLos Angeles, CA
Day 18: Saturday, 01/05/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 19: Sunday, 01/06/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 20: Monday, 01/07/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 21: Tuesday, 01/08/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 22: Wednesday, 01/09/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 23: Thursday, 01/10/2019NAWILIWILI 
Day 24: Friday, 01/11/2019HONOLULUHonolulu, HI
Day 25: Saturday, 01/12/2019KAHULUIKahului, HI
Day 26: Sunday, 01/13/2019HILOHilo, HI
Day 27: Monday, 01/14/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 28: Tuesday, 01/15/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 29: Wednesday, 01/16/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 30: Thursday, 01/17/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 31: Friday, 01/18/2019NUKU HIVANuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Day 32: Saturday, 01/19/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH PACIFIC 
Day 33: Sunday, 01/20/2019FAKARAVA 
Day 34: Monday, 01/21/2019BORA BORABora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 35: Tuesday, 01/22/2019BORA BORABora Bora, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 36: Wednesday, 01/23/2019RAIATEARaiatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 37: Thursday, 01/24/2019PAPEETE (TAHITI)Papeete, Society Islands, French Polynesia
Day 38: Friday, 01/25/2019RANGIROARangiroa, Tuamotu Islands, French Polynesia
Day 39: Saturday, 01/26/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH PACIFIC 
Day 40: Sunday, 01/27/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH PACIFIC 
Day 41: Monday, 01/28/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH PACIFIC 
Day 42: Tuesday, 01/29/2019PAGO PAGOPago Pago, American Samoa
Day 43: Wednesday, 01/30/2019CROSS THE INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE 
Day 44: Thursday, 01/31/2019CROSS THE INTERNATIONAL DATE LINE 
Day 44: Thursday, 01/31/2019APIA 
Day 45: Friday, 02/01/2019CRUISING THE PACIFIC OCEAN 
Day 46: Saturday, 02/02/2019LAUTOKALautoka, Viti Levu Island, Fiji
Day 47: Sunday, 02/03/2019SUVASuva, Viti Levu Island, Fiji
Day 48: Monday, 02/04/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH PACIFIC 
Day 49: Tuesday, 02/05/2019NOUMEANoumea, New Caledonia
Day 50: Wednesday, 02/06/2019NOUMEANoumea, New Caledonia
Day 51: Thursday, 02/07/2019CRUISING THE CORAL SEA 
Day 52: Friday, 02/08/2019CRUISING THE CORAL SEA 
Day 53: Saturday, 02/09/2019BRISBANEBrisbane, Queensland, Australia
Day 54: Sunday, 02/10/2019CRUISING THE TASMAN SEA 
Day 55: Monday, 02/11/2019SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 56: Tuesday, 02/12/2019SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 57: Wednesday, 02/13/2019CRUISING THE TASMAN SEA 
Day 58: Thursday, 02/14/2019KINGFISHER BAY (FRASER ISLAND) 
Day 59: Friday, 02/15/2019CRUISING THE TASMAN SEA 
Day 60: Saturday, 02/16/2019WHITSUNDAY ISLAND 
Day 61: Sunday, 02/17/2019CAIRNSCairns, Queensland, Australia
Day 62: Monday, 02/18/2019CAIRNSCairns, Queensland, Australia
Day 63: Tuesday, 02/19/2019CRUISING THE CORAL SEA 
Day 64: Wednesday, 02/20/2019THURSDAY ISLAND 
Day 65: Thursday, 02/21/2019CRUISING THE ARAFURA SEA 
Day 66: Friday, 02/22/2019DARWINDarwin, Northern Territory, Australia
Day 67: Saturday, 02/23/2019CRUISING THE TIMOR SEA 
Day 68: Sunday, 02/24/2019KOMODO 
Day 69: Monday, 02/25/2019BALI (BENOA)Bali Island, Indonesia
Day 70: Tuesday, 02/26/2019BALI (BENOA)Bali Island, Indonesia
Day 71: Wednesday, 02/27/2019CRUISING THE JAVA SEA 
Day 72: Thursday, 02/28/2019MAKASSAR (SULAWESI) 
Day 73: Friday, 03/01/2019CRUISING THE CELBES SEA 
Day 74: Saturday, 03/02/2019CRUISING THE SULU SEA 
Day 75: Sunday, 03/03/2019PUERTO PRINCESA 
Day 76: Monday, 03/04/2019BORACAY ISLAND 
Day 77: Tuesday, 03/05/2019MANILAManila, Luzon Island, Philippines
Day 78: Wednesday, 03/06/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH CHINA SEA 
Day 79: Thursday, 03/07/2019HONG KONGHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 80: Friday, 03/08/2019HONG KONGHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 81: Saturday, 03/09/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH CHINA SEA 
Day 82: Sunday, 03/10/2019HUE/DA NANG (CHAN MAY)Hue, Vietnam
Day 83: Monday, 03/11/2019NHA TRANGNha Trang, Vietnam
Day 84: Tuesday, 03/12/2019HO CHI MINH CITY (SAIGON)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Day 85: Wednesday, 03/13/2019HO CHI MINH CITY (SAIGON)Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Day 86: Thursday, 03/14/2019CRUISING THE SOUTH CHINA SEA 
Day 87: Friday, 03/15/2019SIHANOUKVILLESihanoukville, Cambodia
Day 88: Saturday, 03/16/2019BANGKOKBangkok, Thailand
Day 89: Sunday, 03/17/2019BANGKOKBangkok, Thailand
Day 90: Monday, 03/18/2019KO SAMUI 
Day 91: Tuesday, 03/19/2019CRUISING THE GULF OF THAILAND 
Day 92: Wednesday, 03/20/2019SINGAPORESingapore, Singapore
Day 93: Thursday, 03/21/2019KUALA LUMPUR (PORT KLANG)Port Kelang, Malaysia
Day 94: Friday, 03/22/2019PENANGPenang Island, Malaysia
Day 95: Saturday, 03/23/2019PHUKETPhuket City, Phuket Island, Thailand
Day 96: Sunday, 03/24/2019CRUISING THE ANDAMAN SEA 
Day 97: Monday, 03/25/2019RANGOON (YANGON)Yangon, Myanmar
Day 98: Tuesday, 03/26/2019RANGOON (YANGON)Yangon, Myanmar
Day 99: Wednesday, 03/27/2019RANGOON (YANGON)Yangon, Myanmar
Day 100: Thursday, 03/28/2019CRUISING THE BAY OF BENGAL 
Day 101: Friday, 03/29/2019CRUISING THE BAY OF BENGAL 
Day 102: Saturday, 03/30/2019CRUISING THE LACCADIVE SEA 
Day 103: Sunday, 03/31/2019COCHIN (KOCHI) 
Day 104: Monday, 04/01/2019MANGALORE 
Day 105: Tuesday, 04/02/2019GOA (MORMUGAO)Mormugao, India
Day 106: Wednesday, 04/03/2019MUMBAI (BOMBAY)Mumbai, India
Day 107: Thursday, 04/04/2019MUMBAI (BOMBAY)Mumbai, India
Day 108: Friday, 04/05/2019CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 109: Saturday, 04/06/2019CRUISING THE GULF OF OMAN 
Day 110: Sunday, 04/07/2019MUSCATMuscat, Oman
Day 111: Monday, 04/08/2019ABU DHABIAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 112: Tuesday, 04/09/2019DUBAIDubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 113: Wednesday, 04/10/2019FUJAIRAH 
Day 114: Thursday, 04/11/2019CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 115: Friday, 04/12/2019SALALAHSalalah, Oman
Day 116: Saturday, 04/13/2019CRUISING THE ARABIAN SEA 
Day 117: Sunday, 04/14/2019CRUISING THE GULF OF ADEN 
Day 118: Monday, 04/15/2019CRUISING THE RED SEA 
Day 119: Tuesday, 04/16/2019CRUISING THE RED SEA 
Day 120: Wednesday, 04/17/2019AQABAAqaba, Jordan
Day 121: Thursday, 04/18/2019LUXOR (SAFAGA)Luxor, Egypt
Day 122: Friday, 04/19/2019LUXOR (SAFAGA)Luxor, Egypt
Day 123: Saturday, 04/20/2019SUEZ CANAL TRANSIT,EGYPT 
Day 124: Sunday, 04/21/2019SUEZ CANAL TRANSIT,EGYPT 
Day 125: Monday, 04/22/2019JERUSALEM (ASHDOD)Ashdod, Israel
Day 126: Tuesday, 04/23/2019JERUSALEM (HAIFA)Haifa, Israel
Day 127: Wednesday, 04/24/2019JERUSALEM (HAIFA)Haifa, Israel
Day 128: Thursday, 04/25/2019CRUISING THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA 
Day 129: Friday, 04/26/2019HERAKLION (CRETE)Heraklion, Crete Island, Greece
Day 130: Saturday, 04/27/2019CRUISING THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA 
Day 131: Sunday, 04/28/2019SORRENTO/CAPRISorrento, Italy
Day 132: Monday, 04/29/2019ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA)Civitavecchia, Italy
Day 133: Tuesday, 04/30/2019MONTE CARLOMonte Carlo, Monaco
Day 134: Wednesday, 05/01/2019BARCELONABarcelona, Spain
Day 135: Thursday, 05/02/2019CRUISING THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA 
Day 136: Friday, 05/03/2019MALAGAMalaga, Spain
Day 137: Saturday, 05/04/2019CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 138: Sunday, 05/05/2019CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 139: Monday, 05/06/2019PONTA DELGADA (AZORES) 
Day 140: Tuesday, 05/07/2019HORTA (AZORES) 
Day 141: Wednesday, 05/08/2019CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 142: Thursday, 05/09/2019CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 143: Friday, 05/10/2019CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 144: Saturday, 05/11/2019CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 145: Sunday, 05/12/2019ST. GEORGESt George's, Bermuda
Day 146: Monday, 05/13/2019ST. GEORGESt George's, Bermuda
Day 147: Tuesday, 05/14/2019CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 148: Wednesday, 05/15/2019Arrive at NEW YORKNew York, NY