Cambridge Attractions

ADC TheatreFind Hotels Near ADC Theatre

Park Street

Phone: Phone 01223-359-547

Performing Arts- Theater

All Saints Art & Craft MarketFind Hotels Near All Saints Art & Craft Market

All Saints Garden, Opposite Trinity College

Shopping- Markets

Anglesey AbbeyFind Hotels Near Anglesey Abbey

Quy Road

Phone: Phone 01223-810-080

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Audley End House and GardensFind Hotels Near Audley End House and Gardens

Off London Road

Phone: Phone 01223-464-732

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

BallareFind Hotels Near Ballare

Heidelburg Gardens

Phone: Phone 01223-364-222

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Byard ArtFind Hotels Near Byard Art

14 King's Parade

Phone: Phone 01223-464-646

Shopping- Galleries

Cambridge & County Folk MuseumFind Hotels Near Cambridge & County Folk Museum

At Castle Street and Northampton Street

Phone: Phone 01223-355-159

Sightseeing- Museums

Cambridge Arts TheatreFind Hotels Near Cambridge Arts Theatre

6 St. Edward's Passage

Phone: Phone 01223-503-333

Performing Arts- Theater

The Cambridge Corn ExchangeFind Hotels Near The Cambridge Corn Exchange

2 Wheeler St.

Phone: Phone 01223-357-851

Performing Arts- Venues

Cambridge JunctionFind Hotels Near Cambridge Junction

Clifton Way

Phone: Phone 01223-511-511

Performing Arts- Music

Cambridge Museum of TechnologyFind Hotels Near Cambridge Museum of Technology

Cheddars Lane

Phone: Phone 01223-500-652

Sightseeing- Museums

Cambridge Rugby Union Football ClubFind Hotels Near Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club

Grantchester Road

Phone: Phone 01223-312-437

Spectator Sports- Football

Cambridge University Botanic GardenFind Hotels Near Cambridge University Botanic Garden

1 Brookside

Phone: Phone 01223-336-265

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

City Cycle HireFind Hotels Near City Cycle Hire

61 Newnham Road

Phone: Phone 01223-365-629

Recreation- Bicycling

City Sightseeing CambridgeFind Hotels Near City Sightseeing Cambridge

Silver Street East

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 01223-433-250

Itinerary- Local Tours

Farmland Museum and Denny AbbeyFind Hotels Near Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey

Ely Road

Phone: Phone 01223-860-988

Sightseeing- Museums

The Gog Magog Golf ClubFind Hotels Near The Gog Magog Golf Club

Shelford Bottom

Phone: Phone 01223-247-626

Recreation- Golf

The GraftonFind Hotels Near The Grafton

46 Grafton Centre

Phone: Phone 01223-316-201

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Grand ArcadeFind Hotels Near Grand Arcade

St. Andrew's Street

Phone: Phone 01223-302-601

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Granta Canoe & Punt Hire CompanyFind Hotels Near Granta Canoe & Punt Hire Company

Newnham Road

Phone: Phone 01223-301-845

Recreation- Boating & Sailing

Great St. Mary'sFind Hotels Near Great St. Mary's

The University Church, Senate House Hill

Phone: Phone 01223-462-914

Sightseeing- Religious Sites

Kingston ArmsFind Hotels Near Kingston Arms

33 Kingston St.

Phone: Phone 01223-319-414

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

The Light CinemasFind Hotels Near The Light Cinemas

Clifton Way

Phone: Phone 0-1223-612-210

Performing Arts- Film

Linton ZooFind Hotels Near Linton Zoo

Hadstock Road

Phone: Phone 01223-891-308

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

Lion Yard Shopping CentreFind Hotels Near Lion Yard Shopping Centre

St. Tibbs Row

Phone: Phone 01223-350-608

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Milton Country ParkFind Hotels Near Milton Country Park

Cambridge Road Industrial Estate

Phone: Phone 01223-420-060

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

RSPB Fowlmere Nature ReserveFind Hotels Near RSPB Fowlmere Nature Reserve


Phone: Phone 01763-208-978

Recreation- Bird Watching

Scudamore's Punting CompanyFind Hotels Near Scudamore's Punting Company

Granta Place

Phone: Phone 01223-359-750

Itinerary- Local Tours

Shepreth Wildlife ParkFind Hotels Near Shepreth Wildlife Park

Station Road

Phone: Phone 01763-262-226

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife