37 Night Indian Ocean Cruise on the Seabourn Encore

The Seabourn Encore, newly launched in January 2017, is modeled after the newer ships in the Seabourn fleet, and has ultra-luxury design elements often found in private yachts.

Seabourn Encore 37 Night Indian Ocean Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing October 20, 2018 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Saturday, 10/20/2018Depart from ATHENSPiraeus, Greece
Day 2: Sunday, 10/21/2018AGIOS NIKOLAOS (CRETAghios Nikolaos, Crete Island, Greece
Day 3: Monday, 10/22/2018AT SEA 
Day 4: Tuesday, 10/23/2018HAIFAHaifa, Israel
Day 5: Wednesday, 10/24/2018ASHDODAshdod, Israel
Day 6: Thursday, 10/25/2018ENTER SUEZ CANAL AT 
Day 6: Thursday, 10/25/2018EXIT SUEZ CANAL AT S 
Day 6: Thursday, 10/25/2018TRANSIT THE SUEZ CAN 
Day 7: Friday, 10/26/2018AT SEA 
Day 8: Saturday, 10/27/2018AQABAAqaba, Jordan
Day 9: Sunday, 10/28/2018AT SEA 
Day 10: Monday, 10/29/2018AT SEA 
Day 11: Tuesday, 10/30/2018AT SEA 
Day 12: Wednesday, 10/31/2018AT SEA 
Day 13: Thursday, 11/01/2018AT SEA 
Day 14: Friday, 11/02/2018SALALAHSalalah, Oman
Day 15: Saturday, 11/03/2018AT SEA 
Day 16: Sunday, 11/04/2018MUSCATMuscat, Oman
Day 17: Monday, 11/05/2018AT SEA 
Day 18: Tuesday, 11/06/2018ABU DHABIAbu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Day 19: Wednesday, 11/07/2018SIR BANI YAS ISLAND, 
Day 20: Thursday, 11/08/2018DUBAIDubai, United Arab Emirates
Day 21: Friday, 11/09/2018SIR BANI YAS ISLAND, 
Day 22: Saturday, 11/10/2018DOHADoha, Qatar
Day 23: Sunday, 11/11/2018AT SEA 
Day 24: Monday, 11/12/2018MUSCATMuscat, Oman
Day 25: Tuesday, 11/13/2018AT SEA 
Day 26: Wednesday, 11/14/2018AT SEA 
Day 27: Thursday, 11/15/2018MUMBAI (BOMBAY)Mumbai, India
Day 28: Friday, 11/16/2018AT SEA 
Day 29: Saturday, 11/17/2018MANGALORE 
Day 30: Sunday, 11/18/2018COCHIN 
Day 31: Monday, 11/19/2018AT SEA 
Day 32: Tuesday, 11/20/2018AT SEA 
Day 33: Wednesday, 11/21/2018AT SEA 
Day 34: Thursday, 11/22/2018SABANG, PULAU WEH 
Day 35: Friday, 11/23/2018PHUKETPhuket City, Phuket Island, Thailand
Day 36: Saturday, 11/24/2018PORTO MALAI, LANGKAWLangkawi, Malaysia
Day 37: Sunday, 11/25/2018AT SEA 
Day 38: Monday, 11/26/2018Arrive at SINGAPORESingapore, Singapore