Power List

Travel Weekly's 2017 Power List

Last year was tumultuous on many fronts, but that didn't seem to have to have a dramatic impact on the companies that make up the Travel Weekly Power List.... READ MORE

2016 Power List: Our ranking of the largest travel sellers

Travel Weekly presents Power List, our annual ranking of the largest travel agencies in the U.S. This year there were 58 companies with more than $100 million in 2015 travel sales, and the top five agencies in the list collectively realized nearly $200 billion in sales.... READ MORE

2015 Power List

Travel Weekly presents Power List, our annual ranking of the largest travel agencies. This year, the list of companies with more than $100 million in annual sales grew to 60, and a record 21 firms achieved sales of $1 billion or more.... READ MORE

2014 Power List

Two online titans, Expedia and Priceline, dominated, separated by just a few hundred million dollars.... READ MORE

2013 Power List

This year's ranking of companies with $100 million or more in travel-related sales reveals some changes at the top, several newcomers and a few names lost to consolidation, as well as continued developments in globalization, mobile apps and diversification.... READ MORE

2012 Power List

Travel Weekly presents its annual ranking of the biggest retailers in the industry. In this year's list, it was a virtual dead heat for the top spot.... READ MORE

2011 Power List

The annual Power List, which ranks the largest travel agencies in the U.S. by sales, is now live on TravelWeekly.com. This year's ranking recalls the days when the Big 3 dominated American car manufacturing, with three dominant companies hovering far above the rest of the pack.... READ MORE

2010 Power List

While 2009 was a year to forget for many travel sellers, it was a year to remember for the Power List. It was the year that an online travel agency, Expedia, displaced American Express as the industry's largest seller of travel. As a result, for the first time since the inception of the Power List (and its predecessor list, Top 50) in 1992, Amex does not occupy the top perch as the industry's largest seller of travel.... READ MORE

2009 Power List

Despite recessionary pressures, a record 61 travel sellers qualified for Travel Weekly's 2009 Power List with sales of $100 million or more.... READ MORE

2008 Power List

For the travel agency industry, necessity is the mother of reinvention.  It is mandatory in the age of technology for agencies to continue to make themselves valuable to travelers and corporations.  The 2008 Power List shows how that if sales are any indication the 2008 Power List sellers featured are doing these things very nicely.... READ MORE

2007 Power List

Travel Weekly's 2007 Power List keeps getting bigger.  Despite consolidation, or perhaps because of it, the number of agencies topping the $100 million mark in annual sales has climbed to 53, and they're riding on trends that show no sign of stopping.... READ MORE

2006 Power List

Travel Weeklys 2006 Power List Harvey Chipkin If any industry should be inured to the globalization trend, it is travel, which after all was built on making it possible to go anywhere and everywhere. Thats fortunate because in 2005 globalization hit the agency sector with sudden, intense force, part... READ MORE