Cusco Attractions

Activities PeruFind Hotels Near Activities Peru

Urb. Bancopata C-1/Calle Ramon Castilla

Phone: Phone 51-952-717-555

Recreation- Boating & Sailing

Andina TravelFind Hotels Near Andina Travel

Plazoleta Santa Catalina 219

Phone: Phone 51-8425-1892

Itinerary- Local Tours

Apus PeruFind Hotels Near Apus Peru

366 Cuichipunco

Phone: Phone 51-8423-2691

Itinerary- Local Tours

Big Foot CuscoFind Hotels Near Big Foot Cusco

Calle Triunfo 392, Centro Comercial (second level)

Phone: Phone 51-8423-3836

Itinerary- Local Tours

Choco MuseoFind Hotels Near Choco Museo

Calle Garcilaso 210, Second Floor

Phone: Phone 51-8424-4765

Sightseeing- Museums

Cusco CathedralFind Hotels Near Cusco Cathedral

Plaza de Armas

Sightseeing- Religious Sites

Cusco PlanetariumFind Hotels Near Cusco Planetarium

Inside the Reserva Ecoturfstica Privada de Llaullipata, a short ride outside of Cusco on the road toward Sacsayhuaman

Sightseeing- Other Options

ExplorandesFind Hotels Near Explorandes

Paseo Zarzuela Q-2, Urb. Huancaro

Phone: Phone 51-8423-8380

Itinerary- Local Tours

Horseback Riding CuscoFind Hotels Near Horseback Riding Cusco

Urb. Balconcillo K-10

Phone: Phone 51-966-747-459

Recreation- Horseback Riding

Llama PathFind Hotels Near Llama Path

Calle San Juan de Dios 250

Phone: Phone 51-8422-3448

Itinerary- Local Tours

Maras AdevntureFind Hotels Near Maras Adevnture

San Isidro, Los Pinos G-15

Phone: Phone 51-8422-8362

Recreation- Other Options

La MercedFind Hotels Near La Merced

Mantas 121

Sightseeing- Religious Sites

Museo de Arte PrecolombinoFind Hotels Near Museo de Arte Precolombino

Plazoleta Nazarenas 231

Phone: Phone 84-233-210

Sightseeing- Museums

Museo InkaFind Hotels Near Museo Inka

Cuesta del Almirante 103

Phone: Phone 51-8423-7380

Sightseeing- Museums

Peru TreksFind Hotels Near Peru Treks

Ave. Pardo 540

Phone: Phone 51-8422-2722

Itinerary- Local Tours

Puca PucaraFind Hotels Near Puca Pucara

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Q'encoFind Hotels Near Q'enco

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

QorikanchaFind Hotels Near Qorikancha

Plazoleta Santo Domingo

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Quechua BikesFind Hotels Near Quechua Bikes

Quiscapata 666

Phone: Phone 51-8425-6284

Recreation- Bicycling

TambomachayFind Hotels Near Tambomachay

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Wayki TrekFind Hotels Near Wayki Trek

Calle Quera 239

Phone: Phone 51-8422-4092

Itinerary- Local Tours