Royal Caribbean International Harmony of the Seas Deck Plans

Harmony of the Seas Deck Plans

Harmony of the Seas Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
1AUltra Spacious Ocean View w/Large Balcony
1COcean View with Large Balcony
1DOcean View Balcony Accessible
1EObstructed Ocean View Balcony
1IBoard Walk View Balcony
1JCentral Park View Balcony
1KUltra Spacious Ocean View
1NOcean View (Some Accessible)
1RSpacious Interior
1SCentral Park View Interior
1TPromenade View Interior
1VInterior (Some Accessible)
2COcean View with Large Balcony
2DOcean View Balcony Accessible
2EObstructed Ocean View Balcony
2FStudio Ocean View Balcony
2IBoardwalk View Balcony Access
2JCentral Park View Accessible
2NOcean View (Some Accessible)
2OStudio Ocean View
2SCentral Park View Interior
2TPromenade View Interior
2VInterior (Some Accessible)
2WStudio Interior
3DOcean View Balcony
4COcean View with Large Balcony
4DOcean View Balcony Accessible
4IBoardwalk View Balcony
4UInterior with Virtual Balcony
5DOcean View Balcony
6DOcean View Balcony
6NOcean View
6VInterior (Some Accessible)
7DOcean View Balcony
8DOcean View Balcony
A1Aquatheater Suite w/Balcony
A1Spacious AquaTheater Suite Large Balcony 2 Bedroom
A2Aquatheater Suite w/Balcony
A2AquaTheater Suite with Large Balcony - 2 Bedroom
A3Aquatheater Suite w/Balcony
A3Spacious AquaTheater Suite - 1 Bedroom
A4AquaTheater Suite - 1 Bedroom
A4Aquatheater Suite w/Balcony
B1Boardwalk View Strm w/Balcony (Some Accessible)
B2Boardwalk View Strm w/Balcony
BVBoardwalk View Stateroom
C1Central Park View w/Balcony (Some Accessible)
C2Central Park View w/Balcony
CVCentral Park View Stateroom
D1Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal
D2Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal
D3Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal (Some Accessible)
D4Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal (Some Accessible)
D5Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal (Some Accessible)
D6Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal (Some Accessible)
D7Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal (Some Accessible)
D8Superior Ocean View Strm w/Bal (Some Accessible)
FOcean View Stateroom
FBFamily Oceanvw Strm w/Balcony (Some Accessible)
FIFamily Interior Stateroom
FOFamily Oceanview Stateroom
FSRoyal Family Suite w/Balcony
GOcean View Stateroom
GBGrand Suite with Large Balcony 1 Bedroom
GLGrand Loft Suite
GPGrand Panoramic Suite 1 Bedrooom
GSGrand Suite - 1 Bedroom
GSGrand Suite w/Balcony
GTGrand Suite - 2 Bedroom
HOcean View Stateroom (Some Accessible)
IOcean View Stateroom (Some Accessible)
JInterior Strm w/Virtual Balcony
J1Junior Suite with Large Balcony
J3Junior Suite w/Bal Accessible
J4Junior Suite
JSJunior Suite w/Balcony (Some Accessible)
KLarge Interior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
LLarge Interior Stateroom
L1Crown Loft Suite
L1Crown Loft Suite w/Balcony Access
L2Crown Loft Suite
L2Crown Loft Suite w/Balcony
MLarge Interior Stateroom
NLarge Interior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
OLOwner's Loft Suite
OPOwner's Panoramic Suite 1 Bedroom
OSOwner's Suite - 1 Bedroom
OSOwner's Suite with Balcony
PRPromenade Stateroom
PSFour Bedroom fam suite w/ bal
QInterior Stateroom
RLRoyal Loft Suite
RLRoyal Loft Suite w/Balcony
SIStudio Interior Stateroom
SLSky Loft Suite
SLSky Loft Suite w/Balcony
SOStudio Ocean View Stateroom
TLStar Loft Suite
VBInterior Strm w/Virtual Balcony
VSVilla Suite 4 Bedroom
Deck ThreeHarmony of the Seas Deck Three
Deck FourHarmony of the Seas Deck Four
Deck FiveHarmony of the Seas Deck Five
Deck SixHarmony of the Seas Deck Six
Deck SevenHarmony of the Seas Deck Seven
Deck EightHarmony of the Seas Deck Eight
Deck NineHarmony of the Seas Deck Nine
Deck TenHarmony of the Seas Deck Ten
Deck ElevenHarmony of the Seas Deck Eleven
Deck TwelveHarmony of the Seas Deck Twelve
Deck FourteenHarmony of the Seas Deck Fourteen
Deck FifteenHarmony of the Seas Deck Fifteen
Deck SixteenHarmony of the Seas Deck Sixteen
Deck SeventeenHarmony of the Seas Deck Seventeen
Deck EighteenHarmony of the Seas Deck Eighteen