Royal Caribbean International Mariner of the Seas Deck Plans

Mariner of the Seas Deck Plans

Mariner of the Seas Stateroom Key
Category Cabin Name
1BSpacious Ocean View Balcony (Some Accessible)
1DOcean View Balcony
1KUltra Spacious Ocean View
1LSpacious Panoramic Ocean View (Some Accessible)
1MSpacious Ocean View
1NOcean View
1NOcean View (Some Accessible)
1TPromenade View Interior (Some Accessible)
1VInterior (Some Accessible)
2BSpacious Ocean View Balcony
2DOcean View Balcony
2NOcean View
2TPromenade View Interior (Some Accessible)
2WStudio Interior
3BSpacious Ocean View Balcony
3DOcean View Balcony
3NOcean View
3VInterior (Some Accessible)
4BSpacious Ocean View Balcony
4DOcean View Balcony
4MSpacious Ocean View
5DOcean View Balcony
6BSpacious Ocean View Balcony
6DOcean View Balcony
7DOcean View Balcony
8NOcean View
D1Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony
D2Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony
D3Superior Oceanview Stateroom with Balcony
E1Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom With Balcony
E2Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom With Balcony
E3Deluxe Oceanview Stateroom w/Bal (Some Accessible)
FLarge Oceanview Stateroom
FOFamily Oceanview Stateroom
FSRoyal Family Suite with Balcony
GOceanview Stateroom
GSGrand Suite - 1 Bedroom
GSGrand Suite with Balcony
GTGrand Suite - 2 Bedroom
HOceanview Stateroom
IOceanview Stateroom (Some Accessible)
J3Junior Suite
J4Junior Suite
JSJunior Suite w/Bal (Some Accessible)
KInterior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
LInterior Stateroom
MInterior Stateroom (Some Accessible)
NInterior Stateroom
OSOwner's Suite - 1 Bedroom
OSOwner's Suite with Balcony
PRPromenade Stateroom (Some Accessible)
QInterior Stateroom
RSRoyal Suite with Balcony
RSRoyal Suite with Balcony
VPOcean View Panoramic Suite
Deck TwoMariner of the Seas Deck Two
Deck ThreeMariner of the Seas Deck Three
Deck FourMariner of the Seas Deck Four
Deck FiveMariner of the Seas Deck Five
Deck SixMariner of the Seas Deck Six
Deck SevenMariner of the Seas Deck Seven
Deck EightMariner of the Seas Deck Eight
Deck NineMariner of the Seas Deck Nine
Deck TenMariner of the Seas Deck Ten
Deck ElevenMariner of the Seas Deck Eleven
Deck TwelveMariner of the Seas Deck Twelve
Deck ThirteenMariner of the Seas Deck Thirteen
Deck FourteenMariner of the Seas Deck Fourteen
Deck FifteenMariner of the Seas Deck Fifteen