Flunked again

Friends of the Earth's arbitrary grading system makes the cruise industry look bad.... READ MORE


The countdown to the end of the calendar year inevitably involves a checklist of unfinished business, things that have to "get done."... READ MORE


This Thanksgiving, the industry can be grateful for a pretty decent business climate.... READ MORE

Four cheers

We offer four cheers for recent travel initiatives, though one is of the Bronx variety.... READ MORE

Preserving Visa Waiver

A reciprocal system that allows citizens of the U.S. and 38 other countries to travel internationally without a visa is, in our view, inexpressibly valuable.... READ MORE

Fix everything

The I-word was in the news last month when Amtrak attributed a drop in long-distance ridership and on-time performance to infrastructure issues.... READ MORE

Mission creep

It's a mystery why the Transportation Department launched a website to offer cruise advice to consumers.... READ MORE

Ups and downs

Recent headlines underscored the joys and disappointments of a mercurial aviation industry.... READ MORE

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