Despite the linkage of the current outbreak to Disneyland in California, there's no evidence that measles is a major threat to travelers or that public concern is hindering travel.... READ MORE


Once again, U.S. airlines are trying to sell Congress on protectionist legislation.... READ MORE

Hard to love

This week, we mark the 20th anniversary of airline commission caps that spiraled into cuts.... READ MORE

Use it, don't lose it

Here's an acronym we should all know: PTO. It stands for Paid Time Off, and it's the topic of the latest public awareness campaign from the U.S. Travel Association.... READ MORE

Remember these guys?

Remember Globalization and its pal Consolidation? They never really went away, but if recent events are any guide, we're going to be a bit more aware of their presence this year than we have been of late.... READ MORE


Currency shifts are a never-ending seesaw. All the industry can do is tough it out.... READ MORE

Je suis Charlie

Of the thousands of statements, gestures and reactions reported by the media in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, we are partial to the loose translation of a comment attributed to Patrick Pelloux, a French physician and columnist for the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo: "They didn't win."... READ MORE

Hide and seek

Airlines aren't really the bad guys for suing a startup that offers hidden-city options.... READ MORE

Pause and reflect

We owe enormous debts of gratitude to unsung heroes who make big things move, who keep things clean, who keep us safe on our journeys.... READ MORE

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