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Susan Weinstock
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We are thrilled to be a well used resource for travel planners.  We value the confidence and trust that goes with that relationship and always strive to assist in your daily travel efforts.  One way to accomplish that goal is to remind you of features that may have slipped off your radar or perhaps are still undiscovered.            

Do you know what 1,435,918 and over 4,000 represent?  Those are the number of images we have in our database, followed by the number of videos on our site.  As all travel planners know, selecting the right hotel for a client is essential, but it can be challenging.  Let our pictures and videos give you the perspective you need to secure that perfect match.  

Have you used this feature?  If not, here's how.  Go to any city and click on a hotel name.  Look on the left side for "Tours, Photos & Videos" and click!  It's just that easy.   

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High End Sun Fun

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These new hotels positioned for the higher end market, are suitable for all types of travelers.    
1. 21 Broad Hotel-Nantucket, MA-Part of Massachusetts' Cape, boutique hotel, 27 rooms, urban design, town location.  Opened July.  
2. El Mangroove-Papagayo Bay, Costa Rica- Beachfront property, 85 suites, several meal plan options.  Opened January.  
3. Generations Riviera Maya, by Karisma-Mexico-All-inclusive beachfront resort, butler service, rooms with balcony or terrace.  Opened February.  

Are You Looking for These Hotels?

Queens Jubilee
Lucky for us, our industry is always changing.  Here are some recent hotel changes you may not know. 
1. G&V Royal Mile-Edinburgh, Scotland-The prior Hotel Missoni is now part of Carlson Rezidor's new luxury brand, Quorvus Collection.     
2. St Regis Venice San Clemente Palace-Venice, Italy-Previously San Clemente Palace, this luxury hotel has been part of Starwood since June. 
3. ME Mallorca-Balearic Islands, Spain-Beachfront location, hotel was renovated from the prior Beach House by Sol.  New owners since May.   

San Francisco to Palo Alto

City Centre
It's been a while, but San Francisco is back in the game with new hotels and renovated properties.   
1. The Scarlet Huntington-San Francisco, CA-Huntington Park changed its name, spent $15 million and opened in May with a new look.  
2. Hotel G-San Francisco, CA-2-year renovation nearly complete, hotel is 1 block from Union Square.  Specials offered during its soft opening period.  Opened June. 
3. The Epiphany Hotel-Palo Alto, CA-Joie de Vivre hotel with 86 rooms, built with the Silicon Valley guest in mind.  Opened March 2014.  
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