89 Night World Cruise on the Seven Seas Navigator

A pint-sized ship by today's megaship standards, the Seven Seas Navigator carries 490 passengers primarily hailing from America and seeking consistent, high-quality service. Among a whole host of elegant stylings and luxurious amenities, the Navigator's best feature is its incredible passenger-space ratio of 67.3, one of the highest at sea.

Seven Seas Navigator 89 Night World Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing June 21, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Thursday, 06/21/2018Depart from NEW YORKNew York, NY
Day 2: Friday, 06/22/2018MARTHA'S VINEYARDMartha's Vineyard, MA
Day 3: Saturday, 06/23/2018BOSTONBoston, MA
Day 4: Sunday, 06/24/2018BAR HARBORBar Harbor, ME
Day 5: Monday, 06/25/2018HALIFAXHalifax, NS
Day 6: Tuesday, 06/26/2018SYDNEYSydney, New South Wales, Australia
Day 7: Wednesday, 06/27/2018CORNER BROOKCorner Brook, NF
Day 8: Thursday, 06/28/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 9: Friday, 06/29/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 10: Saturday, 06/30/2018NUUK 
Day 11: Sunday, 07/01/2018PAAMIUT 
Day 13: Tuesday, 07/03/2018CRUISING THE DENMARK STRAIT 
Day 14: Wednesday, 07/04/2018ISAFJORDUR 
Day 15: Thursday, 07/05/2018REYKJAVIKReykjavik, Iceland
Day 16: Friday, 07/06/2018REYKJAVIKReykjavik, Iceland
Day 17: Saturday, 07/07/2018CRUISING THE NORWEGIAN SEA 
Day 18: Sunday, 07/08/2018TORSHAVN (FAROE ISLANDS) 
Day 19: Monday, 07/09/2018KIRKWALL (ORKNEY ISLANDS) 
Day 20: Tuesday, 07/10/2018INVERGORDON 
Day 21: Wednesday, 07/11/2018EDINBURGH (NEWHAVEN)Leith, Scotland
Day 22: Thursday, 07/12/2018NEWCASTLENewcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Day 23: Friday, 07/13/2018CRUISING THE NORTH SEA 
Day 24: Saturday, 07/14/2018LONDON (SOUTHAMPTON)Southampton, England
Day 25: Sunday, 07/15/2018PORTLANDPortland, ME
Day 26: Monday, 07/16/2018WATERFORDWaterford, Ireland
Day 27: Tuesday, 07/17/2018HOLYHEAD 
Day 28: Wednesday, 07/18/2018DUBLINDublin, Ireland
Day 29: Thursday, 07/19/2018CORK (COBH)Cobh, Ireland
Day 30: Friday, 07/20/2018CRUISING THE CELTIC SEA 
Day 31: Saturday, 07/21/2018ANTWERPAntwerp, Belgium
Day 32: Sunday, 07/22/2018AMSTERDAMAmsterdam, Netherlands
Day 33: Monday, 07/23/2018KIEL CANAL TRANSIT 
Day 34: Tuesday, 07/24/2018CRUISING THE BALTIC SEA 
Day 35: Wednesday, 07/25/2018STOCKHOLMStockholm, Sweden
Day 36: Thursday, 07/26/2018HELSINKIHelsinki, Finland
Day 37: Friday, 07/27/2018ST. PETERSBURGSt Petersburg, Russia
Day 38: Saturday, 07/28/2018ST. PETERSBURGSt Petersburg, Russia
Day 39: Sunday, 07/29/2018TALLINNTallinn, Estonia
Day 40: Monday, 07/30/2018CRUISING THE BALTIC SEA 
Day 41: Tuesday, 07/31/2018BERLIN (WARNEMUNDE)Berlin, Germany
Day 42: Wednesday, 08/01/2018COPENHAGENCopenhagen, Denmark
Day 43: Thursday, 08/02/2018LYSEKIL 
Day 44: Friday, 08/03/2018STAVANGERStavanger, Norway
Day 45: Saturday, 08/04/2018BERGENBergen, Norway
Day 46: Sunday, 08/05/2018ALESUNDAalesund, Norway
Day 47: Monday, 08/06/2018TRONDHEIMTrondheim, Norway
Day 48: Tuesday, 08/07/2018CRUISING THE NORWEGIAN SEA 
Day 49: Wednesday, 08/08/2018HAMMERFESTHammerfest, Norway
Day 50: Thursday, 08/09/2018MURMANSKMurmansk, Russia
Day 51: Friday, 08/10/2018CRUISING THE WHITE SEA 
Day 52: Saturday, 08/11/2018SOLOVETSKY ISLANDS 
Day 53: Sunday, 08/12/2018ARCHANGEL 
Day 54: Monday, 08/13/2018CRUISING THE BARENTS SEA 
Day 55: Tuesday, 08/14/2018HONNINGSVAGHonningsvag, Norway
Day 56: Wednesday, 08/15/2018CRUISING THE NORWEGIAN SEA 
Day 57: Thursday, 08/16/2018KRISTIANSUNDKristiansund, Norway
Day 58: Friday, 08/17/2018LERWICK (SHETLAND ISLANDS) 
Day 59: Saturday, 08/18/2018EDINBURGH (ROSYTH) 
Day 60: Sunday, 08/19/2018NEWCASTLENewcastle-upon-Tyne, England
Day 61: Monday, 08/20/2018AMSTERDAMAmsterdam, Netherlands
Day 62: Tuesday, 08/21/2018AMSTERDAMAmsterdam, Netherlands
Day 63: Wednesday, 08/22/2018BRUGES (ZEEBRUGGE)Zeebrugge, Belgium
Day 64: Thursday, 08/23/2018CRUISING THE CELTIC SEA 
Day 65: Friday, 08/24/2018NANTESNantes, France
Day 66: Saturday, 08/25/2018LE VERDON 
Day 67: Sunday, 08/26/2018BILBAOBilbao, Spain
Day 68: Monday, 08/27/2018FERROL 
Day 69: Tuesday, 08/28/2018OPORTOPorto, Portugal
Day 70: Wednesday, 08/29/2018LISBONLisbon, Portugal
Day 71: Thursday, 08/30/2018CADIZCadiz, Spain
Day 73: Saturday, 09/01/2018BARCELONABarcelona, Spain
Day 74: Sunday, 09/02/2018IBIZAIbiza, Ibiza Island, Balearic Islands, Spain
Day 75: Monday, 09/03/2018CARTAGENACartagena, Colombia
Day 76: Tuesday, 09/04/2018MALAGAMalaga, Spain
Day 77: Wednesday, 09/05/2018PORTIMAOPortimao, Portugal
Day 78: Thursday, 09/06/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 79: Friday, 09/07/2018FUNCHAL (MADEIRA)Funchal, Madeira Island, Madeira Islands, Portugal
Day 80: Saturday, 09/08/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 81: Sunday, 09/09/2018PONTA DELGADA (AZORES) 
Day 82: Monday, 09/10/2018HORTA (AZORES) 
Day 83: Tuesday, 09/11/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 84: Wednesday, 09/12/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 85: Thursday, 09/13/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 86: Friday, 09/14/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 87: Saturday, 09/15/2018ST. GEORGESt George's, Bermuda
Day 88: Sunday, 09/16/2018ST. GEORGESt George's, Bermuda
Day 89: Monday, 09/17/2018CRUISING THE ATLANTIC OCEAN 
Day 90: Tuesday, 09/18/2018Arrive at NEW YORKNew York, NY