Beijing Attractions

12SQMFind Hotels Near 12SQM

Nanluogu Xiang (at Fuxiang Hutong; enter from the south end of Nanluogu Xiang)

Phone: Phone 10-6402-1554

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Ancient Music Center (Zhihuasi)Find Hotels Near Ancient Music Center (Zhihuasi)

5 Lumicang Hutong (east of Nanxiaojie)

36.5 miles

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art & ArchaeologyFind Hotels Near Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art & Archaeology

Peking University campus (enter via the West Gate)

Phone: Phone 6275-1667

Sightseeing- Museums

Bally-CSI FitnessFind Hotels Near Bally-CSI Fitness

Jianwai SOHO, Building 2, 39 Dongsanhuan Zhonglu

Phone: Phone 5869-0666

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Bayi Rockets Basketball TeamFind Hotels Near Bayi Rockets Basketball Team

69 Fuxing Road

Phone: Phone 10-8817-8066 box office hotline

Spectator Sports- Basketball

Beihai Park (Beihai Gongyuan)Find Hotels Near Beihai Park (Beihai Gongyuan)

1 Wenjin Jie (Ping'anli metro station, southeast exit; then walk eastward along Dianmen Xi Dajie to the north gate)

1.5 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6403-1102

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Beijing Ancient Observatory (Guguanxiang Tai)Find Hotels Near Beijing Ancient Observatory (Guguanxiang Tai)

2 Dong Biaobei Hutong

21.5 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6524-2202

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Beijing Aquarium (Beijing Haiyang Guan)Find Hotels Near Beijing Aquarium (Beijing Haiyang Guan)

Haidian District Sorghum Bridge Byway No. B-18 (Dong Wu Yuan metro station, Exit A (northwest exit) to the zoo's south gate)

3.3 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6215-6655, ext. 90

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

Beijing Art Now GalleryFind Hotels Near Beijing Art Now Gallery

Building E, Red Yard No.1 Cao Chang Di, Cui Ge Zhuang

Phone: Phone 5127-3292

Shopping- Galleries

Beijing BookwormFind Hotels Near Beijing Bookworm

Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Lu (tucked just behind the Pacific Century Shopping Plaza off Third Ring Road)

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 6586-9507

Shopping- Bookstores

Beijing Botanical GardenFind Hotels Near Beijing Botanical Garden

Xiangshan Lu

Phone: Phone 10-6259-1283

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Beijing Concert HallFind Hotels Near Beijing Concert Hall

1 Beixinhua Jie

Phone: Phone 10-6605-7006

Performing Arts- Venues

Beijing Dance/LTDXFind Hotels Near Beijing Dance/LTDX

16 Xiadianchangpo Village, Xidawang Road (Dawanglu metro station, Exit B)

Phone: Phone 10-6405-4842 or 6405-4292

Performing Arts- Dance

Beijing Fangzhuang Star Golf ClubFind Hotels Near Beijing Fangzhuang Star Golf Club

Building 11, 2 Fangxingyuan Xiaoqu, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District

Recreation- Golf

Beijing Friendship StoreFind Hotels Near Beijing Friendship Store

No. 17 Jianguomenwai Ave.

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Beijing Golf ClubFind Hotels Near Beijing Golf Club

East Bank of Chaobai River, Shunyi District

Phone: Phone 10-8947-0245

Recreation- Golf

Beijing Guoan Football ClubFind Hotels Near Beijing Guoan Football Club

Workers' Stadium North Road

Phone: Phone 10-6501-6655

Spectator Sports- Soccer

Beijing HikersFind Hotels Near Beijing Hikers

Building A, 4-F 4012, 10 Jiuxianqiao Zhong Lu, Chaoyang District

Phone: Phone 10-6432-2786

Recreation- Hiking & Walking

Beijing International Golf ClubFind Hotels Near Beijing International Golf Club

Northwest of Ming Tombs Reservoir, Changping District

Recreation- Golf

Beijing Modern Dance CompanyFind Hotels Near Beijing Modern Dance Company

Fangjia Hutong No. 46, Block B, 3F

1.4 miles

Phone: Phone 6402-9025

Performing Arts- Dance

Beijing OperaFind Hotels Near Beijing Opera

3 Hufangqiao Road

Phone: Phone 86-13801067568

Performing Arts- Other Options

Beijing Silk StoreFind Hotels Near Beijing Silk Store

50 Dazhalan Ji

23.3 miles

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Beijing Symphony OrchestraFind Hotels Near Beijing Symphony Orchestra

1 Bei Xinhua Jie, Liubukou (just off the western edge of Tiananmen Square)

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6605-7006 (Beijing Concert Hall)

Performing Arts- Music

Beijing Tokyo Art Project (BTAP)Find Hotels Near Beijing Tokyo Art Project (BTAP)

8503 Ceramics Third St., 798 Art Zone E02, 4 Jiuxianqiao Lu (Dashanzi Art District)

2.1 miles

Phone: Phone 5978-4838

Shopping- Galleries

Beijing Wan Fung Art GalleryFind Hotels Near Beijing Wan Fung Art Gallery

35-37 Guanyintang Art Ave., Wangsiying No. 2A

2.2 miles

Phone: Phone 833-3861 or 6523-3319

Shopping- Galleries

Beijing Zoo (Beijing Dongwuyuan)Find Hotels Near Beijing Zoo (Beijing Dongwuyuan)

137 Xizhimenwai (Dongwuyuan metro station, Exit A (northwest exit) to south gate)

3.6 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6839-0274

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

Bike BeijingFind Hotels Near Bike Beijing

34 Dong Huang Cheng Gen S. St., Beiheyan Dajie, East Side (Dongsi metro station, exit D)

Phone: Phone 6526-5857

Recreation- Bicycling

The BookwormFind Hotels Near The Bookworm

Building 4, Nan Sanlitun Road

4 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6586-9507

Nightlife- Comedy Clubs

Cafe SambalFind Hotels Near Cafe Sambal

43 Doufuchi Hutong, JiuGulou Dajie

2.1 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6400-4875

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Capital ClubFind Hotels Near Capital Club

50/F, Capital Mansion, No.6, Xinyuan Nanlu

Recreation- Tennis & Racquet Sports

Capital Museum of ChinaFind Hotels Near Capital Museum of China

16 Fuxingmenwai Dajie

1.5 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6337-0491 for individuals, 6337-0458 for groups

Sightseeing- Museums

Capital StadiumFind Hotels Near Capital Stadium

No. 50 Baishiqiao Lu

Recreation- Tennis & Racquet Sports

CentroFind Hotels Near Centro

Kerry Hotel Beijing, 1 Guanghua Lu

3.5 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6561-8833, ext. 42

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Champion Ice RinkFind Hotels Near Champion Ice Rink

Chaoyang Beilu (at Qingnian Lu)

Recreation- Ice Skating

Chang'an Grand TheaterFind Hotels Near Chang'an Grand Theater

Chang'an Building

Phone: Phone 10-6510-1309 or 6510-1310

Performing Arts- Opera

Chaoyang DistrictFind Hotels Near Chaoyang District

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

China Art Archives and Warehouse (CAAW)Find Hotels Near China Art Archives and Warehouse (CAAW)

Caochangdi Cun, Jichang Fulu (opposite Nangao Police Station)

27.1 miles

Phone: Phone 8456-5152

Shopping- Galleries

China International Travel Service (CITS)Find Hotels Near China International Travel Service (CITS)

1 Dongdan Bei Dajie (655 ft/200 m east of the Peninsula Plaza Hotel)

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6522-2991

Itinerary- Local Tours

China National Symphony OrchestraFind Hotels Near China National Symphony Orchestra

No. 2 W. Chang'an Ave., Xicheng District

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6605-7006 (Beijing Concert Hall)

Performing Arts- Music

China Travel Service (CTS)Find Hotels Near China Travel Service (CTS)

Phone: Toll-free 800-899-8618

Itinerary- Local Tours

China World Hotel Fitness CenterFind Hotels Near China World Hotel Fitness Center

1 Jianguomenwai Ave. (China World Hotel)

Phone: Phone 10-6500-2266; ask for the health club

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Chinese Culture CenterFind Hotels Near Chinese Culture Center

No. 21 Liangmaqiao Road (inside Maple Drive-in Cinema Park)

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6432-9341 Monday-Friday; 6432-1041 Saturday and Sunday

Itinerary- Local Tours

Chinese Military History MuseumFind Hotels Near Chinese Military History Museum

9 Fuxingmenwai Dajie (Beijing metro, Military Museum exit)

3.7 miles

Phone: Phone 6686-6244

Sightseeing- Museums

Chongwen DistrictFind Hotels Near Chongwen District

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Confucius Temple (Kong Miao)Find Hotels Near Confucius Temple (Kong Miao)

13 Guozijian Jie, Andingmennei (Yongegong-Lama Temple metro station)

40.8 miles

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

CtripFind Hotels Near Ctrip

Ctrip Office Building, Tower C, Building 304, Courtyard 10, North Jiuxianqiao Street Jia

Itinerary- Local Tours

DaDaFind Hotels Near DaDa

206-B Gulou Dong Dajie, Room 101 (across from Baochao Hutong)

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Dongcheng DistrictFind Hotels Near Dongcheng District

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Dongyuemiao TempleFind Hotels Near Dongyuemiao Temple

141 Wai Ave. (Chaoyangmen metro station)

2.7 miles

Phone: Phone 6551-3883

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Drum & BellFind Hotels Near Drum & Bell

41 Zhonglouwan Hutong

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

The Drum and Bell Towers (Gu Lou and Zhong Lou)Find Hotels Near The Drum and Bell Towers (Gu Lou and Zhong Lou)

9-A Zhonglouwan (at the corner of Gulou Dajie and Dianmenwai Dajie, at the latter's north end; Gulou metro station)

2.1 miles

Phone: Phone 8402-7869

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

East Shore Live Jazz CafeFind Hotels Near East Shore Live Jazz Cafe

2 Qianhai Nanyan Lu, Di'anmenwai Dajie, Second Floor

Nightlife- Live Music

Equuleus Riding ClubFind Hotels Near Equuleus Riding Club

North of and parallel to Xiangjiang Beilu (off Jingshun Lu)

Phone: Phone 10-6432-4947

Recreation- Horseback Riding

Face BarFind Hotels Near Face Bar

26 Dongcaoyuan, Gong Tinan Lu (beside the Instituto Cervantes)

Phone: Phone 10-6551-6788

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Forbidden City (Gugong)Find Hotels Near Forbidden City (Gugong)

4 Jingshan Qianjie (walk through the gate on Tiananmen Square and pass through two courtyards to reach the ticket office, or enter from the east side near Wangfujing)

12.1 miles

Phone: Phone 10-8500-7421

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Forbidden City Concert HallFind Hotels Near Forbidden City Concert Hall

Donghuamen Road

Phone: Phone 10-6559-8285

Performing Arts- Venues

Fubar BeijingFind Hotels Near Fubar Beijing

Gongti Dong Lu (inside the east gate of the Workers Stadium)

Phone: Phone 10-6593-8227

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Great Bell Temple (Dazhongsi)Find Hotels Near Great Bell Temple (Dazhongsi)

No. 31 N. Third Ring Road, Haidian District

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

The Great Hall of the PeopleFind Hotels Near The Great Hall of the People

Tiananmen Square (western side)

Phone: Phone 10-6309-6156

Performing Arts- Venues

Guomao (China World Trade Center Shopping Mall)Find Hotels Near Guomao (China World Trade Center Shopping Mall)

1 Jianguomenwai Dajie (Guomao metro station)

.7 miles

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Haidian DistrictFind Hotels Near Haidian District

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

HazeFind Hotels Near Haze

A-101 Guanghua Lu, Soho 22

Phone: Phone 10-5900-6128

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Hongqiao MarketFind Hotels Near Hongqiao Market

16 Hongqiao Lu (near the Temple of Heaven)

2.1 miles

Phone: Phone 6711-7429

Shopping- Markets

Hot Cat ClubFind Hotels Near Hot Cat Club

46 Fangjia Hutong

Phone: Phone 10-6400-7868

Nightlife- Comedy Clubs

Huantengyuan ClubFind Hotels Near Huantengyuan Club

No. 54 Dongsanhuan Nanlu

Recreation- Tennis & Racquet Sports

Huguang Guild HallFind Hotels Near Huguang Guild Hall

3 Hufang Lu

Phone: Phone 10-6351-8284

Performing Arts- Opera

Huguang Guild Hall (Huguang Huiguan)Find Hotels Near Huguang Guild Hall (Huguang Huiguan)

3 Hufang Lu

3 miles

Phone: Phone 6351-8284

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

HutongsFind Hotels Near Hutongs

.8 miles

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Hutong TourFind Hotels Near Hutong Tour

The tour starts on West Di'anmen Street (west of the north entrance of Beihai Park)

1.4 miles

Phone: Phone 6570-3114

Itinerary- Local Tours

Imperial City Art MuseumFind Hotels Near Imperial City Art Museum

9 Changpuheyan (west of Changpuhe Park; Tiananmen East metro station)

Phone: Phone 10-8511-5104

Sightseeing- Museums

Imperial ToursFind Hotels Near Imperial Tours

Wanguocheng 2-2004, Xiangheyuan Lu 1

3 miles

Phone: Phone 10-8440-7162. Toll-free 888-888-1970 for queries in the U.S

Itinerary- Local Tours

Jiangqing ZhaiFind Hotels Near Jiangqing Zhai

Zhushikou Dong Dhajie West

2.2 miles

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Jianhua Leather and Fur StoreFind Hotels Near Jianhua Leather and Fur Store

192 Wangfujing St.

.9 miles

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Jingshan Park (Prospect or Coal Hill)Find Hotels Near Jingshan Park (Prospect or Coal Hill)

1 Wenjin St. (opposite the north gate of the Forbidden City; Dongsi metro station, Exit C, then Bus 101 to Gu Gong/Forbidden City station)

1.1 miles

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Kempinski Hotel Fitness CenterFind Hotels Near Kempinski Hotel Fitness Center

50 Liangmaqiao Road

Phone: Phone 10-6465-3388, ext. 4195

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Le Cool Ice SkatingFind Hotels Near Le Cool Ice Skating

China World Trade Center

Recreation- Ice Skating

The Legend of Kung FuFind Hotels Near The Legend of Kung Fu

The Red Theatre, 44 Xingfu Dajie (the theater was originally called Chongwen Worker's Cultural Palace Theater)

3.1 miles

Phone: Phone 6417-7845 for tickets

Performing Arts- Other Options

Liu Li Chang Cultural StreetFind Hotels Near Liu Li Chang Cultural Street

Liulichang Street (Take subway line No. 2 and walk south about 1,500 ft/450 m from the southwest exit of Hepingmen subway metro)

7.8 miles

Shopping- Antique Stores

Liyuan TheaterFind Hotels Near Liyuan Theater

175 Yongan Road (in Qianmen Hotel)

1.5 miles

Phone: Phone 10-5252-7373

Performing Arts- Opera

Mao Live HouseFind Hotels Near Mao Live House

111 Gulou Dong Dajie, Dongcheng District

Phone: Phone 10-6402-5080

Nightlife- Live Music

Lama Temple (Yonghegong Lamasery)Find Hotels Near Lama Temple (Yonghegong Lamasery)

12 Yonghegong Dajie

2.9 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6404-4499

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

NanluoguxiangFind Hotels Near Nanluoguxiang

Nanluoguxiang (near Gulou Dongdajie)

Shopping- Shopping Areas

National Art Museum of China (NAMOC)Find Hotels Near National Art Museum of China (NAMOC)

1 Wusi Dajie, East District

2.3 miles

Phone: Phone 10-6401-1816

Sightseeing- Museums

The National Ballet of ChinaFind Hotels Near The National Ballet of China

No. 3, Taipingjie

Phone: Phone 6506-4962

Performing Arts- Dance

National Centre for the Performing ArtsFind Hotels Near National Centre for the Performing Arts

2 Xichang'an Jie

Phone: Phone 10-6655-0000

Performing Arts- Venues

National Museum of ChinaFind Hotels Near National Museum of China

16 E. Chang'an Ave., Dongcheng District (East or Qianmen metro stations)

Phone: Phone 10-6511-6400

Sightseeing- Museums

Lane CrawfordFind Hotels Near Lane Crawford

Podium 3 LFC Mall 8 Finance St.

Phone: Phone 6622-0822

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Olympic ParkFind Hotels Near Olympic Park

Beisihuanzhong Road (Olympic Green metro station)

Phone: Phone 8437-8088

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Oriental Plaza (Dongfang Guangchang)Find Hotels Near Oriental Plaza (Dongfang Guangchang)

1 E. Chang'an Jie, Wangfujing Street

2.5 miles

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Paddy O'SheasFind Hotels Near Paddy O'Sheas

28 Dongzhimen Wai Dajie

Phone: Phone 10-6415-6389

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Panjiayuan Antiques Market (Panjiayuan Jiu Huo Shichang)Find Hotels Near Panjiayuan Antiques Market (Panjiayuan Jiu Huo Shichang)

South of the Panjiayuan Bridge (in southeast Beijing)

Phone: Phone 6775-2405

Shopping- Antique Stores

Pass-by BarFind Hotels Near Pass-by Bar

108 Nanluoguxiang

2.4 miles

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

PlasteredFind Hotels Near Plastered

61 Nanluoguxiang, Dong Cheng

Phone: Phone 6407-8425

Shopping- Specialty Stores