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14 Night European Inland Waterways Cruise on the Viking Aegir

Featuring energy efficient hybrid engines and solar panels, the Viking Aegir offers a comfortable European river cruise experience.

Viking Aegir 14 Night European Inland Waterways Cruise Schedule & Itinerary

Sailing Departing November 03, 2016 Schedule & Itinerary

Day Location Port of Call Guide
Day 1: Thursday, 11/03/2016Depart from BudapestBudapest, Hungary
Day 2: Friday, 11/04/2016BudapestBudapest, Hungary
Day 3: Saturday, 11/05/2016ViennaVienna, Austria
Day 4: Sunday, 11/06/2016ViennaVienna, Austria
Day 5: Monday, 11/07/2016Scenic Cruising: Wachau Valley 
Day 5: Monday, 11/07/2016MelkMelk, Austria
Day 6: Tuesday, 11/08/2016PassauPassau, Germany
Day 7: Wednesday, 11/09/2016RegensburgRegensburg, Germany
Day 8: Thursday, 11/10/2016Main-Danube Canal 
Day 8: Thursday, 11/10/2016NurembergNuremberg, Germany
Day 9: Friday, 11/11/2016BambergBamberg, Germany
Day 10: Saturday, 11/12/2016WurzburgWurzburg, Germany
Day 11: Sunday, 11/13/2016Scenic Cruising: Main River 
Day 11: Sunday, 11/13/2016WertheimWertheim, Germany
Day 12: Monday, 11/14/2016Middle Rhine Scenic Cruising 
Day 12: Monday, 11/14/2016KoblenzKoblenz, Germany
Day 13: Tuesday, 11/15/2016CologneCologne, Germany
Day 14: Wednesday, 11/16/2016Scenic Cruising: Waal & Merwede 
Day 14: Wednesday, 11/16/2016KinderdijkKinderdijk, Netherlands
Day 15: Thursday, 11/17/2016Arrive at AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands