57 Night Southeast Asia Cruise on the Seabourn Sojourn

The Seabourn Sojourn made its debut in June of 2010. Like its sister ship, Seabourn Odyssey, Sojourn provides all-suite accommodation for its passengers. Sojourn's overall color scheme is of white and neutral hues, and the staterooms add marble, warm woods and granite to the mix

Seabourn Sojourn 57 Night Southeast Asia Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing April 10, 2019 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Wednesday, 04/10/2019Depart from SINGAPORESingapore, Singapore
Day 2: Thursday, 04/11/2019KUANTAN (TANJONG GELKuantan, Malaysia
Day 3: Friday, 04/12/2019AT SEA 
Day 4: Saturday, 04/13/2019SIHANOUKVILLE (KAMPOSihanoukville, Cambodia
Day 5: Sunday, 04/14/2019AT SEA 
Day 6: Monday, 04/15/2019HO CHI MINH CITY (SAHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Day 7: Tuesday, 04/16/2019HO CHI MINH CITY (SAHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Day 8: Wednesday, 04/17/2019AT SEA 
Day 9: Thursday, 04/18/2019DA NANGDa Nang, Vietnam
Day 10: Friday, 04/19/2019SANYA 
Day 11: Saturday, 04/20/2019AT SEA 
Day 12: Sunday, 04/21/2019HONG KONGHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 13: Monday, 04/22/2019HONG KONGHong Kong, Hong Kong
Day 14: Tuesday, 04/23/2019AT SEA 
Day 15: Wednesday, 04/24/2019MAGONG 
Day 16: Thursday, 04/25/2019KEELUNGKeelung, Taiwan
Day 17: Friday, 04/26/2019ISHIGAKI ISLAND 
Day 18: Saturday, 04/27/2019AT SEA 
Day 19: Sunday, 04/28/2019SHANGHAIShanghai, China
Day 20: Monday, 04/29/2019ZHUJIAJIAN 
Day 21: Tuesday, 04/30/2019AT SEA 
Day 22: Wednesday, 05/01/2019YANTAI 
Day 23: Thursday, 05/02/2019DALIANDalian, China
Day 24: Friday, 05/03/2019TIANJIN (BEIJING)Tianjin, China
Day 25: Saturday, 05/04/2019TIANJIN (BEIJING)Tianjin, China
Day 26: Sunday, 05/05/2019AT SEA 
Day 27: Monday, 05/06/2019INCHEONSeoul, South Korea
Day 28: Tuesday, 05/07/2019INCHEONSeoul, South Korea
Day 29: Wednesday, 05/08/2019AT SEA 
Day 30: Thursday, 05/09/2019BUSAN 
Day 31: Friday, 05/10/2019AT SEA 
Day 32: Saturday, 05/11/2019KANAZAWAKanazawa, Japan
Day 33: Sunday, 05/12/2019SAKAIMINATO 
Day 34: Monday, 05/13/2019KITAKYUSHU 
Day 35: Tuesday, 05/14/2019HIROSHIMAHiroshima, Japan
Day 36: Wednesday, 05/15/2019TAKAMATSU 
Day 37: Thursday, 05/16/2019KOBEKobe, Japan
Day 38: Friday, 05/17/2019AT SEA 
Day 39: Saturday, 05/18/2019AT SEA 
Day 40: Sunday, 05/19/2019AOMORI 
Day 41: Monday, 05/20/2019OTARUOtaru, Hokkaido Island, Japan
Day 42: Tuesday, 05/21/2019AT SEA 
Day 43: Wednesday, 05/22/2019AT SEA 
Day 44: Thursday, 05/23/2019AT SEA 
Day 45: Friday, 05/24/2019PETROPAVLOVSK 
Day 46: Saturday, 05/25/2019CROSS DATELINE 
Day 47: Sunday, 05/26/2019AT SEA 
Day 48: Monday, 05/27/2019AT SEA 
Day 49: Tuesday, 05/28/2019AT SEA 
Day 50: Wednesday, 05/29/2019AT SEA 
Day 51: Thursday, 05/30/2019KODIAKKodiak, AK
Day 52: Friday, 05/31/2019AT SEA 
Day 53: Saturday, 06/01/2019GLACIER BAY 
Day 54: Sunday, 06/02/2019SITKASitka, AK
Day 55: Monday, 06/03/2019WRANGELLWrangell, AK
Day 56: Tuesday, 06/04/2019KETCHIKANKetchikan, AK
Day 57: Wednesday, 06/05/2019INSIDE PASSAGE (CRUI 
Day 58: Thursday, 06/06/2019Arrive at VANCOUVERVancouver, BC