14 Night Arctic Cruise on the Silver Explorer

The Silver Explorer, formerly the Prince Albert II, conveys the ambience of a private yacht as she takes adventurous expedition cruises to remote destinations.

Silver Explorer 14 Night Arctic Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing August 08, 2017 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Tuesday, 08/08/2017Depart from Longyearbyen, SvalbardLongyearbyen, Norway
Day 2: Wednesday, 08/09/2017Svalbard Northern Region 
Day 3: Thursday, 08/10/2017Svalbard Northern Region 
Day 4: Friday, 08/11/2017Svalbard Northern Region 
Day 5: Saturday, 08/12/2017Svalbard Southern Region 
Day 6: Sunday, 08/13/2017Svalbard Southern Region 
Day 7: Monday, 08/14/2017Day At Sea 
Day 8: Tuesday, 08/15/2017Day At Sea 
Day 9: Wednesday, 08/16/2017Scoresby Sund 
Day 10: Thursday, 08/17/2017Scoresby Sund 
Day 11: Friday, 08/18/2017Scoresby Sund 
Day 12: Saturday, 08/19/2017Scoresby Sund 
Day 13: Sunday, 08/20/2017Ittoqqortoormiit 
Day 14: Monday, 08/21/2017Day At Sea 
Day 15: Tuesday, 08/22/2017Arrive at ReykjavikReykjavik, Iceland