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  • Sky Rd, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-21201
    Castle-style Hotel with newer section, situated overlooking the sea, amid beautiful gardens with ponds, waterfalls & streams....
    Moderate First Class
    Commission: 10%
    52 Rooms
    $137-$343 (USD)
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  • Market St, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 91-529537
  • Ballyconneely Rd, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-21384
    Peaceful Family-run Hotel in scenic location overlooking Ardbear Bay, 2 miles from town center....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    17 Rooms
    $95-$269 (USD)
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  • W Port Rd, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-21951
  • Main St, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-21801
    Traditional Georgian Hotel, the longest established in Connemara, owned & managed by the Foyle family since 1917....
    Tourist Class
    Commission: 10%
    25 Rooms
    $62-$241 (USD)
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  • Cleggan, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-44646
  • Beach Rd, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-21369
    Georgian House Hotel; rooms are individually furnished with good antiques & original paintings; several have working fireplaces....
    Moderate First Class
    Commission: 10%
    14 Rooms
    $124-$207 (USD)
  • Ardbear Bay, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-21035
    Peaceful, Congenial Country Hotel, housed in former hunting lodge dating from 1815....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    27 Rooms
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  • Galway Rd, Clifden, Ireland
    Phone: 95-21699
    Hotel set within a redeveloped 19th century railway station village complex including museum, design center & studio workshops....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    78 Rooms
    $138-$165 (USD)
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Displaying 9 of 9
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